Yakuza 3

Ryuu ga Gotoku 3/Yakuza 3 Unlockables
     Like the previous Ryuu ga Gotoku/Yakuza games, 
there are several unlockables in this one as well.

1000000 yen bonus: Clear Easy or Normal mode

Premium Adventure: Clear the game at any difficulty

Premium New Game: Clear the game at any difficulty

Reminiscence (Kaisou): Clear the game at any difficulty

Ukiyo's Bell: Have an existing Ryuu ga Gotoku Kenzan! save file

Ultimate Competition (Kyuukyoku Tougi): Clear the game at any difficulty

     Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. 
There are 43 Bronze Trophies, 3 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, 
and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Big-arm Hunter (Gold):        Captured all hitmen

Boiled Turkey (Bronze):       Got a turkey at bowling

BOSS 01 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 1: 
                              Defeated Majima

BOSS 02 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 2: 
                              Defeated Rikiya

BOSS 03 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 3: 
                              Defeated Tamashiro

BOSS 04 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 4: 
                              Defeated Hasebe

BOSS 05 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 5: 
                              Defeated the Mysterious Foreigner

BOSS 06 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 6: 
                              Defeated Kanda

BOSS 07 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 7: 
                              Defeated Majima Again

BOSS 08 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 8: 
                              Defeated Rao Caron

BOSS 09 (Bronze):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 9: 
                              Defeated Kazama

BOSS 10 (Silver):             Highlight to show >>Scenario Mode Chapter 12: 
                              Defeated Shige

Break Ace (Bronze):           Got a Break Ace with ball 9 at billiard

Campaign for sampling 
(Bronze):                     You remodelled your weapon once

Destroyer (Bronze):           Broke 100 arms that were arranged for battle

Eco Master (Silver):          Picked up 30 rubbish items from 
                              the beach of Asagao

Este-mania (Bronze):          Played the 2 Este modes

Fat arm (Bronze):             You spent over 300,000 yen in a Cabaret 
                              in one go

Firm Player (Bronze):         Won a game of shogi (Japanese chess) 
                              without ever moving the King

Good Coordinator (Bronze):    You coordinated the girls well 
                              in the Kabatsuku

Great Gambler (Bronze):       Obtained a total of 10,000 points 
                              in roulette, poker and black jack

Hat trick (Bronze):           Got a hat trick with the darts

Hit Action Master (Bronze):   You made Hit Action your finishing move 
                              in 50 battles

Human watcher (Bronze):       Fought 10 encounter battles 
                              in subjective mode introduction

Karaoke King (Bronze):        Played all Karaoke songs

Legendary Champion (Bronze):  You won all the tournaments

Marathon Runner (Bronze):     Ran 42,195 km

Master Gourme (Bronze):       You ordered the most expensive menu 
                              in all restaurants and bars

Mini-game Master (Gold):      Completed all mini-games

Nice Hitter (Bronze):         You got two hits in a row 
                              at the batting center

Our thanks, 
from all the staff (Bronze):  Highlight to show >>Clear the game

Platinum Trophy (Platinum):   Got all the trophies in the game

Powerful Driver (Bronze):     Flew 350 yards on golf's conpe mode

Pro Gamer (Bronze):           You got all trophies in 3 games of the game 
                              cntr: took 10 stuffed toys from UFO catcher, 
                              won 10 rounds "Answer x Answer" 
                              and a high-score at shooting

Rare Gambler (Bronze):        Obtained a total of 10,000 points 
                              in all "Chinchirorin" "The odd number" 
                              "Koikoi" and "Oichokabu"

Runaway Train (Bronze):       Run over 100 people

Started a blog (Bronze):      Adquired one revelation

Sub Story 10 (Bronze):        Clear 10 Sub Stories

Sub Story 30 (Bronze):        Clear 30 Sub Stories

Sub Story 50 (Bronze):        Clear 50 Sub Stories

Sub Story 80 (Bronze):        Clear 80 Sub Stories

Sunbathing Dragon (Bronze):   You called at Mahjohng whilst still waiting 
                              for the horse

The road to the trial 
(Bronze):                     Met all the masters

The Strongest Proof (Gold):   Cleared the extra hard difficulty 
                              after clearing the game

Tuna General (Bronze):        Caught a Tuna whilst fishing

Ultimate Challenger (Bronze): Cleared all competitions and modes 
                              after clearing the game

Voluntier (Bronze):           Picked up 5 rubbish items 
                              from the beach of Asagao

Walking Bank (Silver):        Possess more than 10 million yen

Wanderer of the Key (Bronze): You opened all of the top row of lockers of 
                              both Kamiyacho and Ryukucho 

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