DJ Hero 2

Unlock deadmau5
From the main menu, go into options, then cheats and select retail cheat code.
deadmau5 unlock.
Open The Trap
Unlock All Content
VIP Pass
Unlock David Guetta
Guetta Blaster
Enter the following case sensitive codes in the cheats menu. Note: These codes disable leaderboards
I Hate Crossfading
Look No Hands!
1 Up (Bronze)
Beat a friend's score on any of the leaderboards.
Accumulate! (Bronze)
Play Accumulator and win 10 mixes (or single mix battles) with a streak of over 50 (online only).
At Least You Tried... (Bronze)
Fail to 5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty
Battle Ready (Bronze)
Play all of the DJ Battle mixes (online or offline).
Battle Star Spectacular (Silver)
Win 50 Online Battles (in any Online Battle mode).
Big Bad Boss (Bronze)
Beat all the employee DJs in Checkpoint Battles in Empire mode.
Bonus (Bronze)
Unlock all the Empire bonus mixes.
Chiggedy Check It Out (Bronze)
Win 10 Checkpoint mixes (or single mix Battles) by a margin of 3 checkpoints or more (online only).
Credit Is Due (Bronze)
View the game credits.
En Sink? (Bronze)
Calibrate your system for DJ Hero 2.
Fades Of Fury (Bronze)
Successfully perform 20,000 crossfades (in any mode except Party Play).
Freestyle Superstar (Bronze)
Get an A for Freestyling in any mix (in any mode except Party Play).
Go Crazy Broadway Style! (Silver)
Perform Vocals in every mix that supports them (in any mode except Party Play).
Got ID? (Bronze)
Set your own online Tag and Medal.
Grand Master Of The Empire (Silver)
Earn 12 stars in DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Hard difficulty or above.
Hero Feed Heroism (Bronze)
Play 5 mixes directly from Hero Feed Challenges.
Higher Education (Bronze)
Complete 6 of the 'New To DJ Hero 2' Tutorial lessons.
Hot Swedish Action (Bronze)
In any Battle get an A for Scratching, a B for Taps, a B for Crossfading and an A for Freestyling
I Have The Power Decks! (Bronze)
Unlock all the Power decks.
Keep Ring (Bronze)
Reach online grade 10.
Like Bacon? (Bronze)
Play Streak and win 6 mixes (or single mix battles) by 20 streak margin (online only).
Mama Said... (Bronze)
Win a Checkpoint Battle by knocking out the other player (online only).
Master Of The Empire (Bronze)
Earn 12 stars in DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Medium difficulty or above.
Me Like You Long Time (Bronze)
Apply 'Like' tags to 10 mixes and play these mixes (in any game mode except Party Play).
Microphonical Magic! (Bronze)
Get a 200 vocal streak in any vocal mix (in any mode except Party Play).
Mixtape Creation (Bronze)
Set up and save 3 setlists in Quickplay.
Opening Act (Bronze)
Play your opening night in Empire mode.
Perfect Pitch (Bronze)
Hit 100% of the vocal notes in a mix (in any mode except Party Play).
Platinum DJ Hero (Platinum)
Collect all other Trophies.
Professional Face Removal (Bronze)
Win 5 Star Battles online.
Rewind 4 The Win (Bronze)
Perform 4 720' rewinds in a single mix, on any difficulty level without dropping your multiplier (in any mode except Party Play).
Rise To The Challenge (Bronze)
In Empire mode complete 3 Setlist Challenges.
Scratching The Itch (Bronze)
Successfully perform 25,000 scratches (in any mode except Party Play).
Six Spins To Win (Bronze)
Activate 6 rewinds in Show Me Love (Stonebridge Radio Edit) / I'm Not Alone mix (in any mode except Party Play).
Super Streak (Silver)
Get a 400 streak in I Will Be Here / Speed Rail on Expert (in any mode except Party Play).
Supreme Master Of The Empire (Gold)
Earn 12 Stars in DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Expert difficulty.
Tappity Tap Tap Tappy (Bronze)
Successfully perform 50,000 taps (in any mode except Party Play).
The Bigger They Are... (Bronze)
Win 10 Online Battles against players of a higher grade (in any Online Battle mode).
The Completionist (Bronze)
Earn 5 stars for any mix at all difficulty levels
The Emperor (Bronze)
Win all the DJ Battle setlists in Empire mode.
The Grandmixer (Bronze)
In Empire Mode beat DJ Qbert in each of his Battle Mixes.
The Magic Number (Bronze)
Play a mix in Quickplay with another DJ and a Vocalist (in local play only).
The Quickathlon (Silver)
Set up and play a 10 mix setlist in Quickplay, earning at least 4 stars for each mix.
Thirty Three Without The Third (Bronze)
Earn 33 stars
To The Left (Bronze)
Only crossfade to the left in all Freestyle sections in any mix (in any mode except Party Play).
Upgraded (Gold)
Reach online grade 50.
World Number One (Bronze)
Earn at least 3 stars in each of the mixes in the Tiesto Megamix (in Quickplay, Megamixes, Empire or Star Battle).
You Want Some? (Bronze)
Complete 30 Online Battles (in any Online Battle mode).
You're Golden (Bronze)
5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty
You're The Best! (Bronze)
Earn 5 stars for every mix on Expert difficulty

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