BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

     Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies.

100 Trials (Silver):          [Ranked Match] Fought over 100 battles.

200 Trials (Gold):            [Ranked Match] Fought over 200 battles.

Activate Termination 
Protocol (Bronze):            Complete A 60+ Hit Combo With Nu.

Animation Conservation 
(Bronze):                     Used Rapid Cancel over 100 times.

Bangarang! (Bronze):          Fought against Bang as Bang, 
                              and both activated the "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan".

Be Gentle... 
It's My First Time. (Bronze): [Ranked Match] Played first Ranked Match.

Beautiful Arakune (Bronze):   Had a perfect match using Arakune.

Carpal Tunnel (Bronze):       Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.

Cat-a-pult (Bronze):          Threw a Kaka kitten using Taokaka's 
                              "Kitty Litter Special".

Dante (Silver):               [ARCADE] Beat Arcade mode on HELL 

Designated Driver (Bronze):   Used Distortion Drive over 100 times.

Devil Advocate (Bronze):      Used Ragna's "Gauntlet Hades" 
                              over 100 times.

Discouraging Finish! 
(Silver):                     Use an Astral Finish with every character.

Dun Dun DUNNN! (Silver):      [STORY] Saw the true ending.

Greased Pig (Bronze):         Successfully escaped 50 throws.

Hands Where I Can See Them 
(Bronze):                     [GALLERY] Collected over 50 illustrations.

Hat-Trick (Bronze):           In one match, successfully pulled off 
                              "Thirteen Orphans", "The Great Wheel" 
                              and "All Green".

Hello World ! (Bronze):       [STORY] Watched the opening.

I Am the Just Sword (Bronze): [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Hakumen.

I Can Rebuild Her... 
(Bronze):                     As Carl, decomissioned Nirvana 3 times 
                              in one round.

I Like to Watch (Bronze):     [REPLAY THEATER] Collected over five 
                              replays, other than your own.

I'm faster than anybody! 
(Bronze):                     [Ranked/Player Match] get "First Strike' 
                              five times in a row.

In Living Color (Bronze):     Used all the color palettes of a single 

Irresistible (Bronze):        Hit the opponent with Tager's Spark Bolt 
                              more than six times in one round.

It's Go Time (Bronze):        Performed your first Astral Heat.

It's over 10,000! (Bronze):   Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen, 
                              without the use of an Astral Heat.

It's the Only Way 
to Be Sure (Bronze):          Performed a 20 hit combo 
                              after the round is over.

Legionnaire (Bronze):         Reached Lv. 10.

Leonidas (Gold):              [SCORE ATTACK] Beat Score Attack mode.

Murakumo Activated... 
(Bronze):                     [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Nu.

Nothing's Gonna 
Keep You Down (Silver):       Earn A Perfect Match 30 Times.

Power of the Azure 
(Platinum):                   Conquered the world of Blazblue.

Praetorian Guardsman 
(Silver):                     Reached Lv. 30.

Restraining Order (Bronze):   Used Barrier Burst over 30 times.

Ride the Icening (Bronze):    Used Menshou Sesshouzan or Tousshougeki 
                              over 20 times in one round, 
                              and finished the opponent off.

Ruler of Kagutsuchi (Bronze): [Ranked / Player Match] Fought against 
                              all characters.

Spoonful of Sugar (Bronze):   Stayed afloat for over 25 seconds 
                              with Rachel.

Stop Hitting Yourself 
(Bronze):                     Used Counter Assault 30 times.

That Was Incredible! 
(Bronze):                     [Ranked Match] Won first victory 
                              in a Ranked Match.

Their Numbers Count 
for Nothing (Bronze):         Performed an Insant Block 30 times.

This Is Important... 
(Bronze):                     Hear Noel say, "Hands off the panda" 
                              over 100 times.

This Just Got Real (Bronze):  Achieve a Double K.O. in a match.

Victory Is an Illusion 
(Silver):                     [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated 
                              Unlimited Rachel.

Voyeur (Bronze):              [Player Match] Witnessed over 20 battles.

Wanderer (Bronze):            [Player Match] Played first Player Match.

Warrior (Silver):             [Player Match] Fought a total of 
                              150 battles.

Welcome to the Azure 
Nightmare (Silver):           [Arcade/Score Attack] Defeated "Unlimited" 

Welcome To The Azure 
Nightmare (Silver):           [ARCADE/SCORE ATTACK] Defeated "Unlimited" 
                              Ragna, and obtained the power of darkness.

Words Hurt Too (Silver):      Let your opponent get a 5,000 hit-point 
                              lead on you, then taunt you.

You Brute! (Bronze):          [Ranked Match] Three consecutive wins 
                              in Ranked Matches.

You Never Forget Your 
First (Bronze):               Perform your first Barrier Crush.

You're the Best! Around! 
(Bronze):                     [TRAINING] Dished out a total of 
                              over 1,000,000 damage.

Unlimited Characters

Unlimited Hakumen:            Beat Hakumen's Arcade Mode

Unlimited Rachel:             Beat Rachel's Arcade Mode

Unlimited Ragna:              Beat Ragna's Arcade Mode

Unlimited v-13:               Beat v-13's Arcade Mode 

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