L.A. Noire

A Cop on Every Corner (Bronze)
Complete a single street crime case.
Asphalt Jungle (Bronze)
Chase down and tackle a fleeing suspect on foot as an LAPD Detective.
Auto Collector (Bronze)
Drive 40 different vehicles.
Auto Enthusiast (Bronze)
Drive 5 different vehicles.
Auto Fanatic (Silver)
Drive every vehicle in the city.
Dead Men Are Heavier (Bronze)
Shoot and kill a total of 100 bad guys.
Golden Boy (Bronze)
Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
Hollywoodland (Silver)
Find and inspect all gold film canisters.
Johnny On The Spot (Silver)
Respond to 20 street crimes cases.
Keep A Lid On (Bronze)
Complete a brawl without losing your hat as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
Lead Foot (Bronze)
Keep the needle above 80mph for more than ten seconds while driving.
Magpie (Gold)
Find and inspect 95% of all clues.
Miles On The Clock (Bronze)
Drive more than 194.7 miles.
Not So Hasty (Bronze)
Stop a fleeing Suspect with a warning shot as an LAPD Detective.
One For The File (Bronze)
Find and inspect a clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Collect all other Trophies to unlock.
Public Menace (Silver)
Rack up $47,000 in penalties during a single story case.
Roscoe And Friends (Bronze)
Kill at least one bad guy with every gun.
Shamus To The Stars (Gold)
Complete all story cases with a five star rating.
Star Map (Bronze)
Discover all landmark buildings around the city.
The Brass (Silver)
Achieve maximum rank.
The Hunch (Silver)
Use four intuition points in conversation with a single suspect, correctly branching each question.
The Long Arm of the Law (Silver)
Complete all street crime cases.
The Moose (Bronze)
Tail Candy Edwards from the parking lot to her destination without using cover or going incognito, except when staring or picking up the tail.
The Naked City of the Angels (Gold)
Reach 100% Game Complete.
The Plot Thickens (Bronze)
Find and solve an inspection puzzle.
The Shadow (Bronze)
Tail a suspect without being spotted, in a single case.
The Straight Dope (Bronze)
Use evidence to prove a lie as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
The Third Degree (Silver)
Correctly branch every question in every interview in a single story case.
The Up and Up (Silver)
Complete a story case with a five star rating.
Traffic Stop (Bronze)
Disable a Suspect vehicle with help from your partner.
Wooden Overcoats (Silver)
Bring down a total of 30 bad guys with head shots.
L.A. Noire: A Slip of the Tongue Trophies
The Printer's Devil (Bronze)
Complete 'A Slip of the Tongue'.
L.A. Noire: The Naked City Trophies
Eight Million Stories (Bronze)
Complete 'The Naked City'
Nicholson Electroplating Disaster Trophies
Bulletproof Windshield (Bronze)
Kill the drivers of two of the MP vehicles in the Hughes Aircraft gun battle before they pull up.
Out Of The Frying Pan (Bronze)
Pursue Vernon Mapes from the burning house to Hughes Aircraft on your first attempt.
Skeletons In The Icebox (Bronze)
Find and inspect all clues inside Okamoto's ransacked apartment.
The Big Unfriendly (Bronze)
Complete 'Nicholson Electroplating'.
The Nose Knows (Bronze)
Find and inspect the prop spinner at the Nicholson blast site.
The Badge Pursuit Challenge: Unlockable Outfit
Different outfits are unlockable for Cole with some having benefits and others just appearance.
Button Man - Carry extra ammo for all weapons
Complete the Badge Pursuit challenge
Unlockable Outfits
Different outfits are unlockable for Cole with some having benefits and others just appearance.
Beat Cop Uniform - No Bonus
Outfit for Beat Cop Missions
Chicago Lighting - Enhances accuracy with the BAR, Thompson, and the shotgun
Awarded for linking your game/PSN account to Rockstar's "Social Club"
Golden Boy - No Bonus
Awarded for reaching Traffic Desk
Sunset Strip - No Bonus
Awarded for reaching rank 8
Sword of Justice - No Bonus
Awarded for reaching rank 3
The Outsider - No Bonus
Awarded for reaching rank 13

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