Rugby World Cup 2011

There are 32 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
At The Death (Bronze)
Score to win a match with no time left in the 2nd half against CPU (Medium or higher)
Between The Sticks (Bronze)
Score a drop goal, penalty goal or a conversion
Big Guy's Glory (Bronze)
Score a try with a player currently playing in a Prop position
Booming Punt (Bronze)
Punt into touch from behind your team's 22 metre line for a territorial gain of 50+ metres
Brick Wall (Silver)
Do not concede any points in a match against CPU (Hard)
Catch The Bomb (Bronze)
Score try directly after recovering an Up and Under Kick against CPU (Medium or higher)
Cheers Mate! (Bronze)
Win a match with 2 or more human-controlled players on your team
Chip And Score (Bronze)
Score a try directly after recovering a Scrum Half Kick against CPU (Medium or higher)
Don't Even Try (Bronze)
Win a match where your team doesn't score a try against CPU (Medium or higher)
Down South (Silver)
Win every match of every Southern Hemisphere tour playing against CPU (Hard)
Early Shower (Bronze)
Be awarded a red card
End To End (Silver)
Score a try by running with the ball directly from one goal line to the other
Epic Try-pocalypse (Silver)
Score 15 tries in a match (5 or 10 min halves)
Experimentor (Bronze)
Attempt all four of your team's assigned set plays in a match
First Try (Bronze)
Score a try
Hammer And Tongs (Silver)
Score 50+ unanswered points against CPU (Medium or higher, 5 or 10 min halves)
Hardcore Rugger (Gold)
Beat New Zealand with a team rated less than 80 against CPU (Hard, 20 min halves)
Hat Trick Hero (Bronze)
Score 3 tries with the same player in a match against CPU (Medium or higher)
Hey This Ain't Soccer! (Bronze)
Perform a soccer kick
Hit The Sticks (Bronze)
Score a penalty goal or conversion off the post or crossbar
Just Like Pudding (Bronze)
Score a drop goal with a player currently playing in a Prop position
Kick With The Wind (Bronze)
Score a penalty goal or conversion from 55+ metres
King Of Crunch (Bronze)
Successfully complete 20 dive tackles in a match
Minnow No More (Silver)
Win the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final with a team rated less than 60 against CPU (Hard)
Multi-Union (Silver)
Win a match with every International team
Nice Pickup! (Bronze)
Perform a Quick Pickup from a tackled player then directly run and score a try
One Of Each (Bronze)
Score a try, conversion, penalty goal and drop goal all in the same match
Online Rugger (Bronze)
Play a match Online
Picked Off (Bronze)
Intercept an opposition team's line-out throw
Quick Turnaround (Bronze)
Score a try in one phase or less of possession against CPU (Medium or higher)
Rage Against The Head (Bronze)
Gain possession of the ball at a scrum when playing as the defensive team
Rugby Purist (Platinum)
Acquire all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies
Rule The Pool (Gold)
Earn 20 pool stage points in Rugby World Cup 2011 playing against CPU (Hard)
Sel The Dummy (Bronze)
Perform a dummy pass and fool a defending player
Setpiece Setup (Bronze)
Execute a set play from a ruck, scrum or mail and score a try on the same phase of possession
Shades Of Jonny (Silver)
Score a decisive winning drop goal during an Extra Time or Sudden Death period
Showboat I (Bronze)
Throw the ball down to score a try without diving and without being tackled
Showboat II (Bronze)
Stay in the offensive in-goal area for at least 5 seconds directly before scoring a try
Sin Bin (Bronze)
Be awarded a yellow card
Talent From The Tee (Bronze)
Win a match in the Place-Kick Shootout mode against CPU (Hard)
That's Commitment! (Gold)
Play 100 matches in total (including matches played in any mode)
Tough It Out (Bronze)
Beat an 85+ rated team with a team rated less than 70 against CPU (Hard)
Trytime In Quicktime (Bronze)
Score a try directly from a kick-off, or restart kick, which occurredon the 50 metre line
Up North (Silver)
Win every match of eery Northern Hemisphere tour playing against CPU (Hard)
World Champions (Silver)
Win the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final
Worm Burner (Bronze)
Score a try directly after recovering a Grubber Kick against CPU (Medium or higher)

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