Skate 2

Unlock Big Black
     On  the  Main  Menu,  go  to  Extras  then go to Enter Code. Type
"letsdowork"  to  unlock  Big Black as a skater for online, freeskate,
and party play.

letsdowork:         Unlock Big Black as a skater

Strangleloops:      Turns The Game 3-D

bailymcbailster:    Disables NPC's talking trash during Career mode

     Complete  each  condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are
36 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum

Active Skater (Silver):       Successfully complete all online freeskate 
                              activities with your created skater

Amateur Skater (Bronze):      Achieve Amateur Rank Online

Anyone Else? (Silver):        Beat all the pros at Throwdown challenges

Big Air Champ (Bronze):       Win the San Van-a-Slamma

Cooperation is key (Bronze):  Complete 50 online freeskate activities 
                              with your created skater

Dethrowned (Bronze):          Download and own a community-created spot

DIY (Bronze):                 Spend 30 minutes moving objects 
                              in career mode

Fully Sponsored (Bronze):     Obtain all sponsorships

Gender Bender (Bronze):       Change your skater's gender

Good Samaritan (Bronze):      Knock down a security guard chasing another 
                              skater in career mode

Graphically Extreme (Bronze): Add a custom graphic to your skater

Grasshopper (Bronze):         Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters 
                              or 30 feet in career mode

GVR Champ (Bronze):           Win the GVR Contest

How you like them apples? 
(Silver):                     Acquire all phone numbers for the pros

I Like To Move It (Bronze):   Move your first object in career mode

Juggling Chainsaws (Bronze):  Wipeout at high speed in career mode

Make it Big! (Bronze):        Use Big Black's service 10 times 
                              in Career Mode

Meet Slappy (Bronze):         Meet Slappy

Need for Speed (Bronze):      Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds 
                              in career mode

New San Van Hero (Bronze):    Call Mikey 10 times

On Top Of The World (Bronze): Perform an invert on one of the highest 
                              points in the city in career mode

Online Legend (Gold):         Achieve Legend Rank Online

Online Pro (Silver):          Achieve Pro Rank Online

Perfectionist (Gold):         Complete all paths in career mode

Platinum Trophy (Platinum):   Platinum Trophy

Playing Nice Together 
(Bronze):                     Complete your first online freeskate 
                              activity with your created skater

Pull the Plug (Bronze):       Drain every pool and fountain in career mode

Pwn some n00bs (Bronze):      Win an online ranked match

Race Hero (Bronze):           Win all races in career mode

Real Estate Mogul (Bronze):   Purchase all property in career mode

Running Man (Bronze):         Escape a chase off board in career mode

Sandbag (Bronze):             Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout 
                              in career mode

SBM Cover (Silver):           Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag

Skater Evolved (Bronze):      Get off your board in career mode

Skater's Choice (Bronze):     Win the Skater's choice award 
                              in an online ranked match

Skitched Up (Bronze):         Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet 
                              in career mode

Spare Parts (Silver):         All Hall Of Meat paths complete

Stairmaster (Bronze):         Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters 
                              or 36 feet in career mode

Still Alive? (Bronze):        Win a Deathrace in career mode

Taste The Mongo (Bronze):     Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode

That's the Way (Bronze):      Beat all of Danny Way's film challenges

The Architect (Bronze):       Upload a created spot

The Critic (Bronze):          Rate 10 community videos and photos

Thrasher Cover (Silver):      Get the cover of Thrasher

Uninsurable (Bronze):         Break 100 bones in career mode

Urban Legend Too (Silver):    Own all spots in career mode

Where's my TV show? (Bronze): Beat all Rob Dyrdek challenges

Change the colour of your T-Shirt/Jacket/Hoodie
     Press pause and edit your skater. Buy a Hoodie/T-Shirt/Jacket and
exit.  Enter  the  store  again  and select the Custom T-Shirt. Select
whatever  colour  you  want  the item you just bought to be, edit your
receipt  and REMOVE the Custom T-Shirt. Do not exit, but return to the
store.  Just where you could change the colour of the T-Shirt, you can
change  the  colour of your equipped apparel. Exit and you should have
your coloured clothes at no extra charge.

Easy S.K.A.T.E. Win
     Just  like  in  the  first Skate, adding 540 degrees of spin will
overwhelm  the simple computer characters' programs. They either won't
try  the  move, or they will bail. Remember to push both analog sticks
in  the  direction  of  your  spin  to  spin faster. Honestly, they'll
usually  bail  on  a 360 spin move too, so as long as you're spinning,
you're winning!

     If  you  can't get the height needed for a 540 spin, triple flips
will  also trip up your computer opponents. These require you to flick
and  hold a kickflip, allowing the board to spin multiple times before
you land.

Unlock Dem Bonez
     To  unlock  Dem  Bonez (the skeleton) in Freeskate and Party Play
modes, finish all the Hall of Meat challenges in Career mode.

Easy Money
     At  the  start of a race you are given the option to make a wager
on  the  results. Crank this amount up to the maximum amount and begin
the  race.  If you are doing poorly, pause it and restart. If you know
you will win, cross the finish line and collect your winnings.

Unlockable Places
     Certain in-game milestones unlock places for you to skate:

GvR Plaza: 
Complete all Street Challenges to unlock the Etnies GvR Plaza.

Monster Skate Park: 
Get Sponsored and complete Team Film Challenges until you get 
a demo sesh with Rob Drydek, After completing this earn $200,000 
to buy the park.

S.V. Dam: 
Complete all the Thrasher Mag challenges to drain the dam.

S.V. Stadium: 
Complete all Tranny Contests to unlock the S.V. Mega-Ramp Stadium.

S.V. Summit: 
Complete all the Death Races to unlock the peak of Cougar Mountain.

Training Park: 
Complete all Team Film Challenges to unlock the Training Park. 

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