Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

There are 34 Bronze Trophies, 6 Silver Trophies, and 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
4 Play (Platinum)
Get all of the Trophies in the game.
A Moment of Reflection (Bronze)
Use only Reflectors to destroy the generators in Phonica Moon's security tunnels.
Anyone for Sushi? (Bronze)
Defeat the octomoth.
Bomb Disposal (Silver)
Blow up 85% of the exploding crates in Aldaros Plains.
Cloaker Legend (Bronze)
Kill 15 enemies while using the Cloaker.
Connected (Bronze)
Play an online game. (2P +)
Couch Potato (Bronze)
Play an offline-only game. (2P +)
Doppelbanger Legend (Bronze)
Destroy 30 enemies while they're distracted by the Doppelbanger.
Eight Seconds (Bronze)
Kill eight enemies in eight seconds using the Darkstar Fission Tether with two or more teammates.
El Matador (Bronze)
No one gets hit by a grove beetle in the Deadgrove.
Fine, But You're Cleaning Up After Them (Bronze)
Get 10 critters on screen at once.
For the Zombie Apocalypse (Gold)
Buy all of the weapons.
Friendship through Firepower (Bronze)
Buy your first weapon.
Galactic Hero (Silver)
Kill 500 enemies.
Intergalactic Tool of Justice (Bronze)
Defeat the Z'Grute.
It Was Like That When We Got Here (Bronze)
Destroy all of the towers in Gorthon Crater.
Keep the Meter Running (Bronze)
Don't let the air taxi take damage in Luminopolis.
Knockout Artist (Bronze)
Kill three enemies with one attack using the Blitzer.
Life Support (Bronze)
Revive a teammate with one second left on their timer. (2P +)
Melee Legend (Bronze)
Kill 150 enemies with melee.
Mission Improbable (Bronze)
Get through the laser walls at the end of Uzo City in 45 seconds.
Night Lights are for Wimps (Bronze)
Get through Rossa Fields without using any of the energy repositories.
Now That's a Big Fish (Bronze)
Defeat King Sepiad.
Now We Need a Really Big Tissue (Bronze)
Defeat the Wigwump.
Old-School (Bronze)
Play a single-player game.
On Some Planets They're a Delicacy (Silver)
Shoot all of the slorgs back into the waters of Octonok Cay.
Overload Legend (Bronze)
Use the Co-op overload to kill 60 enemies.
Pyromancer (Bronze)
Barbecue four enemies at the same time using the Pyro Blaster.
Q-Force Legend (Bronze)
Kill 50 enemies in a row using melee without taking damage.
Quantum Deflector Legend (Bronze)
Absorb 500 shots with the Quantum Deflector.
Quick Killer (Bronze)
Kill eight enemies in two seconds.
Space Cadet (Bronze)
Complete Terawatt Forest.
Spog 2.0 (Bronze)
Defeat Commander Spog.
The Bolt Banker (Silver)
Have 100,000 bolts banked.
The First Million is Always the Hardest (Gold)
Have 1,000,000 bolts banked.
The Mad Plasmabomber (Bronze)
Kill eight enemies with one shot.
The Saviors of Magnus (Gold)
Defeat the Loki Master.
Tricked Out (Silver)
Fully upgrade one weapon.
Upgraded (Gold)
Fully upgrade all weapons.
Upping your Arsenal (Silver)
Buy half of the weapons.
Vac-U Legend (Bronze)
Kill 50 enemies with the Vac-U 4000.
Waiting Room (Bronze)
Reach the lobby. (2P +)
Winter Wonderland (Bronze)
Escape the Polar Sea.
Zoni Legend (Bronze)
Kill 15 enemies that have been slowed down by the Zoni Blaster.
Zurkon the Legend (Bronze)
Kill 100 enemies with Mr. Zurkon out.
Complete the Game
Big Head Mode
Complete the Game
Grief Mode
Complete the Game
Screen Effects
Complete the Game

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