There are 39 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
A Hero is Born (Bronze)
Save Pueblucho
All Cooped Up (Bronze)
Complete the Chicken Herding quest
Belly Flop (Bronze)
Destroy a Block using Slam
Big Hearted (Bronze)
Complete a full heart upgrade
Boom-Shack-Calaca (Silver)
Defeat Calaca
Boomerang (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy with its own projectile
Catch the Rainbow! (Bronze)
Connect with all six special attacks without touching the ground
Cleaned Out (Silver)
Buy all the items in the shop
Cock of the Walk (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy as a chicken
Combo Nerd (Bronze)
Achieve a 150 Hit Combo
Delicious (Bronze)
Complete the World's Greatest Enchilada quest
El Savior (Gold)
Access the alternative ending (collect all orbs)
Endurance (Bronze)
Complete a full stamina upgrade
Flawless (Bronze)
Defeat an arena without taking any damage
Giant Killer (Bronze)
Defeat 3 giant skeletons
Got to catch them all (Bronze)
Find an orb
Green Thumb (Bronze)
Uproot 20 plant enemies
Guacamelee! Platinum trophy (Platinum)
Your luchador mask is in the mail
Gumshoe (Bronze)
Complete the Chicken Thief quest
I AM ERROR (Bronze)
Complete the I AM ERROR quest
I swat you (Bronze)
Defeat a Chupacabra using only Slam
Licking his Wounds (Bronze)
Defeat Jaguar Javier
Lore Master (Silver)
Complete All Side Quests
Music to my ears (Bronze)
Complete the Mariachi Band quest
My First Power Move (Bronze)
Destroy a Block using Uppercut
Nap Time's Over (Bronze)
Wake up an Alebrije
Nooks and Crannies (Bronze)
Find 100% of the hidden items in a single area
Poncho'd Out (Bronze)
Complete the Combo Chicken quest (Defeat Poncho forever)
Pow (Bronze)
Destroy a Block using Dash Punch
Reunited (Bronze)
Complete the Missing Doll quest
Rocketman (Bronze)
Soar through the air for 12 seconds using "Goat Fly"
Shopaholic (Bronze)
Spend $10000 in the store
Snuffed Out (Bronze)
Defeat Flame Face
Stop squirming (Bronze)
Defeat an Alux using only Headbutt
That was Hard Mode? (Gold)
Defeat the game on Hard mode
That's one big Gato Frito (Bronze)
Kill the Alebrije
That's using your head (Bronze)
Headbutt an enemy off a cliff
The Never Ending Combo (Silver)
Achieve a 300 Hit Combo
They hit really hard (Bronze)
Defeat 5 arenas in Hard mode
Thick headed (Bronze)
Destroy a Block using Headbutt
Up Close and Personal (Silver)
Defeat Calaca using only melee attacks
Viva La Resurrecci.n (Bronze)
Become a Luchador
Want us to untie you? (Bronze)
Talk to a Goat
We built this city on Guac and Roll (Bronze)
Discover Santa Luchita
Wheeee (Bronze)
Teleport through an Olmec head
Who put these here??? (Gold)
Collect every chest in the game
Why all the long faces? (Bronze)
Enter the world of the dead
X'tabay-Bye (Bronze)
Redeem X'tabay
Alternate Ending
The alternate ending
Collect 5 of the 6 orbs/mask pieces (You get the last one from the last boss)
Flying Chicken
Have the ability to fly by tapping X while in chicken mode.
Collect 5 of the 6 orbs/mask pieces
Hard Mode
Hard Mode
Beat the Game

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