Killzone 2

     Complete  each  condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are
44 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum

Babysitter (Bronze)           Revive your buddies a total of 25 times

Barrel of Death (Bronze)      Kill 3 Helghast at once 
                              using the surrounding environment

Berserker (Bronze)            Kill 25 Helghast using melee attacks

Blade Runner (Bronze)         Kill 75 Helghast using the knife

Blitzkrieg Ribbon (Bronze)    Win 50 online matches

Blood Ribbon (Bronze)         Complete Blood Meridian 
                              on any difficulty level

Bridge Ribbon (Bronze)        Complete Salamun Bridge 
                              on any difficulty level

Bullet Counter (Bronze)       Manually reload your weapon 150 times

Can Opener (Bronze)           Destroy any Helghast APC during battle

Career Ribbon (Gold)          Achieve an online rank of General

Corinth Ribbon (Bronze)       Complete Corinth River 
                              on any difficulty level

Ribbon (Bronze)               Acquire all badge specific medals

Cruiser Ribbon (Bronze)       Complete The Cruiser 
                              on any difficulty level

Defensive Fighter (Bronze)    Kill 30 Helghast 
                              using the StA3 fixed gun emplacement

Demonslayer (Bronze)          Kill Radec at Visari Palace 
                              within 20 minutes

Dragonslayer (Bronze)         Destroy the Salamun Bridge ATAC 
                              in under 1 minute 30 seconds

Elementalslayer (Bronze)      Kill the Tharsis Refinery ArcTrooper 
                              in under 1 minute 30 seconds

Expert Ribbon (Bronze)        Acquire all combat specific medals

Field Agent (Bronze)          Collect all intel within the game

Fragmartyr (Bronze)           Kill 2 Helghast at once and take 
                              your own life using a single frag grenade

Fragmerchant (Bronze)         Kill 5 Helghast at once 
                              using a single frag grenade

Giantslayer (Bronze)          Kill the Blood Meridian heavy 
                              in under 1 minute

Heroic Survivor (Gold)        Complete all missions 
                              on Elite difficulty level

Iconoclast (Bronze)           Destroy all Helghast symbols 
                              within the game

Killing Spree (Bronze)        Kill 5 Helghast in 15 seconds whilst 
                              on foot and maintaining at least 85% health

Maelstra Ribbon (Silver)      Complete Maelstra Barrens 
                              on any difficulty level

Master Conductor (Bronze)     Electrocute 3 Helghast with a single burst 
                              from the VC5 Electricity Gun

Mechspert (Bronze)            Stomp 10 Helghast with your Exoskeleton 
                              in Maelstra Barrens

Melonpopper  (Bronze)         Get 15 headshots using the VC32 Sniper Rifle

Pallbearer (Bronze)           Kill 500 Helghast Soldiers

Professional (Bronze)         Get 3 headshots in a row using the same 
                              clip of M4 Revolver ammunition

Reaper (Bronze)               Kill 1500 Helghast Soldiers

Run and Gunner (Bronze)       Kill 3 Helghast using an M82 or StA52 
                              assault rifle without releasing the trigger

Safari Hunter (Bronze)        Kill one of each enemy infantry type 
                              with a melee attack

Safety First (Bronze)         Shoot off 100 Helghast helmets 
                              during battle

Salamun Ribbon (Bronze)       Complete Salamun District 
                              on any difficulty level

Spare Parts (Bronze)          Destroy all Leech Pods in The Cruiser

Stick Around (Bronze)         Nail 20 Helghast to a wall 
                              using the Boltgun VC-21

Suljeva Ribbon (Bronze)       Complete Suljeva Village 
                              on any difficulty level

Survivor (Silver)             Complete all missions 
                              on any difficulty level

Tharsis Ribbon (Bronze)       Complete Tharsis Refinery 
                              on any difficulty level

Treadhead (Bronze)            Take 30 Helghast lives 
                              whilst using the ISA tank

Undertaker (Bronze)           Kill 1000 Helghast Soldiers

Untouchable (Silver)          Complete all missions 
                              on any difficulty level without dying

Valor Citation (Bronze)       Achieve weekly online honor rank #1

Valor Cross (Silver)          Achieve weekly online honor rank #3

Valor Grand Cross (Gold)      Achieve weekly online honor rank #4

Valor Medal (Bronze)          Achieve weekly online honor rank #2

Veteran Ribbon (Bronze)       Acquire all mission specific medals

Visari Ribbon (Bronze)        Complete Visari Square 
                              on any difficulty level

War Hero (Platinum)           Collect all Killzone 2 trophies

Wargod Ribbon (Bronze)        Acquire all remaining medals

Steel and Titanium Trophies
     The  downloadable  map  pack, "Steel and Titanium" is required to
unlock these trophies.

Cruiser Assault (Bronze)      Boost 5 times in Vekta Cruiser in a round.

Cruiser Engineer (Bronze)     Repair 5 objects in Vekta Cruiserin a round.

Cruiser Medic (Bronze)        Revive 5 allies in Vekta Cruiser in a round.

Cruiser Saboteur (Bronze)     Kill 5 enemies while disguised 
                              in Vekta Cruiser in a round.

Cruiser Scout (Bronze)        Kill 5 enemies while cloaked 
                              in Vekta Cruiser in a round.

Cruiser Tactician (Bronze)    5 allies spawn on your spawn grenade 
                              in Vekta Cruiser in a round.

Wasteland Assault (Bronze)    Boost 5 times in Wasteland Bullet 
                              in a round.

Wasteland Engineer (Bronze)   Repair 5 objects in Wasteland Bullet 
                              in a round.

Wasteland Medic (Bronze)      Revive 5 allies in Wasteland Bullet 
                              in a round.

Wasteland Saboteur (Bronze)   Kill 5 enemies while disguised 
                              in Wasteland Bullet in a round.

Wasteland Scout (Bronze)      Kill 5 enemies while cloaked 
                              in Wasteland Bullet in a round.

Wasteland Tactician (Bronze)  5 allies spawn on your spawn grenade 
                              in Wasteland Bullet in a round.

Unlock Harder Difficulty
Elite Difficulty: Complete the game.

     Complete certain tasks to unlock medals and rewards:

Aerial Supportive             8x Air Support Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Combine Tactician 2nd Ability)

Army Superior Unit Award      50x Clan Matches Won with Clan 
                              (Unlocks 100,000 Valor)

Assassins League:             5x Assassination Kill Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points/Assassination 

Black Belt                    5x Close Combat Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points/Melle Kill)

Bodyguard Alliance            5x Assassination Defend Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points per Survival)

Bomb Squad                    5x Search and Destroy Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points/Returns/Disarms)

Corpse Counters               5x Body Count Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills)

Defense Initiative            5x Capture and Hold Defend Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills)

Defensive Specialist          8x Turret Specialist 
                              (Unlocks 2nd Engineer Ability)

Example Soldier               8x Good Conduct 
                              (Unlocks Increased Start Ammo Amount)

Explosives Expert             8x C4 Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Combine Saboteur 2nd Ability)

Field Mechanic                8x Repair Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Combne Engineer 2nd Ability)

Field Medic                   8x Healing Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Combine Medic 2nd Ability)

Forward Observer              8x Spot and Mark Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Combine Scout 2nd Ability)

Front Runner                  8x Boost Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Combine Assault 2nd Ability)

Hawk's Eye                    5x Sniper Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Second Sniper Zoom)

Head Fetish                   5x Headshot Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points/Headshot)

Master of Disguise            8x Disguise Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Saboteur Ability)

Meritorious Unit Award        10x Clan Matches Won with Clan 
                              (Unlocks 1000 Valor)

Meritorious Unit Award        25x Clan Matches Won with Clan 
                              (Unlocks 10,000 Valor)

Natural Born Killer           8x Kill Count 
                              (Unlocks Increased Grenade Amount)

Quick Draw                    5x Sidearm Specialist 
                              (Unlocks M4 Revolver 2nd Weapon)

Retrieval Corps               5x Search and Retrieve Specialist 
                              (Unlocks Increased Points/Return)

Shadow Marshall               8x Cloak Specialist 
                              (Unlocks 2nd Scout Ability)

Spawn Authority               8x Spawn Point Specialist 
                              (Unlocks 2nd Tactician Ability)

Trauma Surgeon                8x Revival Specialist 
                              (Unlocks 2nd Medic Ability)

Ranks Unlock Features and Weapons
     Unlock   higher  ranks  by  earning  more  points  and  a  higher
"Difference" score.

Captain                       1100 points, 300 difference, 
                              unlocks VC9 missile launcher

Colonel                       2300 points, 450 difference, 
                              unlocks saboteur badge

Corporal                      30 points, 30 difference, 
                              can create squad option

General                       2800 points, 500 difference, 
                              unlocks scout badge

Lieutenant                    880 points, 250 difference, 
                              unlocks engineer badge

Lieutenant-Colonel            1850 points, 400 difference, 
                              unlocks grenade launcher

Major                         1450 points, 350 difference, 
                              unlocks tactician badge

Master Sergean                Master Sergeant: 350 points, 
                              150 difference, unlocks the medic badge

Sergeant                      100 point, 70 difference, 
                              can create clan option

Sergeant 1st Class            200 points, 100 difference, 
                              unlocks Shotgun and SMG

Sergeant Major                550 points, 250 difference, 
                              unlocks HGH and ISA LMG

     Complete certain tasks to unlock ribbons:

Air Support Specialist        5 kiils by Air Support called

Assassination Defend 
Specialist                    Stayed alive as Target

Assassination Kill 
Specialist                    1 Assassination Target killed

Body Count Specialist         10 kills made during a mission

Boost Specialist              Peform 5 Boosts

C4 Specialist                 5 kills by placed C4 Explosives

Capture and Hold Defend 
Specialist                    10 mission points earned Capturing a Point

Cloak Specialist              Kill 5 enemies while Cloaked

Close Combat Specialist       10 kills by Close Combat Melee

Disguise Specialist           Kill 5 enemies while Disguised

Good Conduct                  0 Team-Kills/Suicides are made 
                              by the player and they have scored 
                              at least 20 points

Headshot Specialist           10 kills by Headshots

Healing Specialist            Heal 5 players

Repair Specialist             Repair 5 Objects

Revival Specialist            Successfully Revive 5 players

Search and Destroy 
Specialist                    2 Objectives placed/disarmed

Search and Retrieve 
Specialist                    2 Objectives returned

Sidearm Specialist            10 kills by Pistols

Sniper Specialist             10 kills by Sniper Rifle

Spawn Point Specialist        5 players Spawn on Placed Area

Spot and Mark Specialist      Spot and Mark 5 players

Turret Specialist             5 kills by Sentry Turret Placed 

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Автор: BAP4yH03
Да, для Plastation 3 игра такого уровня - это реальный прорыв и настоящий образец. Шикарная графика, как бы снятая на пленку, безостановочные боевые действия, в меру активное использование гироскопов геймпада. Но, к сожалению, игра появилась слишком поздно, чтобы закрыть глаза на все её недостатки. Видно, что разработчиков торопили, все время ощущается недоработка. Что сразу бросилось в глаза - невозможно самому назначить команды контроллера. В первой части можно было, а во второй уже всё. Либо как разработчики назначили, либо никак. Далее, очень раздражает "разболтанная" чувствительность стикеров. Почему-то по умолчанию у них высокая "мертвая зона", из-за этого всю игру как бы проходишь сломанным джойстиком. Вроде мелочь, а все равно неприятно. Оружие. Нести теперь можно один ствол. Именно один, этот револьвер на фиг не нужен был со своими бесконечными патронами. Это же не Time Crisis. Так и хочется, чтобы и автомат был в наличии, и вторым оружием снайперка, к примеру, или дробовик или ракетница. Дурацкое ограничение. Недостатка в патронах в Killzone 2 нет, всего кругом навалом. Ясно, что такое новшество - это результат недоработки. Так же все портят подтормаживания на подзагрузках, несрабатывания сюжетных скриптов, из-за чего приходится перезапускать весь уровень заново. Но все равно, Killzone 2 должен обязательно присутствовать в коллекции всех владельцев PS3.

Автор: Taviskaron
Графика супер. Но более тупого искусственного интеллекта союзников я еще не встречал. От них пользы ноль, больше мешают.

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