Eternal Sonata

New Game +
     Complete  the  game  once  from your first play and save the data
when prompted to. Load that file to begin a new game with all obtained
Score  Pieces,  Party  Levels, Piano Music and Hero's Crest. Plus, the
enemies and bosses will be much stronger and tougher in battle and you
can  view  the  ending  anytime after you load the game clear data and
choose  "View  Ending".  In addition to the PlayStation 3 version, any
costumes  you  obtained for Polka, Allegretto and Beat will be carried
over to the new game.

Exclusive PlayStation 3 unlockables
     Meet the following conditions during the game to unlock 
these exclusive PlayStation 3 contents in the main menu.

Allegretto's Costume:    In Chapter 6, you can find this costume 
                         in one of the treasure chests in "To Coda Ruins".

Beat's Costume:          In a treasure chest where you fought the Bread 
                         Gang boss. In Chapter 5, when you do the small 
                         side-event with Beat as an onscreen character.

Polka's Costume #1:      In Chapter 4, you can find this costume in one of 
                         the treasure chests of the second to last area 
                         in the "Lament Mirror".

Polka's Costume #2:      In Chapter 1, visit Polka's home after Frederic 
                         joins Polka. After the mini-scene, check Polka's 
                         bed for the costume. Only in second playthrough.

Scrapbook:               Complete the events in "The Church of EZI" 
                         and defeat the boss "Great EZI". 
                         Only works in second playthrough.

Score Piece locations
     Score Pieces are items used to perform musical sessions 
with various NPC's, and earn rewards. Many of them are well-hidden. 
Note: Score Pieces 26-32 can only be obtained on Encore mode.

1: Agogo Village- small shrine by March's house

10: Baroque Castle- bedroom on 1st floor, east

11: Baroque Castle- clock in 2nd floor room, east

12: Baroque Inn- room on 2nd floor

13: Baroque- snowman near entrance

14: Sharp Mts.- 2nd point, hole on the right

15: Sharp Mts.- fireplace in lodge

16: Wah Lava Caves- Middle 3, chest

17: Ritardando- bakery

18: Ritardando- bakery

19: Mandolin Church Catacombs- chest in East Section

2: Ft. Fermata- chest after boss fight

20: Baroque Tavern- barrels after Dolce #3

21: Celeste Forest- from merchant

22: Cowbell Heights- bottom of Cello Tree

23: Mysterious Unison- chest on 4th floor

24: Mysterious Unison- chest on 9th floor

25: Mysterious Unison- chest on 12th floor

26: Tenuto- play SP 24 w/Easygoing Flat

27: Heaven's Mirror Forest- from squirrel in boss area

28: Forte- 2nd floor of bar

29: Forte- outside of inn

3: Cantabile Inn- boat outside of inn

30: Forte- from old man near castle, only if you spoke to granny 
in Ch.4 in Baroque Inn

31: Baroque- talk to woman in lower house, then help man in Sharp Mts.

32: Cabasa Bridge- play SP 19 with Disappointed Note, Chapter 7 only

4: Woodblock Groves- chest in North Center

5: Andante- storage room near Sullen Melody

6: Andante- pillar before the first bridge

7: Baroque Ship- bedroom in the East Hallway

8: Baroque Ship- barrel after Frederic cutscene

9: Dolce's Ship- chest on 4th floor

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