Unlock Body Surf Ability
     Select "Extras" from the Main Menu and go to "Cheats":

Unlock Body Surf Ability
     [Right], [Right], [Left], [Down], [Up], [Up], [Up], [Down]

     Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy.

Au (Silver)              Achieve a rating of gold or better in all events

Brain Trust (Bronze)     Complete all consume events

Cleanup (Bronze)         Kill 15 characters with a single whipfist attack

Endless Hunger (Silver)  Consume 200 characters to boost your health

Evolutionary step 
(Bronze)                 Use the upgrade menu to acquire an upgrade

Gunning (Bronze)         Destroy 20 helicopters 
                         in a single helicopter flight

Half-Truths (Bronze)     Complete a mission 
                         without causing a single military alert

Hard To Kill (Gold)      Complete story mode in any difficulty 
                         without dying

In Plain Sight (Bronze)  Evade 10 strike teams

In The Web (Bronze)      Consume 50 web targets

Infiltrator (Bronze)     Infiltrate 10 military bases disguised 
                         as a commander

It's Him! (Bronze)       Patsy 5 military personnel

Mankind is your mask 
(Silver)                 Complete 3 missions 
                         without causing a single military alert

Misconception (Bronze)   Destroy 25 infected water towers 
                         before they hatch

Nice Guy (Silver)        Complete the game 
                         while consuming 10 civilians or fewer

Platinum Trophy          Collect all other trophies

Polymath (Silver)        Collect all hint collectibles scattered 
                         across New York City

Pt (Gold)                Achieve a platinum medal in all events

Repossession (Bronze)    Seize 50 vehicles from enemy hands

Return Fire (Bronze)     Catch any object tossed by a hydra; 
                         and throw it back

Revenge Revisited (Gold) Complete story mode on hard difficulty

Self-Deception (Bronze)  Discover what happened to Alex Mercer 
                         through the web of intrigue

SME (Bronze)             Gain the ability to drive and fly all vehicles

Speed Bumps (Bronze)     Run over 500 characters in a single tank

Streetwise (Silver)      Collect all landmark collectibles scattered 
                         across New York City

Surface-To-Air (Bronze)  Shoot down 50 helicopters while driving armor

The butcher (Silver)     Kill 50 characters in 5 seconds

The Cleaner (Silver)     Destroy 10 military bases or infected hives 
                         in New York City

The First Thread 
(Bronze)                 Unlock the web of intrigue

Threat Elevated 
(Bronze)                 Destroy 25 strike teams

Trail Of Corpses 
(Silver)                 Kill 53,596 infected

Unnatural Selection 
(Silver)                 Acquire all available upgrades

Web Of Knowledge (Gold)  Acquire all nodes of the web of intrigue

Wrecking Yard (Bronze)   Destroy 2,000 Vehicles

New Game+
     Replay the story mode with all of the powers and upgrades already

Unlock Platinum/Radical Events
     To  unlock  the extremely difficult Platinum events, earn Gold in
every event. There are also Radical events which are nigh impossible.

Easy+ and Normal+
     Mercer  keeps  all  his  ep,  woi and abilities acquired when you
start a new game+(easy and normal)

Easy+: Beat the game on easy or Normal
     Normal+: Beat the game on Normal

Hard Mode
     Beat  the  game  in  Normal  mode to unlock it. This goes for all
Prototype games on all systems.

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