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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Serpent Lord
When you get to the 100 rad bar you CAN get into the room behind the bartender. I was given the side task of killing the lone stalker on the Duty base. When you do this though, the whole base is out to get the "murderer". I decided to kill all the Duty members and while I was in the bar selling their weapons I was killed in the bar by a Duty member who was there. Bummer! You can't fight back in there. So from a save game I quickly ran out and he gave chase. I threw down a grenade behind me as soon as I exited and it also hurt the guy that says "come in already!" And actually in the game I think he is also the one that keeps you out of the back area of the bar. It took a long time and a few grenades but I finally managed to kill all the Duty guards and took the tour of the back area.
Note: when you throw down the grenades in there all Hell breaks loose!

Author: bob606
You can get to the room behind barman by pushing a crate near that gay that blocks the way. Jump on the crate and then over the bar and you will be in no time. Also there is nothing special there just hallway and one empty room.

Author: bob606
Is it possible to enter the Freedom armory without being a part of Freedom? Yes, do this - push a chair close to that guard (it also must be near wall), jump on it, lay low (c), jump on the guard and that's it! You might not make it from the first try, also use the same technique to get out. You might not wanna save when you get in, you might not be able to exit if you push the chair too close to the guard.

Author: Bob606
STALKER SUIT - When you start the game, talk to the Wolf to get the knife. Climb the ladders near to Wolf and go by the wall until you reach the roof. After this run and jump to the house next to this one, go north-west until you see broken roof. Slowly descend there and you will see the box. Break it with a KNIFE and pick up the stalker suit. After this you may want to go to the trader, he will offer you that thunder gun but you will need to sell the suit.

Author: Bob606
BLOCK THE CONTROLLER - When you need to exit Agroprom underground institute (I don't know if I wrote it right), you will see the large hallway - don't go to the end cause the controller will get you! Instead push a box to the doorway you got out, go to the end, wait until the mutant appears, go to the box, lean right and shoot him in the head, he won't see you and won't be able to control you.
NOTICE - if possible put 2 boxes instead of one as he might break the first if you didn't put it right.

Author: Bob606
SCRAP YARD - When you help Bes to kill the bandits, you might need a medkit, so do this check under the truck near the helicopter on the west side (don't know which one) and you will find some medical supplies. The helicopter is in the middle of south yard. I think I wrote yard well.

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