Sims 3, The: Pets

Enable Creation Mode
While the game is paused while in a household, press L1, L2, R1, and R2.
Cheat code
Creation Mode
L1, L2, R1, R2
There are 39 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
A Punishable Offense (Bronze)
Punish the Sims for their crumb-filled, sub-standard furniture.
All You Need (Gold)
Complete each of the love and romance Challenges.
Bad Neighbor (Bronze)
Target your neighbor with the Ghostify Power, then catch them with a cat or Ghost Zapper.
Cat-A-Kinesis (Bronze)
Use a telekinetic cat to make a Sim fix a meal from the fridge.
Cat-astrophe (Silver)
Complete each of the Cat-astrophe scenario Challenges.
Curator's Best Friend (Bronze)
Complete each of the relic collection Challenges.
Dancing Fiend (Bronze)
Complete each of the dancing Challenges.
Do Not Want! (Bronze)
Successfully bathe your cat.
Doggie Duties (Bronze)
Deal with the feline in the Dog Days of Summer mystery.
Dogzilla vs. Cat-Kong (Bronze)
Destroy О©╫10,000 worth of objects with a dog or cat.
Don't Fear the Reaper (Bronze)
Scare the reaper.
Don't Talk About Socialite Club (Bronze)
Get the attention of the Socialite Club.
Employee Benefits (Bronze)
Become a romantic interest of your boss.
Exhibitionist (Bronze)
Complete each of the exhibitionist Challenges.
Explorer (Bronze)
Complete each of the explorer Challenges.
Family Feud (Bronze)
Activate the Cry Havoc karma power during a wedding party.
Flirting with Disaster (Bronze)
Escape a karmic backlash by quickly balancing the meter after dropping below -50.
From the Ground Up (Bronze)
Build your house from the ground up by replacing your property with an empty lot.
Good Fluffy! (Bronze)
Praise or scold a pet enough times to add a trait.
Great Scott! (Bronze)
Create a flux combobulator.
Have You Seen This Pet? (Bronze)
Find your lost pet.
I'd Rather Be Fishing (Bronze)
Complete each of the fishing Challenges.
Indubitably! (Bronze)
Complete each of the mystery chapters.
Is This... Okay? (Bronze)
Make a Sim transmogrified from a cat and a Sim transmogrified from a dog become a couple.
It's Genetic (Bronze)
Breed a Natural-Born Hunter cat or Natural-Born Digger dog.
It's Good to be a Sim (Gold)
Complete each of the Sim happiness Challenges.
K9 Cop (Silver)
Complete each of the k9 cop scenario Challenges.
Leet Skillz (Silver)
Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.
Leonardo Reborn (Bronze)
Complete each of the Leonardo Reborn Sub-Challenges.
Maid-out (Bronze)
Make out with the maid.
Mansion Builder (Silver)
Build a house with 5 stories and an unfurnished value of at least $100,000.
Mass Hysteria (Bronze)
Have a dog and a cat become best friends.
Must Love Pets (Silver)
Promise and complete a pet-related Lifetime Wish.
No Fate But What We Make (Silver)
Send a simbot back in time.
Overqualified (Bronze)
Go to work with 4 career performance requirements at Outstanding.
Personality: I Haz It (Silver)
Train a pet to have 9 traits.
Search and Rescue (Bronze)
Explore the Abandoned Mine in search of Timmy.
Sim's Best Friend (Bronze)
Become a BFF with a dog.
Sit! Play Dead! (Bronze)
Earn more than $1,000 during a trick exhibition.
Smooth Criminal (Bronze)
Steal something worth at least $2,000 with a cat.
Sunken Treasure (Bronze)
Find a special plant while fishing.
The Missing Link (Bronze)
Discover the lost pirate ship anchor.
The Parent Challenge (Silver)
Complete each of the parenting Challenges.
TMI (Silver)
Have your Sim kiss their brother's/sister's best friend.
Top Dog (Platinum)
Unlock all other trophies.
What Ghosts? (Bronze)
Catch every ghost spawned by the Ghost Invasion karma power before it ends.
Where'd You Get That!? (Bronze)
Fetch something worth at least $2,000 with a dog.
Wingman, er... Dog (Bronze)
Fetch a date.
Yoink! (Bronze)
With a pet, steal a Sim's clothes who is skinny dipping.
You Da Boss (Bronze)
Reach level 10 of a career.
Zombie Bears, Oh My! (Bronze)
Avoid the zombie bears to find the pirate ship's log.

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