LittleBigPlanet 2

Secret Pins
These special pins do not appear normally in the pin list (and do not count towards your pin total)
Amy's Birthday Pressie
Play on Amy's Birthday (July 29th)
Festive Spirit
Wear a Christmas costume on Christmas Day.
Halloween Hauntings
Wear the Pumpkin Head costume on Halloween.
Mm Picked!
Have one of your levels feature in Mm Picks.
Mm's Birthday
Play LBP2 on Media Molecule's birthday. (January 4th)
You are awarded a Crown (LBP1 or LBP2).
Thanksgiving Turkey
Wear the Turkey Head costume on Thanksgiving.
Who's Who
Watch the credits all the way through.
10 Minutes of Create (Bronze)
Spend 10 active minutes in Create mode
10 Story Versus Wins (Bronze)
Win 10 Story mode Versus games against at least one other player offline
100% Complete (Platinum)
Earn all LittleBigPlanet 2 trophies to unlock this platinum trophy
1440 Minutes of Create (Gold)
Spend 24 active hours in Create mode
160 Yays or Boos (Gold)
Give 160 positive or negative votes on community levels
25 Online Versus Wins (Bronze)
Win 25 Versus mode community levels against at least 1 other player
40 Yays or Boos (Bronze)
Give 40 positive or negative votes on community levels
50 Unique Players (Bronze)
A level you published was played by 50 unique players
A Dip In The Stream (Bronze)
Play a level from your Recent Activity
A Game A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (Silver)
Play LittleBigPlanet 2 on every day of the week
A Series of Tubes (Bronze)
Use a Level Link to link two of your published levels together
Ace Story Mode (Gold)
Ace every level in the story mode
Aces in Spades (Bronze)
Ace 10 different Story levels in a row
Actually Quite Good (Bronze)
Place in the top 25% of players in 5 community level scoreboards (with at least 50 other players in them)
Community Spirit (Bronze)
Publish a level to the community
Complete Avalonia (Bronze)
Complete the main path of Avalonia
Complete Da Vinci's Hideout (Bronze)
Complete the main path of Da Vinci's hideout
Complete Eve's Asylum For The Mentally Alternative (Bronze)
Complete the main path of Eve's Asylum For The Mentally Alternative
Complete Story Mode (Silver)
Complete the main path of the story mode
Complete The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow (Bronze)
Complete the main path of The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow
Complete Victoria's Lab (Bronze)
Complete the main path of Victoria's Lab
Custom Badger (Bronze)
Create a custom badge for your level from a PlayStation Eye photo or an in-game photo
Dive In 25 (Bronze)
Dive in and play 25 random levels with other players, and don't immediately leave!
Grapple Hooked (Bronze)
Create a chain of 4 players grappling each other
Journalistical (Bronze)
Write a review
Just... One... More... Go... (Bronze)
Play LittleBigPlanet 2 after 9pm
Long Term Publisher (Bronze)
A level you published has been published for 7 days
Monster Masher (Bronze)
Kill 20 monsters in Story levels
Mortal Coil Shuffler Extraordinaire (Bronze)
Accumulate 20 deaths in one Story level
Multiplier 10x (Bronze)
Score a 10x multiplier in a Story level
Multiplier 5x (Bronze)
Score a 5x multiplier in a Story level
Paparazzo (Bronze)
Upload a photo
Play 25 Community Levels (Bronze)
Play 25 unique cooperative community levels
Play 5 Versus Levels (Bronze)
Play 5 unique community Versus levels
Play 75 Community Levels (Silver)
Play 75 unique cooperative community levels
Prize Collector (Bronze)
Collect 50% of Story prize bubbles
Scoreboard 25% (Silver)
Place in the top 25% of players in the online scoreboard for a Story level
Scoreboard 50% (Bronze)
Place in the top 50% of players in the online scoreboard for a Story level
Snappy Dresser (Bronze)
Change your costume
Step into my Arena (Bronze)
Publish a Versus mode level
Teacher's Pet (Bronze)
You watched all the tutorials! Take a gold star, go to the top of the class.
The Votarator 5 (Bronze)
Rate 5 brand new community levels (less than 10 plays)
The Votarator 50 (Silver)
Rate 50 brand new community levels (less than 10 plays)
Turbo Slapper (Bronze)
Slap more than one player at once
U Know U A Playa (Silver)
Spend 5 hours playing community levels
Uber Prize Collector (Silver)
Collect 100% of Story prize bubbles
Who Needs Breakfast? (Bronze)
Play LittleBigPlanet 2 before 9am
Trophies: Move Pack DLC
There are 9 Bronze Trophies and 2 Silver Trophies.
Accomplished Mover (Bronze)
Complete 25 community levels that require the Motion Controller
Ace In The Pack (Silver)
Ace all the Story levels in the LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack
Avid Collector (Silver)
Collect 100% of LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack prize bubbles
Diploma In Creation (Bronze)
Complete all the tutorials in the LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack
Feel The Earth Move (Bronze)
Publish a Motion Controller enabled level to the Earth
Locksmith (Bronze)
Unlock all the LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack minigames
On A Roll (Bronze)
Complete Fast Food without losing a ball
On The Ball (Bronze)
Complete The Tail of Claude The Field Mouse without dropping a ball
Path To Success (Bronze)
Use the Motion Recorder to record your movements
Self Portrait (Bronze)
Use a painting as your avatar
Stick It To The Man (Bronze)
Destroy the boss in Just Desserts
Trophies: The Muppets Premium Level Pack DLC
There are 5 Bronze Trophies, 1 Silver Trophy, and 1 Gold Trophy.
Beakers We Can (Silver)
Complete 'Muppet Labs!' using no more than 40 Beakers
Big Top! (Bronze)
Achieve a score of 2500 or higher in 'Gonzo's Endless Cannon Run Ride!'
Captain Pig-ard (Bronze)
Achieve a score of 4000 or higher in 'Pigs In Elevators (In Space)!'
Dancing On The Ceiling (Bronze)
Travel 17.5 metres on the walls and ceilings
Muppet Mastery (Bronze)
Complete The Muppet pack's story
Standing Ovation! (Gold)
Ace all 5 Muppet Story levels
Stick Together (Bronze)
Play 5 community levels containing Attract-O-Gel

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