No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Aren't you popular (Bronze)
All you have to do is put the difficulty on Very Sweet Mode (this is very easy mode and you'll need to unlock it by beating the game once).
Certified UAA Rank 1 (Gold)
Defeat the UAA 1st ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 10 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 10th ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 2 (Silver)
Defeat the UAA 2nd ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 3 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 3rd ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 4 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 4th ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 5 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 5th ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 6 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 6th ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 7 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 7th ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 8 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 8th ranked assassin
Certified UAA Rank 9 (Bronze)
Defeat the UAA 9th ranked assassin
Destroy Super Express Full Throttle! (Bronze)
While using turbo on your motorcycle destroy 51 containers
Did it make you remember the Calgary Hurricanes era? (Bronze)
Execute 10 successful wrestling moves in a row Just fallow the on-screen prompts when you initiate a wrestling move.
Did you have sweet dreams? (Bronze)
Defeat all the UAA rank fights without losing only using the Bloodberry katana
Duly ranked up to the top (Bronze)
Get a gold medal on all 20 K-entertainment assassination missions This may seem a bit daunting but two things to keep in mind, don't get hit and try t
He's not a very good driver, either (Bronze)
While on your motorcycle get 51 near misses
He's pretty good at taking punishment (Bronze)
Use your beam katana to reflect a human clone back at Bad Girl
I believed in your power (Bronze)
Get gold medals on 10 free fight missions
I guess you're not just 3rd-rate (Bronze)
Get a gold medal on 1 K-entertainment assassination mission See "To top things up a notch, duly"
I want all this season's new releases (Silver)
Obtain all the T-shirts in the game This means the shirts that you find in dumpsters in the world map and Area51 shop shirts.
It's a massacre! You're the best, Travis!! (Gold)
Defeat 5100 enemies This trophy is cumulative. You'll need to repeat some side-assassination missions, keep replaying the main game, etc. to get this.
Just like Lee in the last minute or not (Bronze)
Get gold medals on 5 free fight missions See "I believed in your power"
Like a master swordsman (Bronze)
Execute 5 successful guard attacks in a row
Not bad (Bronze)
Earn gold medal on 5 part-time jobs. (See "Platinum Hall of Fame is my heart!")
Otaku killer's killer fashion d (Bronze)
Obtain half of the T-shirts in the game See "I want all the new season too"
Otakus always have to get the complete set, don't they (Silver)
Collect all the trading cards in the game Trading cards are scattered threw out the ranked missions in treasure chests. You need to complete NMH twice
ou're almost ready for Hollywood (Bronze)
Block Destroyman's Destroy Beam Same as the Dr. Peace trophy.
Something new? Wait for the sequel, you Otaku! (Bronze)
Purchase every beam katana and accessory from Dr. Naomi This will take some grinding, the final upgrade will cost you the max amount of money.
Surprisingly sweet? Still, don't underestimate me (Bronze)
Complete the game on BITTER difficulty This is hard mode, you'll need to unlock it by beating the game once first. Use the Mk-III with all upgrades.
The association has received a bill for the damages (Bronze)
While riding motorcycle destroy 51 objects See "Compensation from the prize draw from ANATA Toku"
The Destroy Warriors want to draft you (Bronze)
Reflect a bullet during Dr. Peace assassination battle Press triangle right as he shoots his charged shot and you should get it.
The S stands for Silvia, you know? (Silver)
Earn an "S" rank on every UAA rank assassination mission Use the Tsubaki Mk-III, don't waste time and take as little damage as possible. Get S Rank.
The Silvia cards are ultra-rare (Bronze)
Collect half of the trading cards in the game See "What an absolute geek What are you going to accomplish"
There's still plenty of gigs left (Bronze)
Get a gold medal on 10 K-entertainment assassination missions See "To top things up a notch, duly"
This is the Heroes' Paradise (Gold)
Unlock the "true" ending, you need to buy all the beam katanas and upgrades before the #1 ranked UAA fight, if you don't have it before the fight then
Those clothes... you're such a loser (Bronze)
Dress Travis up like his favorite anime character
Travis! Your throws are the best! (Bronze)
Learn all wrestling moves 16 moves in total, you learn new wrestling moves three different ways. From Thunder Ryu (both plot and non-plot related).
We'll take it out of your winnings, just in case (Bronze)
While riding motorcycle destroy 510 objects Run over everything you can.
We're out of business, bro (Bronze)
Purchase every piece of clothing from the AREA 51 shop Pretty simple, to unlock more shirts in the shop you need to advance the story.
Welcome to the Garden of Madness (Platinum)
All trophies were acquired
Why don't you just live in the toilet? (Bronze)
Save at every saving point
Wow, you've done it. You're reached the end of the path (Bronze)
Learn all techniques from Thunder Ryu See "Travis! Your throws are the best!"
Yes, like that! Keep killing! (Silver)
Defeat 510 enemies See Ri sleeves! 're Number one, Travis! !
You surpassed your master? (Bronze)
Ranking stage was cleared without receiving the damage
You wanted a thrill, didn't you? (Bronze)
Get gold medals on 1 free fight missions See "Did I believe in the power of ANATA"
You're a magician? (Bronze)
The recovery item was produced from the stick of magic During the 4th battle, you will clash weapons with the boss and don't twirl the stick.
You're a master. Don't hestitate, rush forward (Bronze)
Learn all techniques from Randal Lovikov There are floating red balls surronded by a yellow aura located all across the world map
You're in my heart's Platinum Hall of Fame! (Bronze)
Earn gold medal on all 9 part-time jobs As with everything else in this game, it's all about time.
You're pretty good (Bronze)
Defeat 30 enemies without any damage
You're trying, 3rd-rate (Bronze)
Earn gold medal on 1 part-time job Time and efficency are both very important to get a gold, you may have to retry a mission a few times to get a gold
You've gotten used to killing, huh (Bronze)
Defeat 51 enemies See Ri sleeves! 're Number one, Travis!
Unlock Very Sweet Mode
Complete the game once to unlock very sweet mode. This mode allows you to view all the female villains in scantly clad clothing.
These can be unlocked on any difficulty
Bitter Mode
Beat the game once on any difficulty
New Game +
Beat the game once on any difficulty
Pure White Giant Glastonbury Minigame
Beat the 4th ranked match, you then unlock it in your motel, go to your TV to play it
Real Ending
Unlock all Beam Katanas before beating the 1st Ranked Match, the additional parts are not required only the katanas
Shirt 00
Beat the game once on any difficulty

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