F1 2011

There are 23 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
10 Online (Bronze)
You have won 10 Online Races
35 Online (Bronze)
You have won 35 Online Races
Blue Flag (Bronze)
You lapped at least 6 other cars during a Race in any game mode
Car Control (Bronze)
You won a Race without any Driver Assists enabled in any game mode
Co-op Drivers' World Champion (Silver)
You won the Drivers' World Championship in a Co-op season
Complete (Platinum)
Congratulations. You've completed F1 2011™
Completionist (Bronze)
You have set a time in all of the Time Attack scenarios
Constructors' World Champion (Gold)
You have won the Constructors' World Championship in Career
Do it Yourself (Bronze)
You won a Race in any mode using manual gears
Down to the Wire (Silver)
You took the lead on the final lap of a 20%+ distance Race and won
Drivers' World Champion (Gold)
You have won the Drivers' World Championship in Career
Drivers' World Champion (Hard) (Gold)
You have won the Drivers' World Championship in Career on Hard or Expert Difficulty
Glancing Blow (Bronze)
With Damage on Full you made contact with the wall at Monaco and won the Race
Have You Considered DiRT3? (Bronze)
You performed a drift of 10 metres or more
Impeccable Performance (Silver)
You won a Race after Qualifying in Pole Position in any game mode
Is Jenson going to pass or not? (Bronze)
You won the Turkish Grand Prix driving as Lewis Hamilton
It's the Driver not the Car (Bronze)
You have won the Drivers' World Championship with two different teams in Career or Co-op
Just the Beginning (Silver)
You have taken your first Career victory
Keep Your Friends Close (Bronze)
You have completed a full Co-op season
Keeping it Clean (Bronze)
You completed an Online Race without making contact with an opponent's car
Lightning Fast (Bronze)
You set the fastest penalty-free lap of the Race in any game mode
On the Bounce (Gold)
You have beaten Alberto Ascari's record of 9 successive Career victories
On the Podium (Silver)
You have finished a Career Race in the top three
Opportunist (Bronze)
You have performed a Pit-stop during a Safety Car period
Pole Position (Silver)
You have taken the first Pole Position of your Career
Precision Driving (Silver)
You completed a Race without colliding with another car or object
Push the Button (Bronze)
You cleanly overtook an opponent while KERS was activated
Robot-Like Consistency (Silver)
You have completed 5 successive laps within a quarter of a second of each other
Season Opener (Bronze)
You have completed your first Career Race
Senna-esque (Bronze)
You took the lead on lap 1, in heavy rain, after starting in 5th or lower
Slap on the Wrist (Bronze)
You were awarded a Drive-through Penalty and still went on to win the Race
Slingshot (Bronze)
You have spent a total of 10 minutes slipstreaming your opponents in any game mode
Solid Performance (Silver)
You scored points at every round of a Career or Co-op season
Sublime Talent (Bronze)
You set the fastest lap in every session of a Long Race Weekend in any mode
Teamwork (Silver)
You won the Constructors' World Championship in a Co-op Championship
Test Driver (Bronze)
You've covered at least 500 Practice miles / 805 kilometres in your Career
They're on Which Buttons? (Bronze)
You won a Race without activating KERS or the DRS once
Trophy Collector (Silver)
You have won a Race at each of the 19 circuits in any game mode
Winging It (Bronze)
You cleanly overtook an opponent while the DRS was activated

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