Soulcalibur IV

Unlocking Characters

Unlockable:             How to Unlock:

The Apprentice          Beat Arcade Mode with Darth Vader

Scheherazade            Defeat her in Story Mode

Angol Fear              Defeat her in Story Mode

Algol                   Defeat him in Story Mode

Kamikirimusi            Defeat her in Story Mode

Shura                   Defeat her in Story Mode

Ashlotte                Defeat her in Story Mode

Zasalamel               Buy him from Create a Character for 4000 gold

Lizardman               Buy him from Create a Character for 4000 gold

Talim                   Buy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold

Seong Mi-Na             Buy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold

Yun-Seong               Buy him from Create a Character for 4000 gold

Sophitia                Buy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold

Amy                     Buy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold

Cervantes               Buy him from Create a Character for 4000 Gold

Yoshimitsu              Buy him from Create a Character for 4000 Gold 

Tower of Lost Souls Hidden Items (Ascending)

Unlockable:             How to Unlock:

01f Soldier's Hat       Clear stage while taking no damage

02f Warrior Trousers    Clear stage with no ring outs from either side

03f Pauldron            Switch with ally more than 2 times

04f Warlord's Belt      Perform 3 attack throws

05f Clergy Clothes      Defeat an enemy with a ring out

06f Wonder Jacket       Throw an opponent

07f Warrior Trousers    Clear the stage without missing any attacks

08f Armor Ring: 
Ice Mirror              Switch characters twice

09f Scarlett Blossoms   Guard against the opponent's attack 3 times 
                        in a row
10f Silver Boots        Guard the opponent's attack 10 times in a row

11f Grim Horn           Defeat all enemies with a critical finish

12f Magus Cloth         Defeat all enemies with ring outs

13f Pegasus Sallet      Destroy all the walls

14f Stage: Phantom 
Pavilion Seesaw         Perform gaurd impact more than 3 times

15f Submissions Belt    Clear the stage using only the A and G buttons

16f Warlord's Belt      Clear the stage with 0 time remaining

17f Arm Bandages        Execute a 5+ combo

18f Kouchu Kabuto       Stand on all corners of the stage

19f Longhua Qippo       Switch with ally more than 5 times

20f Life gem: Sun       Clear the stage with a critical finish

21f Longhua Qippo       Voluntarily ring yourself out

22f Honor Boots         Perform more than 4 counter hits

23F Frilled Skirt       Guard more than 3 times in a row

24f Protect Gem: 
Cardinal Directions     Perform a combo with more than 240 damage

25f Zhuque Changpao     Throw more than 5 times

26f Warthog Cuirass     Execut a 10+ combo

27f Iron Gauntlets      Clear the stage with no damage taken

28F Aculeus Suit        Opponent guards a guard break attack 
                        at least twice

29f Menghu Boots        Switch with ally 5+ times

30f Spirit Gem: Noniple Heads   Clear stage without guarding

31f Longming Qippo      Perform 5+ Just Inputs

32f Vane Mask           Perform a low throw

33f Battle dress        Perform 3 attack throws

34f Power Gem: 
Warrior Princess        Perform guard impact 3+ times

35f Warthog Pauldrons   Clear without switching

36f Parlor Blouse       Clear stage with 0 time remaining

37f Siren's Helm        Defeat all enemies with critical finishes

38f Gorgon Fauld        Defeat all enemies with ring out

39f Kingfisher Greaves  Clear the stage without changing position

40f Deer Head           Execute a 5+ combo

41f Minotaur            Perform 5+ Just Inputs

42f Demonic Gloves      Clear the stage without letting opponents 
                        invoke a skill

43f Repel Gem: 
Iron Shell              Perform an over the back throw

44f War Cloak           No ring outs either side

45f Tiger Lily Kabuto   Defeat enemies without using any skills

46f Butterfly salet     Defeat enemies without using any skills

47f Succubus Boots      Throw 5 times

48f Life Dem:Jade       Clear stage with a character equipped 
                        with the "invisible" skill

49f Horns of Calamity   Clear stage with no attacks missing

50f Tiger Lily 
Breastplates            Execute a 10+combo

51f Tiger Lily Fauld    Perform more than 4 counterhits

52f Feathered Wings     Clear stage with a critical finish

53f Blade Ring: 
Demon Lord              Defeat all enemies with a ring out

54f Leviathan Paoldron  Destroy all the walls

55f Priestess Kimono    Perform 3 attack throws

56f Leviathan Burgonet  Perform a combo with more than 240 damage

57f Voodoo Armlets      Voluntarily perform a ring out

58f Tiger Pauldrons     Defeat all enemies without any skills equipped

59f Voodoo Greaves      Guard an enemies attack 10 times in a row

60f Voodoo Breastplate  Clear the stage without switching character 

Unlockable Create-A-Soul Parts/Weapons

Unlockable:             How to Unlock:

Basic Equipment         Earn 5 honors

More Equipment          Earn 10 honors

Intermediate Equipment  Earn 15 honors

Advanced Equipment      Earn 20 honors

Animal Head Equipment   Earn 25 honors

Leviathan and Voodoo 
Equipment               Earn 30 honors

All Weapons             Clear Story mode with that Character

Unlockable Honors
     You  can  unlock  "Honors" in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur IV.
These Honors can be used to unlock features of the game.

Unlockable:             How to Unlock:

Start of a New Era      Welcome to the new world of SOUL CALIBUR! 
                        (Automatically award for playing)

with the Unknown        Fight against Darth Vader (vs. mode doesn't count)

Pursuer of the Secret   Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: NORMAL.

Mystery of the Swords   Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: HARD.

Return to the Galaxy    Clear STORY MODE with Darth Vader.

War Veteran             Clear ARCADE MODE.

Hero on the Battlefield Clear ARCADE MODE with over 450,000 points.

Legendary Hidden 
Treasures               Acquire over 30 treasures in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

Never Ending Advance    Descend 20 floors in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

Tower's New Guardian    Clear all upper floors of TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

Scorpion's Sting        Win a battle with Critical Finish.

Smasher                 Destory all of the opponent's equipment.

Iron Hammer             Land an attack on a taunting opponent.

Death on 
the Battlefield         Perform 100 Critical Finishes.

Like a Flowing Stream   Perform 200 Impacts.

Lost in the Moment      Perform 20 Just Impacts.

Quick Strike            Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.

Swift Strike            Perform 100 First Attacks.

Mad Destroyer           Perform 100 Soul Crushes.

Violent Storm           Perform 50 Wall Hits.

10,000 Strikes of Proof Land 10,000 attacks.

Endure 1,000            Guard 1,000 times against attacks.

Water Moon              Perform 30 grapple breaks.

Distance will not 
Betray                  Reach over 10,000 meters 
                        in total movement distance in battle.

First Step as an Artist Customize a regular character.

Chosen by History       Create a Custom Character.

Sharpened Teeth         Maximize a style's level.

Equal Skill and Power   Use all skill points and set up 4 skills.

Engraved into History   Fight 100 times (Online).

World Class Fighter     Fight against 20 different fighting styles 

World Traveler          Fight on all stages (Online).

Gladiator               Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).

Unknown Swordsman       Win 10 times (Online).

Hero King               Level up to 20 (Online).

Divine Punishment       K.O. with an Unblockable Attack.

Reversal Wizard         Win 20 times with low HP.

Phoenix                 Win with all equipment destroyed.

Wandering Assassin      K.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons.

Repel All Blades        Win 30 times with a perfect.

Numeric God             The last two numbers of total play time 
                        and remaining time in a victorious battle 
                        are the same.
Two Cannot Exist 
Together                Double K.O.

Gathering of the Best   Complete CHAIN OF SOULS.

Observer of Souls       Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery.

Sword Hunter            Collect all weapons for 5 characters.

The Controller          Get Soul Calibur (Final Form).

Wild Run to Tragedy     Get Soul Edge (Final Form).

Looter of 
the Battlefield         Collect all accessories.

Wandering Weapon 
Merchant                Collect 350 pieces of equipment.

Tower of Gold           All is shrouded in mystery. 
                        (Collect 1,000,000 gold)

Transcend History 
and the World           Acquire all weapons and equipment. 

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