Complete each task in order to obtain a trophy:
1.5 Mil Pain
Get a Pain Score of at least 1,500,000
2 Mil Points
Score over 2,000,000
20X Combo
Get a combo bar of 20
3 Mil Points
Score over 3,000,000
500k Pain
Get a Pain Score of at least 500,000
500k Points
Score over 500,000
Blue Hair
Grab the old lady
Bowling Ball!
Grab the Bowling Ball
Cross Town
Travel 2000 feet in one launch
Frequent Flyer
Travel over 200 miles
Grab Master
Make 1000 Grabs
King of the Jungle
Grab a Swinging Girder
Moon Landing
Reach an Altitude of 300,000 feet
Sick and Twisted
Make 500 Grabs
Take A Ride
Grab the Train
There are 10 bronze trophies, 5 sliver trophies and 2 gold trophies.
2 Mill Club (Silver Trophy)
Get "Pain in the Park" and "D-Town Destruction"
Affliction Addiction (Gold Trophy)
Get One 100 Million Points in Downtown
Attention Spam (Bronze Trophy)
Attention Spam Bronze Trophy Get every type of PAIN (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot and Body) combo in Paindemonium, Aftermath, Block Party, Demol
Combo Mambo (Bronze Trophy)
Get 15x Combo in Paindemonium, Aftermath, Block Party, Demolition
Constipated (Bronze Trophy)
Get 100 strikes in Bowling
D-Town Destruction (Bronze Trophy)
Get 2,000,000 score in Paindemonium and Aftermath
Dude Abides (Bronze Trophy)
Use "The Dude" to score 30 Strikes in Bowling
Grenade-a-Maid (Bronze Trophy)
Get Exploded 200 times with any female launchable add-on character
Harder Dick's Balls (Silver Trophy)
Get all of Dicks Balls in the Block Party Dumpster without reset
Horsin' a Clown (Bronze Trophy)
Take the Clown for a ride on the Roller Coaster
King of Pain (Gold Trophy)
Get all of Pains Trophies
Ninja pwn (Silver Trophy)
Hit the Target Stuffed Ninja in every Amusement Park Mode
Pain and Mane (Bronze Trophy)
Play 100 games of Horse or Trauma
Pain in the Park (Bronze Trophy)
Get 2,000,000 score in Abusement and After Hours
Rodeo Clown (Silver Trophy)
Use Ed to Explode 500 barrels in Clown Toss
Trill (Sliver Trophy)
Get Painful Bullseye Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo add-on characters
Alpine Ski Lodge DLC Trophies
There are 3 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.
12 Days of Crispness (Bronze)
Find and hit all the green presents in the Ski Area Fun With Explosives
Ice Breaker (Silver)
Break all the ice blocks in one run
Santa's Package (Bronze)
Bomb Granny with a Throw Present
Snow Blown (Silver)
Shoot through all the Snow Blower Launchers in one run
Snow Ride (Bronze)
Grab the snowmobile and take a ride to the top of the Ski Run in Fail Village
Tub Girl (Gold)
Take the hot tub girl for a ride in the Heiny Mine in Fail Village
Unlockable Difficulties
Unlock 'Fun with Explosives' Freestyle Mode
Get Gold in 'Fun with Explosives' Painful Mode
Unlock 'Fun with Explosives' Hard Mode
Get Gold in 'Fun with Explosives' Normal Mode
Unlock 'Fun with Explosives' Painful Mode
Get Gold in 'Fun with Explosives' Hard Mode
Unlock 'Mime Toss' Hard Mode
Get Gold in 'Mime Toss' Normal Mode
Unlock 'Mime Toss' Painful Mode
Get Gold in 'Mime Toss' Hard Mode
Unlock 'Spank the Monkey' Hard Mode
Get Gold in 'Spank the Monkey' Normal mode
Unlock 'Spank the Monkey' Painful Mode
Get Gold in 'Spank the Monkey' Hard mode
Unlock Aftermath
In order to play in Aftermath, a remixed version of PAINdemonium, you must score 1,500,000 points in a single shot in PAINdemonium
Unlock Aftermath
Score at least 1.5 Mil Points in a single shot of PAINdemonium
Unlock Extra Characters
Ed the Cow
Blow up the cow on the Downtown stage with the grab-bomb box 12 times
Ice Tea
Suffer 50 shots to the "junk" as described in game
The Dude
Play the bowling multiplayer game 12 times
Unlock Block Party
To Unlock Block Party, an edited version of Downtown with the launcher at the other end of town, you need to hit Granny with the subway.
Unlock Block Party
Launch at Granny and drag her down into the subway with you onto the tracks
Unlock Demolition
Look to the left of the construction worker sitting on the rotating donut to see a grab-able explosive crate. Grab this crate and fly into the wall in front of you, and super-ooch over the train tracks towards the cop car. There is a police man and a girl wearing a bikini, bomb her with this crate 5 times (after each successful bombing, press R1 to reset and Select to reset the level) in order to unlock Demolition. This is just like how you unlock Ed the Cow.
Unlock Demolition
Bomb the bikini girl 5 times in Block Party

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