DmC: Devil May Cry

Unlockable costumes/perks
Complete the main game on certain difficulties
Original costume
Complete the main game on Human, Devil hunter or Nephilim difficultly
Son of Sparda costume
Complete the main game on Son of Sparda difficulty
Super Dante perk
Complete the main game on Dante must die mode
Unlockable Difficulties
Complete the required mode to unlock new difficulty modes
Dante Must Die!
Complete the game on Son of Sparda
Heaven or Hell
Complete the game on Son of Sparda
Hell and Hell
Complete the game on Heaven or Hell
Son of Sparda
Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter or Nephilim
A man with guts and honor (10)
You reached the end of the descent on Mission 6 having killed all of the enemies
Absolutely crazy about it (20)
You have Spent 50,000 Red Orbs
And welcome to Hell! (100)
Completed all missions on Hell and Hell difficulty
And you are set free (10)
You have found half of the Lost Souls
Bring it on! (20)
You have slayed 1,000 Demons
Cleaning up his Dad's mess (20)
You have defeated Mundus
Come on Puppy. Let's go! (20)
You have defeated the Hunter
Devils never cry (100)
Completed all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty
Dude, the show's over! (10)
You have found all 21 Keys
Every hero has a weakness (10)
You completed Furnace of Souls without taking damage from the furnace
Fill your dark soul with light (20)
You have found all of the Lost Souls
Flock off, feather-face! (20)
You have defeated the Tyrant
For Tony Redgrave (10)
You killed 50 enemies using nothing but firearms
He's a demon too (10)
You helped Phineas by retrieving his eye
Impressive (10)
You have slayed 100 Demons
In the name of my father (10)
You killed 100 enemies using nothing but Demon weapons
It's got to stay in the family (10)
You have acquired Arbiter
It's only the rain (10)
You Killed 10 enemies by pushing them into the Hurricane ride
It's showtime. Come on! (20)
You earned 1,500 Style Bonuses
It's time to finish this! (10)
You helped Vergil open the Vault
Jackpot! (80)
Completed all missions on the Nephilim difficultly with a SSS rank
Keeps getting better and better (40)
You have been awarded a 100% completion rank on all missions
Let's rock, baby! (10)
You have upgraded Dante's health to maximum
Let's welcome chaos! (10)
You have opened all 21 Secret Doors
Looks like it's your lucky day (10)
You completed a level without taking any damage
Looks like we have a winner (30)
You have slayed 5,000 Demons
More than just a few sparks (10)
You have acquired Revenant
No talking! (20)
You have acquired Aquila
Now my coat's all charred (10)
You navigated the Sky Bridge without hitting the lasers
One hell of a party! (50)
You have completed all of the Secret Missions
Only kind of gift worth giving (10)
You have acquired the Angel Boost ability
Power... Give me more power! (20)
You have purchased all of Dante's combat upgrades
Sensational! (10)
You gained a SSS Style Rank during combat
Stylish! (10)
Completed a mission with a SSS rank
The end? Don't bet on it (40)
You defeated Vergil on any difficulty
Thing drives me crazy (10)
You have acquired Osiris
This baby sure can pack a punch (20)
You have acquired Eryx
This is my kind of rain (10)
You have spent 10,000 Red Orbs
This is what I live for! (10)
Completed all missions on Heaven Or Hell difficulty
This party's just getting crazy! (20)
You have completed 10 of the Secret Missions
Time to go to work guys! (10)
You purchased your first upgrade
Too easy! (40)
Completed all missions on the Son of Sparda difficulty
Whatever, Lady (20)
You have defeated Mundus' spawn
Where does the time go? (10)
You completed a level in 2 minutes or less
You are not a Human, are you? (10)
You have acquired the Devil Trigger ability
You can't handle it (10)
You have upgraded Dante's Devil Trigger to maximum
You'll never have her fire (10)
You killed 100 enemies using nothing but Angel weapons
You're not going to shoot me (10)
You have acquired Kablooey
Rare Artwork Requirements
Rare Art #1
Devil Trigger 666 times
Rare Art #2
Play for 50 hours
Rare Art #3
Deal 5,000,000 points of damage
Rare Art #4
Complete any 60 missions with SSS rank

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