Dead Space

Various cheats
Cheat code
[Square], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Triangle]
More Oxygen
[Square], [Square], [Square], [Triangle], [Square]
1000 credits, one time only
[Square], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Square], [Square], [Triangle]
10000 credits, one time only
[Square], [Square], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle]
2000 credits, one time only
[Square], [Square], [Square], [Triangle], [Square], [Triangle]
5000 credits, one time only
[Triangle], [Square], [Square], [Square], [Triangle]
Adds 2 power nodes, one time only
[Triangle], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Square], [Triangle]
Refill Stasis meter
Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 41 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
A Cut Above (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper
Air Alert (Bronze)
Zero-G Jump over 100 times
All Systems Go (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting
Armstrong (Bronze)
Shoot 50 objects using Kinesis
Autofire (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle
Betrayed (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting
Big Spender (Bronze)
Spend 200,000 credits at the store
Brawler (Bronze)
Kill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack
Brute Force (Bronze)
Kill a Brute
Butcher (Silver)
Dismember 1000 Limbs
Cannon Fodder (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting
Concodrance Officer (Platinum)
Collect all Trophies
Crackshot (Bronze)
Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery
Dead on Arrival (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting
Don't get cocky, kid (Bronze)
Survive the ADS Canon with over 50% Shield strength remaining
Epic Tier 3 Engineer (Gold)
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting
Eviscerator (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun
Exodus (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting
Exterminator (Bronze)
Kill the Leviathan
Freeze (Bronze)
Use Stasis on 50 Enemies
Full Arsenal (Silver)
Own every Weapon in the game
Full Contact (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam
Get off my ship! (Bronze)
Kill the Slug Boss
Greenhouse Effect (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting
Keeper of the Faith (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting
Kickin it (Bronze)
Escape from a Lurker's grab attack 10 times
Lab Rat (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting
Legend Teller (Silver)
Collect 150 Logs
Live With The Hot Ones (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower
Marksman (Bronze)
Dismember 20 Limbs
Maxed Out (Gold)
Upgrade all weapons and equipment
Merchant (Bronze)
Collect 8 schematics
Mindless Prey (Bronze)
Kill the Hive Mind
One Gun (Gold)
Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter
Pack Rat (Bronze)
Store 25 Items in Safe
Playing Catch (Bronze)
Catch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis
Pusher (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun
Ragdoll Check (Bronze)
Force an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times
S.O.S. (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting
Slugger (Bronze)
Kill the Slug Boss with more than 50% Shield strength remaining
Story Teller (Bronze)
Collect 75 Logs
Strange Transmissions (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting
Surgeon (Bronze)
Dismember 500 Limbs
Survivor (Silver)
Complete the game on any difficulty setting
There's Always Peng (Bronze)
Find the Peng Treasure
Tool Time (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter
True Believer (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting
Wreckage (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting
Z-Baller (Bronze)
Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball
Ignition Trophies
There are 9 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.
Ain't got time to bleed! (Bronze)
Successfully complete Ignition mode within 25 minnutes by any route (excluding movies).
All your Trace are belong to us (Bronze)
Successfully complete all Trace Route hacks in any single player mode.
Catch me if you can! (Silver)
Complete one Ignition mode path through the Leaderboards.
Chief Engineer (Gold)
Complete all hacks in any single player mode.
Did anyone survive? (Silver)
Complete Ignition Mode.
Dirty Work (Bronze)
Unlock the level 4 engineering RIG.
Infectious (Bronze)
Successfully complete all System Override hacks in any single player mode.
Laser Burn (Bronze)
Successfully complete a Hardware Crack in any single player mode.
Planet Cracker (Bronze)
Successfully complete all Hardware Cracks in any single player mode.
Stop the clock! (Bronze)
Successfully complete any hack on the Leaderboards.
Stormed the Core! (Bronze)
Successfully complete a System Override hack in any single player mode.
Trace Element (Bronze)
Successfully complete a Trace Route hack in any single player mode.
Impossible mode
Impossible mode
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Find the Peng and a note on Impossible mode
Peng is a treasure found in the Hangar in between the two sidewalks. As you leave the Kellion for the first time, look over the railing to your LEFT. There is a small statue lying on the ground. You need KINESIS to get it, so you can't grab it until Chapter 11. IMPOSSIBLE MODE Beat the game on any difficulty, save your game, and start a new game. Choose IMPOSSIBLE MODE, then play until you save your game at a kiosk (in a new slot if you like). The important thing to note is that impossible mode will not remain unlocked if you do not save a game that is playing in impossible mode.
10 power nodes
Beat the game on any difficulty level
50,000 credits
Beat the game on any difficulty level
Backstory logs
Beat the game on any difficulty level
Military suit
Beat the game on any difficulty level
New Game Plus
Save after finishing the game. Then, load your CLEARED GAME save. You will start a new game on the difficulty which you previously beat the game with all you Items, all your upgraded equipment, including 10 extra power nodes, 50,000 extra credits, and the schematic for the Military suit (a LEVEL 6 SUIT that costs 99,000 credits).
Keep Your Level 6 Suit for Impossible Game
Start a new game after beating the game once. Buy the unlocked Level 6 Suit. Beat the game with a save right before the last boss. Don't save after the credits roll (you can skip them). Start a new game on Impossible and the suit will be equipped!
Random Goodies
To unlock ten Power Nodes and 50,000 credits, complete the game for the first time once through in its entirety on any difficulty setting.
Unlockable Level Six Suit Schematic
To unlock the Level Six Suit Schematic, complete the game once through in its entirety on the normal difficulty setting.
Unlockable Impossible Mode
To unlock Impossible Mode, beat the game once through in its entirety on any difficulty setting.
Back Story Log Entries
To unlock the back story log entries, complete the game once through in its entirety on the normal difficulty setting.

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