Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Bonus Cash code
     From the Main menu go into Exclusive content and enter Enter code.

735S653J: Bonus Cash to be able to buy better weapons earlier in the game.

     Complete  each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are
36 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum

99 Scalps (Bronze):           Deliver 99 headshots (ranked play counts)

Ace of Spades (Platinum):     Collect all other trophies

Act I (Bronze):               Complete Act I

Act II (Bronze):              Complete Act II

Act III (Bronze):             Complete Act III

Act IV (Bronze):              Complete Act IV

Arkansas Fried Rooster 
(Bronze):                     Blow up 10 chickens with dynamite

Been there, Done that 
(Silver):                     Play a full Wild West Legends game 
                              on every level (both match and revenge

Between Hay and Grass 
(Bronze):                     Finish the game on at least medium 

Boy Scout (Bronze):           Finish one side quest

Catcher in the Rye (Bronze):  On chapter II, in the field, kill enemy 
                              soldiers using knives without being

Crime Does Pay (Bronze):      Win 5 rounds as an Outlaw (ranked only)

Crowbait (Bronze):            Finish the game on at least easy difficulty

Curly Wolf (Silver):          Finish the game on hard difficulty

D-Day (Bronze):               On Chapter I, destroy all rafts 
                              before they land

Drive-By (Bronze):            Kill a total of 5 enemies while horseback 
                              (ranked play counts)

Fireworks (Bronze):           Shoot 2 enemy dynamite sticks in mid air

Forgiveth Me, Lord (Gold):    Kill 2000 enemies (ranked play counts)

Frag Steal (Bronze):          Kill all enemies in a single Cooperative 
                              Concentration mode.

Goldrush! (Gold):             Collect a total of $1,000,000 (ranked play 
                              counts) to unlock golden weapons in

Gotta Catch'em All (Silver):  Collect all secrets

High noon (Bronze):           Kill 4 enemies between 12:00pm and 12:15pm 
                              (local time, ranked play counts)

Jack of all trades (Bronze):  Play a full game with each class 
                              (ranked only)

Mad Carpenter (Bronze):       Kill 5 enemies with a chair

Magnificent Thirteen 
(Silver):                     Unlock all classes (ranked only)

Man of the Hood (Bronze):     On Chapter XII, playing as Thomas, 
                              use only bow throughout the whole level

Mayhem (Bronze):              On Chapter III, kill 20 armed enemies 
                              while riding the stagecoach

None shall hide (Bronze):     Shoot an enemy through a wall

Old West Legend (Gold):       Finish the game on very hard difficulty

On the right track (Silver):  Collect a total of $200,000 (ranked play 
                              counts) to unlock silver weapons in

Pistol Expert (Bronze):       Kill 250 people using pistols 
                              (ranked play counts)

Quick hands (Bronze):         Kill 7 people during one concentration mode

Quite a Ride (Bronze):        On Chapter IX, on the lift, destroy 
                              everything that is thrown at you.

Ray's Story (Silver):         Finish every chapter playing as Ray

Rifle Expert (Bronze):        Kill 250 people using rifles 
                              (ranked play counts)

Rowing-Race Cheater (Bronze): On Chapter XI, kill all the Indians 
                              during canoe chase

Sharpshooter Destuction 
(Bronze):                     On Chapter IV, playing as Thomas, 
                              kill sharpshooters in 10 seconds

Sharpshooter Distraction 
(Bronze):                     On Chapter IV, playing as Ray, 
                              kill sharpshooters without Thomas' help.

Shield of Hope (Bronze):      Finish all side quests

Shotgun Expert (Bronze):      Kill 250 people using shotguns 
                              (ranked play counts)

Thomas' Story (Silver):       Finish every chapter playing as Thomas

Tin Star (Bronze):            Win 5 rounds as a Lawman (ranked only)

Unforgiven (Bronze):          Kill 10 enemies as an invincile wanted 
                              (ranked only)

Untouchable (Silver):         Finish any chapter, except for VI and VIII, 
                              without getting severely wounded

Vindicator (Bronze):          Kill a total of 30 enemies 
                              with movable gatling

Welcome to the Frontier 
(Bronze):                     Finish a full Wild West Legends game 
                              (ranked only)

Well Invested (Bronze):       Buy 20 second level and 10 third level 
                              upgrades (ranked only)

Yankee Cow (Bronze):          On Chapter II, don't kill the cow.

Final Boss Trick
     As  Thomas  in  the  final  chapter, have a prime volcano gun (or
better).  After  hitting Barnsby for a while, but before he starts the
duel, use concentration mode and shoot all twelve shots into him. This
might  cause him to die outright, so the game will skip past the final
duel and go to the ending. 

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