EyePet and Friends

There are 16 Bronze Trophies, 16 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
Astronaut (Bronze)
Created a customised Rocket
Bopper (Silver)
Completed Frog Bop and bopped each frog type at least once
Brave New (Bronze)
Completed the Hatching process for the first time
Building Blocks (Bronze)
Customised an object in Soft Play Creation
Captain (Bronze)
Created a customised Boat
Check Up (Bronze)
Performed a Health Check on your EyePet for the first time
Collectormanic (Gold)
Bought every item in the game
Conductor (Silver)
Completed Musicopters without getting a sequence wrong
Contender (Gold)
Beat a friend in every challenge
Craft Box Complete (Silver)
Bought all the Sticker and Stencil packs
Crafty (Bronze)
Created a card in Paper Craft
Customiser (Bronze)
Created a sticker in Paper Craft and used it in the Creativity Centre
Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Silver)
Customised one of each type of clothing and then dressed your EyePet in them
Engineer (Bronze)
Created a customised Digger
Fishing King (Silver)
Completed Hook a Duck and hooked at least three of each type of rubber duck
Full Tank (Silver)
Completed Rocket Refuel filling up at least three different fuel slots
Full to the Brim (Bronze)
Fed your EyePet for the first time
Good Aim (Silver)
Completed Ricochet Range with at least 500 points
Green Fingers (Silver)
Completed Lily Blossom and opened at least three of each type of lily
Looking Good (Bronze)
Styled your EyePet for the first time
Mariner (Bronze)
Created a customised Submarine
Pet the Builder (Silver)
Used every Soft Play shape in a single scene
Pet Whisperer (Silver)
Taught the EyePet every trick in training
Pilot (Bronze)
Created a customised Helicopter
Platinum Pet (Platinum)
Unlock all other trophies in the game
Ring Runner (Silver)
Completed Sub Run without missing a bubble ring
Saviour (Silver)
Completed Rescue and saved at least five of each type of alien
Sea Skills (Silver)
Completed Coin Collector without being stunned by the Eel
Shopaholic (Gold)
Had your EyePet wear every item of clothing in the game at least once
Sky Writer (Silver)
Completed Star Tracer and achieved at least a 1000 points.
Space Dash (Silver)
Completed Space Race without a hitting an asteroid
Spit and Polish (Bronze)
Washed your EyePet for the first time
Swish (Silver)
Completed Digger Hoops and scored at least three baskets of each colour
Trainer (Bronze)
Taught your EyePet a Trick
Traveller (Bronze)
Created a customised UFO
Twins (Bronze)
Hatched two EyePets at the same time

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