Complete  each  condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are
34 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum

A Bird Named Kevin (Bronze):  Find Kevin before Muntz does.

A Voice In The Mist (Bronze): Find the voice in the mist.

Adventure is Here (Gold):     Defeat Muntz's canine squadron 
                              in the skies above Paradise Falls.

Adventure is Out There 
(Bronze):                     Defeat the first wave of combat planes.

Animation Badge (Bronze):     Unlock the Bonus Art.

Artifact Curator (Silver):    Find and collect all of the Artifacts.

Bird Watching Badge (Bronze): Locate Kevin for the first time.

Buddy System Badge (Bronze):  Free your buddy from five Snare Traps.

Bug Hunting Badge (Silver):   Catch or squash 100 Dio Bugs 
                              or Butterflies.

Defense Badge (Bronze):       Successfully defend 
                              against 10 dog ambushes.

Ellie Badge (Gold):           Complete all of the Quest Cards 
                              for a special badge.

Entomology Badge (Bronze):    Collect all varieties of each Butterfly 
                              and Dio Bug in the game.

Environment Badge (Silver):   Break apart at least 500 objects.

First Aid Badge (Bronze):     Use Russell's Canteen three times.

Fishing Badge (Bronze):       Survive against the hungry Piranhas.

Hiking Badge (Bronze):        Find the picture-perfect view of 
                              Paradise Falls.

Karate Badge (Bronze):        Break open 10 watermelons.

Kite Badge (Bronze):          Use Carl's House to float across 
                              all the chasms in the game.

Knot Tying Badge (Bronze):    Tie off the house so it doesn't float away.

Meet the Pack (Bronze):       Meet the pack: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Memento Specialist (Silver):  Collect all of Carl's Mementos.

Merit Badge Champion (Gold):  Collect 6000 Merit Badges in the game 
                              to become the Merit Badge Champion.

Multiplayer Extras (Gold):    Unlock the extra Multiplayer Combat Maps.

Music Badge (Bronze):         Use Russell's Bugle three times.

Night in the Jungle (Bronze): Avoid being captured by Muntz's dogs.

Paradise Falls (Bronze):      Help Carl get his house 
                              to the top of Paradise Falls.

Pest Control Badge (Bronze):  Squish 10 Wasps and Spiders.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum):   Unlock every Trophy in the game.

Rare Statue Badge (Bronze):   Find and collect the Gold Jaguar.

Recycling Badge (Bronze):     Play through any previously 
                              completed level in Story Mode.

Sharp Tools Badge (Bronze):   Use Russell's key to cut through 
                              three items in the game.

Shoveling Badge (Bronze):     Dig up all of the hidden bones using Dug.

Sinkhole Terror (Bronze):     Defeat the giant Crocodile.

Slide and Slither (Bronze):   Defeat the giant Anaconda.

Spirit of Adventure (Bronze): Free Russell and Kevin, 
                              then escape the Dirigible.

Survivor Badge (Bronze):      Complete any Story Mode level 
                              without failing or quitting.

Swimming Badge (Bronze):      Swim through all of the areas 
                              that have water.

Teamwork Badge (Bronze):      Defeat either the giant Anaconda 
                              or Crocodile with 2 players.

To Paradise Falls (Bronze):   Complete the level to start Carl's journey 
                              to Paradise Falls.

Wings Badge (Bronze):         Defeat the first plane 
                              in the battle over Paradise Falls. 

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