Assassin's Creed 2

Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies.
The Birth of an Assassin (Bronze Trophy)
Be reborn as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
Arrivederci Abstergo (Bronze Trophy)
Break out of Abstergo
Myth Maker (Bronze Trophy)
Find the 8 statuettes in Monteriggioni
Vitruvian Man (Bronze Trophy)
Unlock all 20 pieces of Subject 16's video
Street Cleaner (Bronze Trophy)
Hide 5 dead bodies in a Bale of Hay
Fly Swatter (Bronze Trophy)
Kick a Guard while using the Flying Machine
Messer Sandman (Bronze Trophy)
Stun 4 guards at once by throwing sand in their face
Doctor (Bronze Trophy)
Perform an Air Assassination on a Poisoned NPC
No-hitter (Bronze Trophy)
Kill 10 enemies while remaining in conflict without being hit
Kleptomaniac (Bronze Trophy)
Pickpocket 1000 Florins
Lightning Strike (Bronze Trophy)
Sprint for 100 meters
Sweeper (Bronze Trophy)
Sweep 5 guards at once by using a Long Weapon
Venetian Gladiator (Bronze Trophy)
Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside Santa Maria della Visitazione
I can see your house from here! (Bronze Trophy)
Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside Torre Grossa
Hallowed be thy name (Bronze Trophy)
Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Basilica di San Marco
Prison Escape (Bronze Trophy)
Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Rocca di Ravaldino fortress
Choir Boy (Bronze Trophy) (The Duomo)
Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside Santa Maria del Flore
Assassin for Hire (Bronze Trophy)
Complete your first assassination mission for Lorenzo Il Magnifico
Macho Man (Bronze Trophy)
Defend a woman's honor
Steal Home (Bronze Trophy)
Win a race against thieves!
Show your Colors (Bronze Trophy)
Wear the Auditore cape in each city
Handy Man (Bronze Trophy)
Upgrade a building in the Stronghold
I like the view (Bronze Trophy)
Synchronize 10 View Points
High Dive (Bronze Trophy)
Perform a Leap of Faith from the Top of Florence's Glotto's Campanile
Mailman (Bronze Trophy)
Intercept a Borgia Courrier
Tip of the Iceberg (Bronze Trophy)
Use your Eagle Vision to scan a Glyph in the environment
A Piece of the Puzzle (Bronze Trophy)
Unlock a piece of Subject 16's video
Art Connoisseur (Bronze Trophy)
Buy a Painting from Florence and Venice
Podestà of Monteriggioni (Bronze Trophy)
Reach 80% of the your stronghold's total value
Perfect Harmony (Bronze Trophy)
Tint your clothes with those colors: Wetland Ebony and Wetland Ivory
In Memory of Petruccio (Bronze Trophy)
Collect all the Feathers
Red Light Addict (Bronze Trophy)
Spend 5000 florins on Courtesans
Man of the People (Bronze Trophy)
Toss more than 300 florins on the ground
Victory lies in preparation (Bronze Trophy)
Get all Hidden Blades, Item Pouches and Armor upgrades for Ezio
Welcome to the Animus 2.0 (Silver Trophy)
Enter the Animus 2.0
The Pain of Betrayal (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 1
Vengeance (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 2
Exit the Son (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 3
Bloody Sunday (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 4
Undertaker (Silver Trophy)
Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside the catacombs under Santa Maria Novella
The Conspirators (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 5
An Unexpected Journey (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 6
Bleeding Effect (Silver Trophy)
Complete training and reenter the Animus
The Merchant of Venice (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 7
The Impenetrable Palazzo (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 8
Masquerade (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 9
Blanca's Man (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Sequence 10
The Prophet
Complete DNA Sequence 11 (Silver Trophy0
The Vault (Silver Trophy)
Complete DNA Seqeunce 14
An Old Friend Returns (Gold Trophy)
Escape the hideout
Master Assassin (Platinum Trophy)
Unlock all trophies
Collecting Feathers
Just collect feathers within the game to unlock the items following. After collecting the amount needed to unlock an item just put it in the box in your villa and talk to your mother.
Auditore Cape
Collect 100 Feathers
Condottiero War Hammer
Collect 50 Feathers
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines Unlockable Weapons
Players may unlock bonus weapons by syncing save data from the Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines PSP game with Assassin's Creed II on the PS3. Connect the PSP to the PS3 via a USB cable, with BOTH games running. Then, select "Connectivity" from the Assassin's Creed II options menu, and "Connect to PS3" from Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines. The games will evaluate each others' save data and unlock in-game weapons and bonuses based on the player's progress. A complete story-mode playthrough of Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines will unlock six weapons that will be stored at the villa.
Bouchart's Blade
Defeat Armand Bouchart in Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
Dark Oracle's Bone Dagger
Defeat the Dark Oracle in Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
Fredrick's Hammer
Defeat Fredrick the Red in Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
Mace of the Bull
Defeat the Bull in Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
Maria Thorpe's Longsword
Defeat Maria Thorpe in Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
Twins' Blade
Defeat the Twins in Assassin's Creed Bloodlines

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