Sly Collection, The

Sly 1 Trophies
There are 22 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
A doggy girl (Bronze)
Take a police file from Carmelita
A not so cute panda (Silver)
Beat Panda King
Blackout (Silver)
Upgrade every shadow technique at the maximum level
Bomber (Bronze)
Learn the plugging attack from Drake Cooper
Bottle stock (Gold)
Find every bottle containing a message
Clever like a thief (Gold)
Learn every plunging attack
Clock blocker (Silver)
Upgrade every slow down technique at the maximum level
Clockwerk Orange (Silver)
Find Clockwerk
Coin hoover (Bronze)
Learn the coin magnet technique from Karina Coopergina
Coin recycler (Bronze)
Find 60 coins
Dance, Dance, Ruby (Silver)
Beat Ruby
Dog game (Bronze)
Enter into Muggshot's territory
Don't move (Bronze)
Learn the technique from Colonel Reid Cooper
Double vision (Bronze)
Learn the duplication technique from Andre Cooper
Dozens of coins (Bronze)
Find 99 coins
Frog legs (Silver)
Beat Raleigh the frog
Grab a bone (Silver)
Beat Muggshot
Hat trick (Bronze)
Learn the explosive hat technique from Rob McCooper.
Lazy (Bronze)
Upgrade your slow motion
Let's go to the adventure! (Bronze)
Enter into the world of Sly Cooper!
Like a bulldog (Bronze)
Find a plan from Muggshot
Meeting the elders (Gold)
Find all the plans
No, that's impossible (Gold)
Beat Clockwerk
Not afraid of spikes (Bronze)
Learn the anti-gravity technique from Augustine Cooper
Not so fast (Bronze)
Learn the slow motion jump from Dev Cooperinda
Numismatist (Bronze)
Find one coin
Plans in the snow (Bronze)
Find plans in the snow
Singing alligator (Bronze)
Find a voodoo plan
Soaking (Bronze)
Learn the aquatic security technique from Suzanne Cooper
Swamp lily (Silver)
Enter into the voodoo swamp
The lure of money (Gold)
Open every strongbox
The Real Thievius Racoonus (Platinum)
Unlock every trophy from the first adventure of Sly Cooper
The tricks of the job (Bronze)
Start your adventure with Cooper
Very talented programmers (Bronze)
Find plans in the water
Walk like an Egyptian (Bronze)
Learn the secret move from Slytankhamon
With Slytankhamon agreement (Bronze)
Upgrade your shadow
Sly 2 Trophies
There are 21 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
A bad bug (Silver)
Defeat the Contessa
A friend in flames (Bronze)
Buy the Fists of Flames on the ThiefNet
A REALLY bad bug (Silver)
Defeat the Contessa again
Ace of dodge (Bronze)
Buy the Combat Dodge on the ThiefNet
An unlikely bandit (Platinum)
Obtain every trophy in Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Artistic snobism (Bronze)
With Sly, silently replace a canvas
Bottled (Bronze)
Find 20 bottles containing a message
Careful, it's spicy! (Silver)
Defeat Rajan
Digestive troubles (Silver)
Find the Clockwerk's stomach
Elk head (Silver)
Steal the elk costume for Murray
Emprisoned (Bronze)
Free Carmelita from the Contessa
Exact money change (Silver)
Get 1,000 coins
Fiery fox (Bronze)
Complete the prologue in Cairo by escaping Carmelita
Fox-trot lesson (Bronze)
Dance with Carmelita
Gold medal (Silver)
Defeat Jean Bison
Gotta fine'em all! (Bronze)
Find 15 bottles containing a message
Heads or tails (Bronze)
Get 500 coins
Ornithodentist (Gold)
Get every bottle containing a message
Pickpocket (Bronze)
Get 100 coins
Pink fits you so well! (Bronze)
Buy the Diable Fire Slam on the ThiefNet
Pink hell plate (Bronze)
Buy the Raging Inferno Flop on the ThiefNet
Purse-snatching (Bronze)
Steal three keys from Carmelita in Canada
Remote control (Gold)
Buy the Trigger Bomb on the ThiefNet
Reptile thief (Bronze)
Defeat Dimitri
Somebody called a medic? (Bronze)
Buy the Snooze Bomb on the ThiefNet
Spider legs (Bronze)
Steal with Contessa thrice
Stealth (Gold)
Buy the Silent Obliteration on the ThiefNet
Stowaway (Bronze)
Hijack the train
Surfeit (Silver)
Knock down Neyla to save Sly
That's really something! (Bronze)
Buy the Hover pack on the ThiefNet
Thirsty (Bronze)
Find 30 bottles containing a message
Thrifty (Bronze)
Buy the Paraglider on the ThiefNet
Tick tock (Gold)
Defeat Clockeyla
True loot (Gold)
Get 1,500 coins
Vigorous hug (Bronze)
Force a bear attack in Canada
Wake up! (Silver)
Buy the Alarm Clock on the ThiefNet
Sly 3 Trophies
There are 22 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
100% Cooper (Gold)
Complete the game at 100%
A flying turtle (Gold)
Buy the Hover Pack
A little crush (Bronze)
Ask Penelope for some help in 'Frame Team Iceland'
A Real Honor (Platinum)
Unlock every trophy in the last adventure of Sly Cooper...The last?
A true friendship (Bronze)
Slow down Dr. M with Bentley and Murray
A true tornado (Bronze)
Buy the Sly Spin Attack Level 3
A trump in the sleeve (Silver)
Defeat Muggshot
And now? (Gold)
Defeat Dr. M
Bently the plumber (Bronze)
Destroy the pumps
Decompression problem (Bronze)
Take the scuba diving equipment from Dimitri
Dragon's hit (Silver)
Defeat the Chinese Dragon
Flying racoon (Bronze)
Buy the Paraglider
Getting promoted (Silver)
Complete the game at 50%
Halloween (Bronze)
Defeat masked Carmelita
Hard defeat (Silver)
Defeat Octavio
Here comes the loot! (Gold)
Get 2,500 coins
Intimate moments (Bronze)
Approach Carmelita in the 'Police HQ' level
Jumpkick champion (Bronze)
Buy the Sly Jump Attack Level 3
Last service (Bronze)
Complete the pub battle
Mayday, mayday (Silver)
Defeat the Black Baron
Murrary's holy fire (Silver)
Buy the Fists of Flame
Night-owl (Bronze)
Buy the Alarm Clock
Numismatist (Bronze)
Get 1,000 coins at once
Reconciliation (Bronze)
Complete 'Dynamic Duo'
Romantic ballad (Bronze)
Complete the boat pursuit in Venecia canals
Scorpions cleaner (Bronze)
Free the scorpions load from the truck
She's a crafty fox (Bronze)
Carmelita saves the day, again!
Taking out the trash (Silver)
Defeat LeFwee
Tentacular terror (Silver)
Defeat Crusher
The Guru unleashed (Bronze)
Meet the Guru in 'Unleash the Guru'
The vault (Bronze)
Complete the prologue, 'Beginning of the End'
Tightwad (Bronze)
Get 500 coins
Tough racoon (Gold)
Complete the game at 75%
Undercover racoon (Bronze)
Use a Sly disguise in Venecia
Vampire exterminator (Bronze)
Stop the vampires
With Mitshoko's agreement (Bronze)
Activate the Shadow Power Level 2
Sly Minigames Trophies
There are 4 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 2 Gold Trophies.
A determined pink hippopotamus (Gold)
Get 5,000 points in Guru dart game
Carmelita's fight against crime (Gold)
Get 7,000 points in Interpol Shooting Training
Come on! (Silver)
Get 5,000 points in Treasure Hunt
Interpol Trainee (Bronze)
Play Interpol Shooting Training
Remote turtle (Silver)
Get 8,000 points in Bentley's Helicopter Battle
Trained pupil (Bronze)
Play the Guru dart game
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)
Play Treasure Hunt
Where's Penelope? (Bronze)
Play the Bentley's Helicopter Battle

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