BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
1.21 Gigawatts! (Bronze)
Using Tager, land 'Spark Bolt' more than five times during a match.
Alexander the Great (Bronze)
[Legion] Conquer the map on 'Normal.'
All Good Things (Gold)
[Story] Finished the True Ending in Story mode.
Aniki Is Watching You (Bronze)
[Player Match] Observe more than 10 matches.
Are You There God? It's Me, Noel (Bronze)
Using Noel, hit the opponent with her 'Silencer' more than 10 times during a match.
Beachball! (Bronze)
Using Hazama, keep an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds.
BEES! (Bronze)
Using Arakune, unleash a 70-hit combo.
Blood on Your Hands (Bronze)
[Score Attack] Defeat Unlimited Rachel.
Ding Ding! (Silver)
[Network] Reached D-code level 50.
Ding! (Bronze)
[Network] Reached D-code level 25.
Don't Touch the Merchandise (Bronze)
Instant Block more than 20 times in one round.
Fatality (Bronze)
Land more than 30 Fatal Counters.
For Great Justice (Bronze)
Using Tsubaki, use the 'D' version of every single special attack in a combo.
Four Sheets to the Wind (Bronze)
Using Litchi, land 'Four Winds' more than 4 times during the course of a match.
Genghis Khan (Silver)
[Legion] Conquer the map on 'Hard.'
Hell Yes (Silver)
[Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode on 'Hell' difficulty setting.
Hold On Loosely (Bronze)
Cause more than 30 Throw Reject Misses.
I Can Do This All Night (Bronze)
[Training] Practiced for over one hour straight.
I Can Quit Any Time I Want! (Bronze)
[Player Match] Win more than 100 matches.
I Get Around (Bronze)
Use every single character.
I'm on Top of the World! (Bronze)
[Player Match] Earn your first victory.
Ice-Ten (Bronze)
Using Jin, freeze your opponent more than 10 times during a match.
Is...Is That All? (Bronze)
[Story] Unlocked the True Ending in Story mode.
It'll Only Hurt for a Minute (Bronze)
Your first Guard Crush.
Lamb to the Slaughter (Bronze)
Using Lambda, land a 50-hit combo.
Level One...! (Bronze)
[Story] Watch 'Previously on...' and 'Opening' in Story Mode.
Loincloth Festival (Bronze)
Using Bang, land a total of 3 Astral Heats.
M.C. Hammer (Bronze)
Escape more than 5 throws in one round.
Mint Condition (Gold)
[Gallery] Collect all of the...collectibles.
Murakumo, AWAKEN! (Bronze)
Select Mu.
Napoleon Bonaparte (Bronze)
[Legion] Conquer the map on 'Easy.'
Only the Hard, Only the Strong (Silver)
[Ranked Match] Fight more than 100 battles.
Platinum (Platinum)
Receive all other trophies.
Ragna Cum Laude (Bronze)
[Tutorial] Finish all your homework.
Real Ultimate Power (Bronze)
Used every character's Astral Heat.
Rear Window (Bronze)
[Replay Theater] Watched replays of more than 20 different matches.
Score! (Gold)
[Score Attack] Beat Score Attack mode.
Superior State of Mind (Silver)
[Challenge] Beat more than 100 challenges.
Tall, Dark, and Handsome (Bronze)
[Arcade / Score Attack] Put Unlimited Ragna in his place.
Taut Taunts (Bronze)
Using Taokaka, land 5 taunts over the course of a match.
That's the End of That Chapter (Bronze)
[Story] View any character's canon ending in Story Mode.
The Better Part of Valor (Bronze)
Do not take damage for 20 seconds while in Negative State, and win the round.
The Clap (Bronze)
Using Carl, keep an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds.
There Can Be Only One (Bronze)
[Network] Fought against every character.
They Call Me MISTER Tiddles! (Bronze)
Use an Astral heat for the very first time.
Twirling toward Freedom (Bronze)
Using Rachel, land a '6C' attack more than 30 times during a match.
Two Men Enter. One Man Leaves. (Bronze)
[Ranked Match] Earn your first victory.
Well, It's Not! (Bronze)
Using Ragna, land 'Not Over Yet' more than three times during a match.
Well, It's Something to Do... (Bronze)
[Arcade / Score Attack] Hold your own against Unlimited Hazama.
You Broke My Heart! (Bronze)
Finish an opponent immediately after a normal Break Burst.
You're Already Dead (Bronze)
Using Hakumen, dish out over 10,000 damage in one combo.
Makoto Add-on Trophies
There are 3 bronze trophies.
Fur and Loathing In Kagutsuchi (bronze)
Dealt over 5,000 damage in a single combo using this character.
I Gnu It Was Ewe (bronze)
Beat over 7 missions in challenge mode using this character.
Oh Nuts (bronze)
Used the Unlimited version of this character.
Valkenhayn Add-on Trophies
There are 3 Bronze Trophies.
Battle Butler (Bronze)
Dealt over 5,000 damage in a single combo with this character.
On Her Ladyship's Secret Service (Bronze)
Beat over 7 missions in challenge mode using this character.
Three Wolf Moon (Bronze)
Used the Unlimited version of this character.
Platinum the Trinity DLC Trophies
There are only 3 Bronze Trophies.
By the Power of Trinity... (Bronze)
Beat over 7 missions in Challenge mode using Platinum.
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Bronze)
Dealt over 5,000 damage in a single combo using Platinum.
With Our Powers Combined! (Bronze)
Used the Unlimited version of Platinum.
Unlock Mu-12
Achieve every character's Clear ending in Story Mode, and complete the True Ending. This also unlocks her stage, and theme song for use in various game modes.
Unlock Unlimited Characters
To unlock the Unlimited version of a character you must clear Score Attack Mode with that character.
Unlock True Ending
Beat Ragna's Story, Jin's Story, Noel's Story, Rachel's Story, Tsubaki's Story, Hakumen's Story, and Hazama's story to unlock the True Ending.
Game Credits
You won't be able to view the game's credits until you've beaten Arcade Mode. After doing so, you can replay the credits anytime in the Gallery.
Game Credits
Beat Arcade Mode

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