DmC: Devil May Cry

+9 trainer (for v1.2 - 1.3 by FLiNG)
+2 trainer (for v1.0-1.2 by Alice0725)
+3 trainer (for v1.0 by PCtrainers)
+3 trainer (for v1.0 by HoG)
+8 trainer (for v1.0 by dEViATED)
+9 trainer (for v1.0 by FLiNG)
+9 trainer (for v1.0-1.1 by AfterMan)
Steam Achievements
A man with guts and honor
Reach the end of the descent on Mission 6 having killed all of the enemies
Absolutely crazy about it
Spend 50,000 Red Orbs
And welcome to Hell!
Complete all missions on the Hell and Hell difficulty
And you are set free
Free half of the Lost Souls
Bring it on!
Slay 1,000 Demons
Cleaning up his Dad's mess
Defeat Mundus
Come on Puppy. Let's go!
Defeat your pursuer
Devils never cry
Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty
Dude, the show's over!
Find all of the Keys
Every hero has a weakness
Complete Furnace of Souls without taking damage from the furnace
Fill your dark soul with light
Free all of the Lost Souls
Flock off, feather-face!
Survive the encounter with the Tyrant
For Tony Redgrave
Kill 50 enemies using nothing but firearms
He's a demon too
Help Phineas retrieve his eye
I need more power!
Complete Vergil's downfall on Son of Sparda difficulty
I'll try it your way for once
Complete all missions in Vergil's downfall on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank
I've come to retrieve my power
Acquire all of Vergil's health, Devil trigger and combat upgrades
Slay 100 Demons
In the name of my father
Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Demon weapons
It's got to stay in the family
Acquire Arbiter
It's only the rain
Kill 10 enemies by pushing them into the Hurricane ride on Mission 1
It's showtime. Come on!
Earn 1,500 Style Bonuses
It's time to finish this!
Help Vergil open the Vault
Complete all missions on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank
Keeps getting better and better
Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions (difficulty doesn't matter)
Let's rock, baby!
Upgrade Dante's health to maximum
Let's welcome chaos!
Open all of the Secret Doors
Looks like it's your lucky day
Complete a level without taking any damage
Looks like we have a winner
Slay 5,000 Demons
Might controls everything
Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions in Vergil's downfall (difficulty doesn't matter)
More than just a few sparks
Acquire Revenant
No talking!
Acquire Aquila
Now I'm a little motivated!
Complete Vergil's downfall on Heaven or Hell difficulty
Now my coat's all charred
Navigate the Sky Bridge on Mission 16 without hitting the lasers
One hell of a party!
Complete all of the Secret Missions
Only kind of gift worth giving
Acquire the Angel Boost ability
Our souls are at odds brother
Complete Vergil's downfall
Power... Give me more power!
Purchase all of Dante's combat upgrades
Gain a SSS Style Rank during combat
Complete a mission with a SSS rank
The end? Don't bet on it
Complete the final mission on Human, Devil Hunter or Nephilim difficulty
Thing drives me crazy
Acquire Osiris
This baby sure can pack a punch
Acquire Eryx
This is my kind of rain
Spend 10,000 Red Orbs
This is the power of Sparda!
Complete Vergil's downfall on Vergil Must Die difficulty
This is what I live for!
Complete all missions on the Heaven or Hell difficulty
This party's just getting crazy!
Complete 10 Secret Missions
Time to go to work guys!
Purchase your first upgrade
Too easy!
Complete all missions on the Son of Sparda difficulty
We have an uninvited guest
Defeat a Wisp
Whatever, Lady
Defeat Mundus' spawn
Where does the time go?
Complete a level with 2 minutes or less on the clock
You are not a Human, are you?
Acquire the Devil Trigger ability
You can't handle it
Upgrade Dante's Devil Trigger to maximum
You don't belong here
Defeat an Imprisoner
You'll never have her fire
Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Angel weapons
You're not going to shoot me
Acquire Kablooey
You're not worthy as my opponent
Complete Vergil's downfall on Hell and Hell difficulty
Character Costumes and Perks
These can be activated from the Skins/Perks menu under the Mission menu after being unlocked.
Son of Sparda
Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty
Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter, or Nephilim difficulty
Super Dante
Complete the game on Dante Must Die! difficulty
Extra Difficulty Modes
These difficulty modes feature stronger enemies and new enemy formations.
Dante Must Die!
Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty
Heaven or Hell
Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty
Hell and Hell
Complete the game on Heaven or Hell difficulty
Son of Sparda
Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter, or Nephilim difficulty

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