Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

In-Game Cheats
In order to ulock the in-game cheats you muust get the specified number of skill poin.ts associated with the cheat
Altered arsenal(change the size of ratchets weapons!)
400 skill points
Cryomine glove ultra(a look so cool its sub-zero)
250 skill points
Customize Aphelion(change look of your lombax starship (fuzzy dice not included))
100 skill points
Rinbow trails-(nothing embodies the spirit of destruction like rainbow colored projectiles)
550 skill points
Bonuses - Previous Ratchet and Clank Save Files
If you have save files for "Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction" and "Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty" on your system, you can unlock in game perks that enhance your gameplay.
Discount at Weapon Vendors
Have a "Ratchet and Clank Future
Tools of Destruction" save.
Pirate Hat Skin
Have a "Ratchet and Clank Future
Quest for Booty" save.
Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy.
88 MPH (Bronze)
Defeat General Azimuth and save the universe
Apogee Explorer (Bronze)
Find the Obsidian Eye
Bolt Collector (Silver)
Collect all gold bolts.
Bronze Champion (Bronze)
Win the Bronze Tournament.
Fastoon Warrior (Bronze)
Upgrade one weapon to level 5.
For a Rainy Day (Bronze)
Collect 10,000 bolts.
Glutton for Punishment (Gold)
Complete a Challenge Mode playthrough.
Gold Champion (Bronze)
Win the Gold Tournament.
Greed is Good (Bronze)
Collect 50,000 bolts.
Insomniac (Bronze)
Visit the Insomniac museum
It Belongs in a Museum (Bronze)
Retrieve Chief Zahn's Zoni Vessel.
Junior Caretaker (Bronze)
Defeat the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler
Just Like Old Times (Bronze)
Reunite with Clank.
Leave no Lombax Behind (Bronze)
Save General Azimuth from Lord Vorselon's clutches.
My Blaster Runs Really, Really Hot (Bronze)
Score 10,000 points on My Blaster Runs Hot.
Paradox Hero (Bronze)
Confront Dr. Nefarious in the past
Party Crasher (Bronze)
Destroy Dr. Nefarious' armada.
Preferred Customer (Gold)
Purchase all GrummelNet Weapons.
Q-Force Cadet (Bronze)
Complete the game on Casual.
Q-Force Champion (Gold)
Complete the game on Hard.
Q-Force Hero (Silver)
Complete the game on Medium.
Raritanium Champion (Bronze)
Win the Raritanium Tournament.
Retirement Fund (Silver)
Collect 250,000 bolts.
Revenge of the Squishy (Bronze)
Defeat Dr. Nefarious
Rude Awakening (Bronze)
Complete Great Clock, Sector One.
Savior of Axiom City (Bronze)
Destroy the VX-99.
Senior Caretaker (Bronze)
Repair temporal damage caused by Dr. Nefarious.
Silver Champion (Bronze)
Win the Silver Tournament.
Somebody Call For Backup? (Bronze)
Stop the Agorians from destroying Gimlick Valley.
The General's Pupil (Bronze)
Master the hoverboots.
The Gunsmith (Silver)
Collect all Constructo modifications.
The Lombax Triumphant (Platinum)
Collect all trophies in the game.
The Samaritan (Silver)
Complete all space missions.
Thrifty (Gold)
Collect 1,000,000 bolts.
Time Keeper (Bronze)
Unlock the Orvus Chamber.
Zoni Collector (Silver)
Rescue all Zoni.
Challenge Mode
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock challenge mode. A mode with all wepaons, armor, and bolts carried over from your cleared game file.
Skill Points
Complete each task to earn the respective Skill Point.
Agorian Battleplex - Flawless
Finish last challenge without getting hit.
Agorian Battleplex - Impatient Champion
Finish "Gone in 60 Seconds" in less than 45 seconds.
Agorian Battleplex - Interception!
Catch an Agorian Bomb out of the air.
Agorian Battleplex - Lifted and Gifted
Complete a Battleplex challenge entirely on hoverboots.
Agorian Battleplex - Master Blaster
Keep your blaster in the hot state for 60 seconds in My Blaster Runs Hot.
Agorian Battleplex - Praetorian Guard
Destory the Hydra Tank using only your wrench.
Destruction - Air Lombax
Defeat 50 enemies while the player is in mid-air.
Destruction - Champion Bowler
Defeat 10 enemies with one dynamo.
Destruction - Friend of Fred
Defeat 10 enemies with one shot of the Rift Inducer 5000.
Destruction - Magic Bullet
Defeat 2 enemies with one bullet.
Destruction - Negative, Ghostrider
Shoot down 5 dropships before they can drop off their passengers.
Destruction - Regifter
Destroy 2 enemies with one deflection.
Destruction - Shock Therapy
Defeat an enemy trapped by the Mag-Net using the Telsa Spike.
Gadget - Head Like a Rock
Cannonball through 100 crates while on your hoverboots.
Gadget - Orvus' Son
Timebomb 250 projectiles.
Gadget - You're Fired
Maintain an oil fire for at least 30 seconds.
Krell Canyon - Bug Bait
Take damage from every tetramite swarm without dying.
Krell Canyon - Treasure Hunter
Destroy every camo crate in the level.
Nefarious Space Station - Pest Control
Defeat all Teratropes in the outer perimeter with the Hyper Strike.
Skill - Ace Pilot
Destroy 20 fighters without getting hit.
Skill - Custodian of Time
Fix 50 repairable objects in the Great Clock.
Skill - Dance, Monkey, Dance
Get 8 monkeys to dance simultaneously.
Skill - Master of Time
Reach round 30 in the fix-time mini-game.
Skill - Subzero Hero
Freeze 4 enemies simultaneously using the CryoMine Glove.
Weapons - Longshot
Shoot 30 enemies in their weak spots using the Plasma Striker.
Weapons - Party Crasher
Defeat 50 dancing enemies.
Weapons - Round Trip
Defeat an enemy with the Spiral of Death while the energy spiral is returning.
Weapons - Sonic Assassin
Fire the Sonic Eruptor perfectly 50 times.
Weapons - The Simple Art of Armageddon
Defeat 15 enemies with the RYNO V without releasing the trigger.
Weapons - Wrenchmaster
Defeat 3 enemies with a single wrench throw.
Zolar Forest - Cold Killer
Destroy 100 zyphoids in Zolar Forest.
Zolar Forest - Terrible Tourist
Destroy every breakable object in the Fongoid Village.
Insomniac Musuem
After beating the game, you will have the option to go fight Lord Vorselon on his ship. If you have all 40 zoni, you can go to the corvus sector and enter his ship to fight. After you defeat him, you will unlock the Insomniac Muesuem.

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