Resistance: Fall of Man

Cloven Uniform in Multiplayer
     Choose "Multiplayer", then select "Online Game" option.
Then  select  "Options" and "Soldier Loadout". Push start to
bring up the Unlock Code keypad. Enter the following codes:

Password:               Effect:
d4a9 296d 1c46 9492     Cloven Bandana 
2fd0 461c df04 7929     Cloven Bearded Head
bf9b 36b7 aec6 da4c     Cloven Helmet
e91b 1d46 465c c26c     Cloven Helmet w/ Bandana
0591 870c 9ffe 0430     Cloven Skin

Unlock Black ops and skull head skin (multi-player):
     Finish  the  game  on  Superhuman  mode  with all Skill
points  to  access  to the Black Ops and skull head skin for
multi-player mode.

Unlock Soldier skin (multi-player):
     Finish  the  game  on  Superhuman mode to access to the
soldier skin for multi-player mode.

Unlock Superhuman difficulty level:
     Finish   the  game  on  hard  mode  to  access  to  the
Superhuman mode.

Unlock Movie player:
     Finish the game once.

Secret movies:
     Finish  the game on any difficulty settings, then go to
the  "Options" at the main menu and then select "Cinematics"
option.  The  last  movie  in  the  list  is  "Stranger Than

     Finish  the following tasks in online multi-player mode
to earn the indicated medal. You can view your earned medals
by pressing R1 or L1 at the character stat screen.

Get 100 assist kills - Helping Hand
Get 100 headshots - Professional
Get 100 kills with every weapon - Up Your Arsenal
Get 100 node or flag captures - Going Commando
Get 100 stealth kills - Ghost
Get 2,000 defensive kills across all game modes - Base Defender
Get 200 node or flag recaptures - Reclaimer
Get 30 melee kills - Martial Artist
Get at least 60 melee kills - Ninja
Get 100 kills with grenades - Grenadier
Get 100 kills with rockets - Heavy Weapons Expert
Get 100 kills with the Arc Charger - Fry Cook
Get 100 kills with the Auger - Auger Marksman
Get 100 kills with the bullseye - Tagger
Get 100 kills with the L11-2 Dragon - BBQ Chef
Get 100 kills with the L23 Fareye - Sharpshooter
Get 100 kills with the M5A2 Carbine - Marksman
Get 100 kills with the Rossmore 236 - Shotgunner
Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying - Elite Soldier
Kill 20 enemies in a row without dying - Assassin
Participate in 1,000 online matches - Fanatic
Play 100 ranked matches and win 1st place at least 30 times - Savant
Play 200 ranked matches and win 1st place first at least 60 times - Hero
Play 300 ranked matches and win 1st place at least 100 times - Legend
Finish 10 matches with minimum 85% accuracy - Precise Shot
Finish 20 matches with minimum 85% accuracy - Unerring Aim
Finish in 5,000 online matches - Insomniac
Finish in 5,000 online matches - Unknown
Finish single player mode - Nathan Hale

Skill points:
     Finish  the  following  tasks  to  unlock the indicated
skill point.

Misplaced Aggression
     Blow up all cars in town section of Somerset.

Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered
     Break Chimeran Box in level 30.

We've Lost the Security Deposit Anyway
     Break ten medical lamps.

Too Many Secrets
     Collect all Intelligence reports.

Mirror, Mirror
     Destroy  all glass objects in all three sections of the

Break'in The Law
     Destroy  the  reactor  in the Tower level without using
the L209 LAARK.

20th Sentry
     Do not get hit by a laser mine.

Personal Space Bubble
     Do not let any Menial grab you during level 30.

This Is My House
     Do  not  let  Chimera  stand on the mining platform for
more than ten seconds in Bracknell.

Next Speed Trap, 50 miles
     Finish Somerset in less than 7

Mechanical Thumbs
     Finish the game under the Hard difficulty.

Vanilla Only, Please
     Finish   Tower   Mission,   Last  Hope,  without  using
alternate fire or grenades.

In 1 Ear, Out the Other
     Get fuve headshots with L23Fareye in Nottingham.

I Can See My House From Here!
     Jump at least 50m in the LU-P Lynx in Cheddar Gorge.

Gasping for Air
     Kill  2  Hybrids  in a level only after severing all of
their hoses.

Acupuncture Is Cheaper
     Kill 3 enemies at once with the hedgehog.

In For a Penny
     Kill 3 Hybrids with a single grenade.

Passive Aggressive
     Kill 4 Hybrids or Menials with non-weapon damage.

Nowhere to Hide
     Kill  5  enemies  in a level by shooting them through a
wall with the Auger.

Tag, You're It
     Kill 5 enemies with the Bullseye in thirty seconds.

     Kill 5 Menials with Bullseye Trap.

Karma's a Bitch
     Kill every Chimera in Bracknell with their native weapon.

A New Kind of Sourdough
     Kill  every  enemy in the cafeteria using the Sapper in
Bristol Mission, Evacuation.

Chimera Pate
     Run over 10 enemies with the tank in York.

They Came From Behind
     Run over 3 Hybrids while driving in reverse.

Return to Sender
     Shoot  5  objects thrown at you by an Angel before they
reach you in the Tower Missions.

Pint in One Hand, Darts in the Other
     Shoot  the  center of the 4 dartboards using the Fareye
in Bristol Mission, Evacuation.

Lovely Parting Gifts
     Squat over 15 dead Hybrids.

Homing Beacons
     Tag four Hybrids with the Bullseye.

Leapin' Lizards
     Take no damage from Rollers in the outskirts of London.

Fast Like The Tortoise
     Take no damage from Slipskulls in the outskirts of London.

     Take no damage from the mines in Manchester.

Reading Is Fun!
     10 Intelligence reports.

Chicks Dig Eyestrain
     20 Intelligence reports.

Le Parkour
     Finish  battlefields and rooftops in Thames at leaast 5

     Kill 6 enemies with Chimeran Sentry gun

Why Are These Candles Screaming?
     Kill 8 Hybrids with fire maximum 20 seconds.

     Use a grenate to kill a Howler.

Supersonic Meat Cubes
     Use Frag grenade to kill 3 Leapers.

I Believe This Is Yours
     Use only Chimeran sentry gun to kill enemies in level 72.

This is My Rifle, This is My Gun
     Use only the M5A2 to kill Stalker in Manchester Traffic

What Would Hale Do?
     Use only the Shotgun to kill an angel in the Tower Missions.

One Eye Dog
     Use the L23 Fareye to kill a Howler

Completion bonuses:
     Finish  the  game  once  to unlock L11-2 Dragon weapon,
Movie  Player,  Backlash Grenade weapon, Arc Charger weapon,
Splitter weapon and the Reaper weapon.

Unlock MP Soldier skin: 
     Finish the game on the Superhuman difficulty level.

Unlocakbles by skill points:
     Get  the indicated amount of skill points to unlock the
following bonuses:

Unlock Concept Art Pack 1: 10 points.
Unlock Concept Art Pack 2: 20 points.
Unlock The Mighty Wrench: 40 points.
Unlock Flip Levels: 70 points.
Unlock Clank Backpacks: 100 points.
Unlock Mechanic skin in Online mode: Get 126 skill points.

Cloven Skin: 
     Register  on  and look at your
profile for an online code specific to your game.

Bonuses in Online mode:

US Solider Body, Head 1 & 2, Small Helmet, American Standard 
and Dirty Uniforms: 
     Reach level 01 - Private status online.

UK Solider Body, British Green Uniform, Canteen 2: 
     Reach level 04 - Private First Class status online.

British Brick Uniform, Grenade Pouch, Leather Packs: 
     Reach level 07 - Corporal status online.

Pouches, Medic Helmet 2, Head 3: 
     Reach level 10 - Sergeant status online.

Beret, American Camouflage Uniform: 
     Reach level 13 - Gunnery Sergeant status online.

British Goggles, Radio, Binoculars: 
     Reach level 16 - Staff Sergeant status online.

Commando Body, Commando Standard Uniform, Head 4: 
     Reach level 19 - 1st Class Sergeant status online.

Commando Camoflauge Uniform, Belt knife, Backpack: 
     Reach level 22 - Sergeant Major status online.

Chest Pouches, Head Pouches, Head 5: 
     Reach level 25 - Sergeant Major status online.

Medic Helmet, Bedroll 1, Chute Pack: 
     Reach level 28 - Sergeant Major of the Army status online.

Head 6, British Desert Uniform, VTOL Pilot Skin: 
     Reach level 31 - Lieutenant status online.

Bedroll 2, Pouches, Pouch (Fanny Pack): 
     Reach level 34 - Captain status online.

Head 7, British Helmet, Backpack: 
     Reach level 37 - Major status online.

Commando Leather Uniform, Chest Radio, Shirtless Skin: 
     Reach level 40 - Lieutenant Colonel status online.

Camouflage Helmet, Leather Backpack, Back Holster: 
     Reach level 43 - Colonel status online.

Head 8, Canteen 1, Radio: 
     Reach level 46 - Brigadier General status online.

Winters Skin, American Advanced Uniform,, Hip Bag: 
     Reach level 49 - Major General status online.

Head 9, American Helmet, American Arctic Uniform, Canteen: 
     Reach level 52 - Lieutenant General status online.

Cartwright skin, Leather Pouch, Canteen: 
     Reach level 55 - General status online.

British Camouflage Uniform, Knife, Head 10: 
     Reach level 58 - Supreme Commander status online.

Nathan Hale skin, belt packs, shovel, backpack: 
     Reach level 60 - Supreme Commander (3 PIPS) status online. 

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Автор: BillionaireBoy
Когда включил эту игруху - обалдел от графики, она просто нереальная. Геймплей, озвучка - всё на высшем уровне! Советую!

Автор: BAP4yH03
Слабенькая игра. Какая-то она "деревянная", наспех сляпанная. Как будто какую-то посредственную FPS-ку с Playstation 2 перевели в HD и выбросили на прилавки, точно зная, что владельцы PS3 купят ЭТО, еще и спасибо скажут. А оценка завышена на один балл за то, что в Resistance: Fall of Man есть возможность проходить игру вдвоем по split screen.

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