Unlocks new Rapunzel stages
Input this code at Rapunzel arcade games Title Screen. When code is entered correctly, you'll see some color changes. By doing the code again, it gets disabled.
Unlocks new Rapunzel stages
Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Right
50 Trophies - 1 Platinum, 3 Golds, 6 Silvers, and 40 Bronzes.
3-Star Man (Bronze)
Unlock Menhir by earning 3 Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard
5-Star Man (Bronze)
Unlock the Obelisk by earning 5 Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard
A God is Born! (Gold)
Conquer the final stage of Babel
A Life Without Regrets… (Bronze)
View the true Freedom ending
A Mystery Within a Puzzle (Bronze)
Uncover the truth behind Rapunzel
A New Look (Bronze)
Help Todd out of his trouble
Altar Conquered! (Bronze)
Complete Stage 1 of Babel
Babel’s Calling (Bronze)
Unlock the Altar by earning 1 Gold Prize on Normal or Hard
Beer Baron (Bronze)
Listen to all the beer factoids
Bomberlamb (Bronze)
Hit 15 blocks with a single explosion (Golden Playhouse)
Cheers To You! (Platinum)
Unlock all other Trophies!
Cocktail Connoisseur (Bronze)
Listen to all the cocktail trivia
Crossing the Courtyard (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 5
Dreams Come True (Gold)
View all of the endings
Everyday Hero (Silver)
Help everyone out of their predicaments
Have an Ice Day (Bronze)
Slide an Ice Block 5 or more blocks (Golden Playhouse)
Hit the Road, Vincent (Bronze)
View the bad Cheater ending
I Can Fly! (Silver)
Jump on a Spring Block 3 times in a row (Golden Playhouse)
Just Like Old Times (Bronze)
View the normal Lover ending
Legendary Prince (Silver)
Hear Rapunzel’s sad song
Let My Sheep Go (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 3
Lord of the Night (Bronze)
View the true Cheater ending
Love is Patient, Love is Kind (Bronze)
Resolve Daniel’s dilemma
Making Legends (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 8
Menhir Conquered! (Bronze)
Complete Stage 2 of Babel
Mother Inferior (Bronze)
Help Archie work through his quandary
Nighty Night (Bronze)
View the bad Lover ending
No One Expects the… (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 4
Obelisk Conquered! (Bronze)
Complete Stage 3 of Babel
One Last Case (Bronze)
Help Morgan clean up his mess
Past a Heap of Puzzles (Bronze)
Beat Stage 64 of Rapunzel
Path to the Altar (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 7
Play It Again, Vince… (Bronze)
Use the jukebox to change the music
Push It to the Limit! (Bronze)
Push 5 blocks at once (Golden Playhouse)
Read All About It! (Bronze)
Get Justin out of his jam
Sake Sensei (Bronze)
Listen to all the sake sound bites
Sleepless Nights (Bronze)
View the normal Cheater ending
Starting a New Life (Bronze)
View the true Lover ending
Take Your Time (Silver)
Move a Dark Block 10 times in a row (Golden Playhouse)
Taking on the Gods (Silver)
Unlock Axis Mundi by earning all Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard
Text Junkie (Bronze)
Reply to at least 20 text messages by the end of the final day
The Golden Child (Gold)
Earn Gold Prizes on all Hard difficulty stages
The Great Escape (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 2
The Nightmares Have Just Begun (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 1
True Freedom! (Silver)
Conquer Stage 9
Welcome to the Colosseum (Bronze)
Unlock the Colosseum mode
What Time is It? (Bronze)
Conquer Stage 6
Whatever, Buddy (Bronze)
View the normal Freedom ending
Whisky Wiseman (Bronze)
Listen to all the whisky minutiae
You Don’t Have To Go Home… (Bronze)
Stay in the bar until all the other customers leave
Very Easy Mode
On the difficulty selection screen hold select on easy until you hear a chime. This unlocks the game's hidden Very Extra mode putting the puzzles at the easiest game difficulty.
Babel Mode Stages
The Babel Mode lets you take on randomized stages either by yourself or with a friend. You can only unlock these stages by earn Gold Prizes in the Golden Playhouse.
Earn one Gold Prize from the Golden Playhouse on Normal difficulty or higher.
Earn nine Gold Prizes from the Golden Playhouse on Normal difficulty or higher.
Earn three Gold Prizes from the Golden Playhouse on Normal difficulty or higher.
Earn five Gold Prizes from the Golden Playhouse on Normal difficulty or higher.
Unlockable Juicebox Songs
To unlock the following songs for the Juicebox, do the following. The Unlockable's song will have the origin of game next to it as well.
A Way of Life - Persona 3 Portable
Send 20 text messages
Alone - Persona 4
Continue to stay in the bar after everyone leaves
Amaravati - DDS Avatar Tuner 2
Use a spring block 3 consecutive times
An Die Freude - Catherine
View all endings
Backside Of The TV - Persona 4
Earn 3 Gold Prizes on Normal/Hard
Battle for Survival - DDS Avatar Tuner 2
Clear the Obelisk bonus stage in Babel
Blind Alley - Persona 3 FES
Get the True Catherine ending
Brand New Days: The Beginning - Persona 3 FES
Get the Bad Catherine ending
Burn My Dread - Persona 3
Earn all Gold Prizes on Normal/Hard
Configuration - DDS Avatar Tuner
Solve Daniel's problem
Good Morning, New Day - Catherine
Clear Stage 9
Heartful Cry - Persona 3 FES
Clear the Axis Mundi bonus stage in Babel
Heaven - Persona 4
Unlock everything
Hunting - DDS Avatar Tuner
Earn 5 Gold Prizes on Normal/Hard
Inherent Will - DDS Avatar Tuner 2
Hear all the trivia about Whiskey
It's a Golden Show - Catherine
Clear Stage 1
Iwatodai Dorm - Persona 3
Get the Good Katherine ending
Jouji Washington - Catherine
Clear Stage 7
Lost Lamb - Catherine
Clear Stage 2
Mad Mart - DDS Avatar Tuner 2
Detonate 15 blocks at once
Mass Destruction - Persona 3
Clear the Menhir bonus stage in Babel
Memories of the City - Persona 3
Solve Todd's problem
Muladhara - DDS Avatar Tuner
Hear all the trivia about Beer
Om Mani Padme Hm - DDS Avatar Tuner 2
Solve Justin's problem
On the Lamb, Between Б≥┌ and Б≥─ - Catherine
Clear Stage 8
Paulownian Mall - Persona 3
Move a solid block 10 consecutive times
Persona 3 FES theme song - Persona 3 FES
Solve everyone's problem
Play - Shin Megami Tensei: NOCTURNE
Get the Good Catherine ending
Pursuing My True Self - Persona 4
Earn all Gold Prizes on Hard
Rapunzel - Catherine
Clear 64 stages in Rapunzel
River of Samsara - DDS Avatar Tuner
Get the True Freedom ending
Sheep Pinnacle - Catherine
Clear Stage 6
Shepherd's Funeral March - Catherine
Clear Stage 5
Signs of Love - Persona 4
Get the Good Freedom ending
SMILE - Persona 4
Get the True Katherine ending
Soul Phrase - Persona 3 Portable
Solve Archie's problem
Staff Credits - Shin Megami Tensei: NOCTURNE
Move 5 blocks at once
Stalked In The Dark - Catherine
Get the Bad Katherine ending
Sun - Persona 3 Portable
Clear the Altar bonus stage in Babel
Svadhisthana - DDS Avatar Tuner
Solve Morgan's problem
The Melancholy of R30 - Catherine
Clear Stage 3
This Strange Feeling - Persona 3
Hear all the trivia about Cocktail
Thus Spoke Brooks - Catherine
Clear Stage 4
Title Loop 2 - Shin Megami Tensei: NOCTURNE
Discover the hidden Rapunzel
Trisha - Catherine
Earn 1 Gold Prize on Normal/Hard
Wiping All Out - Persona 3 Portable
Beat the game
World Map - Shin Megami Tensei: NOCTURNE
Hear all the trivia about Sake
World Map ~Real World~ - Shin Megami Tensei: NOCTURNE
Slide an ice block 5 spaces
YO - Catherine
Change a song in the jukebox
Your Affection - Persona 4
Discover the truth about Rapunzel

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