Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Temporary Invincibility
     Run  past  a  boundary,  when the screen starts to get fuzzy. And
before  you die enter this code very fast. If done correct, the screen
will fade to normal. Then after you will have Temporary Invincibility.
This  wont work while on a mission. Temporary meaning heavy explosives
will kill you. Have Fun!

Temporary Invincibility:
     [Square],  [L1], [triangle], [O], [Left], [Right], [Square], [X],
[O], [X], [L1], [L1], [R2], [Square]

Unlocking Extra Costumes
     To  unlock the extra costumes for each of the characters you have
to  beat  Fiona's  lvl 3 challenges: Gun Emplacements, Pistol, Grenade
Launcher,  and  Sniper.  Each character has 5 costumes total including
the default.

     Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. 
There are 24 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, 
and 1 Platinum Trophy.

...And Justice For All (Silver): You verified all high value targets

Aces High (Gold): You captured all high value targets

Armageddon It (Bronze): You destroyed 25 buildings

Balls to the Wall (Gold): You mastered the Winching Challenge

Be Quick or Be Dead (Silver): You sniped 50 enemy vehicle drivers

Billion Dollar Babies (Gold): Be connected to EA Servers 
     and earn $1 billion

Damage, Inc. (Silver): You used 20 airstrikes in co-op

Digital Man (Silver): You unlocked all shop items

Dirty Deeds (Bronze): You achieved maximum Universal Petroleum mood

Eat the Heat (Bronze): You performed a burnout

Forever Free (Bronze): You achieved maximum P.L.A.V. mood

Gone Shootin' (Bronze): You completed one of Fiona's challenges

Hail and Kill (Bronze): You destroyed 50 objects using melee

Heavy Metal Thunder (Bronze): You successfully completed 10 action hijacks

Hello, Hooray (Bronze): You acquired the PMC

Highway to Hell (Bronze): You completed 3 races

Holy Smoke (Bronze): You destroyed 50 Objects With a Grenade

Island of Domination (Bronze): You achieved maximum Pirate mood

Little Savage (Bronze): You destroyed 50 Objects with an RPG Launcher

Longing For Fire (Bronze): You achieved maximum Chinese mood

No Compromise, No Regrets (Silver): You battled for Caracas

No More Mr. Nice Guy (Silver): You pissed off everyone in Venezuela

Nothin' But a Good Time (Silver): You destroyed 200 objects 
     from the gunner seat in co-op

Oil and Gasoline (Bronze): You recruited Eva

Partners in Crime (Bronze): You've experienced co-op

Pipeline (Silver): You captured all outposts for a single faction

Ride the Dragon (Bronze): You hijacked the tank in the villa

Runnin' with the Devil (Silver): You verified Blanco

School's Out (Bronze): You completed the tutorial

Shoot to Thrill (Bronze): You got 25 headshots

Stand Up and Shout (Bronze): You achieved maximum mood with the Allies

Tattooed Millionaire (Bronze): Be connected to EA Servers 
     and earn $1 million
The Analog Kid (Bronze): You recruited Misha

The Hero and the Madman (Gold): You completed Mercenaries 2

The Rage (Bronze): You completed "Rescue Carmona"

We'll Burn the Sky (Silver): You unlocked all landing zones

Wheels of Steel (Bronze): You came in first during a co-op race

Wild One (Bronze): You recruited Ewan

World in Flames (Platinum): You earned all trophies in Mercenaries 2

You Better Run (Silver): You verified Carmona

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