Monopoly Streets

There are 26 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
All Your Eggs in One Basket (Silver)
The only properties owned are part of a single color group
Auctioneer (Gold)
Player has won 50 online auctions
Better Luck Next Time (Bronze)
Bankrupted another player online
Better than Free (Bronze)
Received more than 200 when landing on Free Parking
Building the Empire (Bronze)
Won 10 offline games
Bypass Bail (Bronze)
Rolled doubles to get out of Jail for free
Celebrating 75 (Bronze)
Acquired your 75th property
Concierge Service (Gold)
Provide the best Hotel Service on the most expensive property without a player going bankrupt
Doesn't hurt much (Bronze)
Paid the smallest rent in an online game
Eviction Notice (Bronze)
Replaced your housrs with a hotel
Expensive Property (Bronze)
Acquire the most expensive property in the game
Flea Market (Bronze)
Bought a property cheaply
Glad its not my Bill (Bronze)
Received 120 on a Utility rent
Great Start (Bronze)
Someone pays you rent before your second turn
Hotel Maximus (Silver)
See the bank run out of hotels in a game with Official MONOPOLY rules
How We Played Back in my Day (Bronze)
Finished an online game using custom house rules
I can do this without Houses (Silver)
In an online game, own all the railroads and utilities
I Like Trains (Bronze)
Own all the railroads
I Want a Rematch (Bronze)
Lost to another player online
I'm Keeping this Card (Bronze)
Player paid to get out of Jail when they had a Get out of Jail Free Card
Lucky Three (Bronze)
Rolled Triples
Market Inflator (Bronze)
Get an opponent to pay double the price during an auction
Mega-Tycoon (Silver)
Finished a game with total worth greater than 9000
Needs a New Challenge (Bronze)
Successfully won against 3 hard AI
Next Rung on the Ladder (Bronze)
Bankrupted a higher ranked player
No Ground Untouched (Bronze)
Player has built 100 houses
Now that is ROI (Bronze)
Collect more than a 1000 in rent
Philanthropist (Bronze)
Completed a trade that gave another player a color group
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Win all trophies
Plays Nicely with Others (Bronze)
Finished an online game
Property Magnate (Silver)
Own 3 color groups at once
Quick Win (Silver)
Won a game in under 20 minutes
Rainbow (Gold)
Own one of each color group at the same time
Repeat Offender (Bronze)
Went to jail for the 3rd time in one game
Rolled a 15 (Silver)
Player rolled a 15
So Big and Shiny (Gold)
Get the largest upgrade to your corporate HQ
Subdivision (Silver)
Player has built 500 houses
Taking Over the World (Silver)
10 online game wins
Tax Audit Nightmare! (Bronze)
Paid 1200 in Taxes in one game
This Plan is Better (Silver)
Completed a trade that gave you a color group
Winner (Bronze)
Win your first game of MONOPOLY Streets

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