Start the Party!

Party Star (Bronze)
Earn 15 stars in a single Party session
Enduring Entrant (Bronze)
Survive for 1 minute
Survival Starter (Bronze)
Survive for 30 seconds
Big Burglar (Bronze)
Steal 5 stars in one turn in the Robber Round
The Supermassive Team (Bronze)
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Christmas Party (Bronze)
Play a game of Start the Party! (any game mode) on Christmas Day
Midnight Party (Bronze)
Play a game of Start the Party! (any game mode) between 12 o'clock and 1 o'clock at night
Empty Pockets (Bronze)
Steal the last star from someone in the Robber Round, reducing their star count to 0
Pop Tart (Bronze)
Pop a colour chain of 20+ fish
Fan-tastic (Bronze)
Waft 12 paratroopers to safety
S.W.A.T. Team (Bronze)
Swat 50 bugs in one game
Air Ambulance (Bronze)
Rescue 3 people just before the monster eats them
'I ain't afraid of no ghosts!' (Bronze)
Shoot down 6 ghosts on their way to scaring you
Awesome Artist (Bronze)
Use 5 litres of pain within the templates in one game
Pinata Basher (Bronze)
Smash a Pinata in less than 5 seconds
Short Circuit (Bronze)
Zap 15+ robots in one game
Dye-Hard (Bronze)
Use 5 litres of hair dye in one game
Chick Protector (Bronze)
Save 30+ chicks in one game
Doodlebug (Bronze)
Draw on a player's face
Radical Remix (Bronze)
Re-record someone's name
Candy Crazy (Bronze)
Survive 20 seconds with a perfect lolly
Let Sleeping Chicks Lie (Bronze)
Sshhh, don't disturb the chick!
Eagle Eye (Bronze)
Find the 5 bugs in less than 5 seconds
Peace-Lover (Bronze)
Surrender to 8 angry mobsters
Mentally Dental (Bronze)
Clean all the crocodile's teeth
Rapid Rocker (Bronze)
Completely smash a rock in less than 3 seconds
Bon Appetit (Bronze)
Munch 5 bugs in one game
Game Set Match (Bronze)
Match 5 characters in one game
Pizza Day (Bronze)
Catch 10 pizza toppings in one game, during a Three Strikes round
Brilliant Bouncer (Bronze)
Bounce an object 10 times without dropping it, during a Three Strikes round
Swashbuckler (Bronze)
Slice 40 pieces of fruit during a Three Strikes Round
Molemania (Bronze)
Hit 8 moles in a single game
Top Survivor (Silver)
Get to the top of the leader board in Survival Mode
Survivalist (Silver)
Play 20 games of Survival
Life and Soul of the... (Silver)
Play 10 games of Party Mode
Free Play Champion (Silver)
Play all the Party Games, on all difficulties in Free Play
Against the Odds (Silver)
Steal enough stars in the Robber Round to get from last to first place
Totally Bonus (Silver)
Get the bonus items in every Party game
Supermassive Party (Silver)
Take 100 different player portrait photos
Feel Free (Silver)
Play all the Party Games in Free Play
Well played (Silver)
Play all the games in Start the Party!
Party Popper (Silver)
Earn 20 stars in a single Party session
Bonus King! (Silver)
Get every bonus object within a single Party Mode play session
Serious Survivor (Silver)
Survive for 2 minutes
Persistent Partygoer (Silver)
Survive for 1 minute 30 seconds
Chain King! (Gold)
Pop a colour chain of 70+ fish in Poppin' on Hard difficulty
Unstoppable! (Gold)
One player wins 3 rounds in a row in Party Mode
I Love to Party! (Platinum)
Collect all other trophies for Start the Party!

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