Marvel Pinball

Cathari Treasure (Bronze)
Max out your funds by recovering treasures and vampire stashes on Blade.
Forsaken Shrine (Bronze)
Have Blade take a Darkhold chapter to the shrine and suppress it on Blade.
Glorious Sunshine (Bronze)
Complete all stages of the Final Mission and defeat Dracula on Blade.
Tony Stark, Living Legend (Bronze)
Complete all Tony Stark's missions on Iron Man table!
The Invincible Iron Man (Bronze)
Complete the Whiplash and Mandarin missions on Iron Man table!
Ultimo (Bronze)
Destroy Ultimo on Iron Man table!
Aunt May's Dinner Party (Bronze)
Start Aunt May's Dinner Party by hitting all the Websling ramps two times on Spider-Man table!
Clone Chaos (Bronze)
Complete all four stages and lock three balls into Doc Ock hole to start the Wizard Mode: Clone Chaos on Spider-Man table!
Smart Move (Bronze)
You can get this Trophy when a pumpkin bomb ball explodes in one of Doctor Octopus' tentacles on Spider-Man table.
Ninja Technique (Bronze)
Hit one of the Hand ninjas by dumping the ball on him on the Wolverine table.
Adamantium Bonded (Bronze)
Find Adamantium and complete a successful bonding process on the Wolverine table!
Healing Factor Overloaded (Bronze)
Engage Sabertooth in battle and defeat him on the Wolverine table!
Partners (Bronze)
Reach 100 Team Force to win this trophy!
Comrades (Silver)
Reach 1000 Team Force to win this trophy!
Friends (Gold)
Reach 5000 Team Force to win this trophy!
Captain America Trophies
The Howling Commandos (Bronze)
Gather the Howlers 1-by-1 by searching the forests. Unlock Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, and Jacques Dernier to aid you on your adventures
The Omnipotent (Bronze)
Clear the way to the Cosmic Cube and grab it for a wish on Captain America!
Total Victory (Silver)
Complete each mission from Cap and the Red Skull, find at least one of the Howlers and defeat the Red Skull in a series of battles in the Final Clash
Vengeance and Virtue Trophies
Crowd Pleaser (Bronze)
Make at least three rounds in a row on the jump ramp of the Ghost Rider table!
Dark Side of the Moon (Bronze)
Complete the Final Mission and defeat the evil deity amid the stellar cataclism on the Moon night table.
Divine Warrior (Bronze)
Wield Mjolnir and defeat Surfur and the hord of Hela on the Thor table!
Finally Defeat Magneto (Bronze)
Spell out X-MEN and bring Magneto to his knees on the X-Men table.
Gather the Team (Bronze)
Collect 3 heroes to help Xavier battle against Magneto on the X-Men table.
Hellfire Gun (Bronze)
Collect at least one Super Jackpot during Helluva Multiball on the Ghost Rider table!
Lunar Legionnaire (Bronze)
Rout at least a hundred thugs on the Moon Knight table.
Pinball Wizard with 3-Balls (Bronze)
Defeat Magneto in Final Clash or destroy 2 Sentinels during Danger Room Training on the X-Men table.
Spirit of Vengeance (Bronze)
Beat all of the villains including the final boss on the Ghost Rider table!
Sworn Enemies of Asgard (Bronze)
Complete all the Asgard missions on the Thor table!
The traitor (Bronze)
Defeat the traitor Loki on the Thor table!
Whirlybird (Bronze)
Take off with the Whirlybird on the Moon Knight table.

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