Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. 
There are 9 Bronze Trophies, 3 Silver Trophies and 1 Gold Trophy.

Bowled Over (Silver):         Kill 10 chickens with one throw of 
                              a boulder - strike!

Defender of the Flock 
(Silver):                     Complete a level featuring the night-time 
                              predator without letting it eat any animals

Don't Fence Me In (Bronze):   Knock over 50 fences with a cow 
                              (Aggregate Total)

Fertilizer (Bronze):          Make 50 Piles of Poo (Aggregate Total)

First Flock! (Bronze):        Completed First Level

Good Shepherd (Bronze):       Flock 25 Animals at Once

King of the Skies (Bronze):   Fly and Land 75 Chickens (Aggregate Total)

Love Bunny (Silver):          Use 3 Love Patches in 3 Minutes

Lumberjack The Ripper 
(Bronze):                     Rip Up 50 Trees (Aggregate Total)

Make Your Mark (Bronze):      Complete 10 Crop Circles (Aggregate Total)

Master Flocker (Gold):        Get a perfect abduction on all levels, 
                              singleplayer and multiplayer

The Continuous 
Cartographer (Bronze):        Play through one user-created singleplayer 
                              level and one user-created multiplayer level

Unidentified Flocking 
Object (Bronze):              Abduct 20 Animals (Aggregate Total)

Special Unlockables
     These are obtained by doing certain things in Single Player Campaign.

Blanka Ball                   Get a perfect abduction 
                              on all Single Player levels

Chicken Trophy                Get at least a Bronze Medal 
                              on all Single Player levels

Cow Trophy                    Get at least a Gold Medal 
                              on all Single Player levels

Infinite Boost                Get at least a Gold Medal 
                              on all Single Player levels

Pig Trophy                    Get at least a Silver Medal 
                              on all Single Player levels

Sheep Trophy                  Get a perfect abduction 
                              on all Single Player levels

Developer Hints
     Here are some hints from the developer:

* Fields slow down most animals. You want to have them march 
  on a clear path, so be creative in your destruction!

* Animals follow their loved ones where ever they go. 
  Exploit this behavior and lure the whole herd.

* The faster you herd animals to your mothership, 
  the better off you will be.

* Pits can turn your flock harvest into a lemming suicide. 
  Use bales of hay to plug up holes in your path. 
  You can also pick up and throw rocks with the tractor beam.

* Animals shy away from pits, but can be forced to commit 
  suicide if provoked enough.

* Animals herd differently. For example, cows are slower 
  to accelerate to top speed, but if they are agitated too much, 
  they will stampede instead.

* Cows are also heavy enough to bowl over some obstacles 
  in the landscape.

* Sheep on the other hand, will shrink when dampened.

* Nocturnal predators are nasty. They will appear and devour 
  parts of your herd.

* Some stones can be toggled on and off with your depressor beam. 
  These stones will light the way forward.

* If there aren't enough animals in a level, you need to force 
  the survivors to mate. Explore the level for a love patch, 
  and let the wild sex ensue.

* Fences can bridge small gaps. Rotate them when they are still 
  in the grasp of the tractor beam.

* If you need to de-leaf a tree, use creativity and some effort. 

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