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Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats, tips and tricks

Author: Violet14
Magic Rock Money: Everyday, there's a certain rock that you have to hit with an ax or shovel. One should have money bags popping out. They get larger and larger. Eventually it wears out. A timer of 5 seconds starts. It's your limit. I make 100-5,000 bells a day with this trick! Note: It only works once a day.

Author: loza
Get a shovel, plant it in the ground for 2 days and wait or pass time on clock. Dig it up after and it will be golden!

Author: Blanca 303
Go to friends houses in other towns and collect as much fruits as you can carry, then plant the fruits all over your town. After a while you will have fruit trees from different towns. You can sell them to nook and they will be 500 bells instead of the usual 100 bells from your usual fruit. The fruit will also grow back.

If you get a different hair style everyday at the Shampoodle, then you will be introduced to new styles.

Every day around five pm Pete the mail carrier will be in the sky. Shoot him down with your sling shot and he might give you a prize.

Go to the town hall and ask about environment - when you do there will be a comment and you can fix it. Then if you get a perfect environment for so many days you will get something golden.

When you see the walrus around, he is always starving, so give him fish (that is his favorite food). He will love it and give you some wallpaper.

During the flower fest you can win and get the trophy by having the best flower garden, but you can cheat a little by running over other flowers or picking them up and using them as your own.

Author: Delta.345
If you want to see if Resetti is going to get you, then try to get in your house. If it won't let you in you're in trouble! But if not you're OK.

Author: silver
Go to the post office in town and deposit 1000 bells, save, turn off the DS, then set your year to 2099, save and reload the game, you will have acquired about 70000 bells interest. Save again and reset the DS calendar back to 2007, reload and save at the year 2007, repeat this process, and every time you will further receive 99,999 bells per time. However, every time you do this the town becomes overgrown with weeds. Happy de-weeding!

Author: ambz
When you talk to mr.Resseti with your stick, draw rings around him and he will immediately tell you to scram!

Author: SammyGirly
When you use Action Replay DS too much on the game, Nintendo will send you a letter with a present in it. The letter is completely blank. The letter also comes with a present. The present is red tulip furniture. The red tulip furniture is glitched. If you put it in your house, the furniture will disappear and you can never use the spot the glitched item was in again. It is best not to use the red tulip furniture, otherwise, I recommend you restart your town.

Author: Aye
Money Tree:
Grab a bag of money. Dig a hole and bury the money. In a couple of days there will be a Money Tree. The higher amount of money you plant the more money the tree will grow a higher amount.
100 Bells = 100 Bell Tree
200 Bells = 200 Bell Tree
500 Bells = 500 Bell Tree
1,000 Bells = 1,000 Bell Tree... etc.

Author: Goldy
Get More Free Items: Go to the gate and talk to the fat dog (Booker). He will say: 'What's New?', 'Something lost?', 'Change Flag', 'Where Am I?' or 'Nothing'. Click on 'Something lost?'. There will be items in the 'Lost And Found'. You can get any item that's in there. And he will tell you how many is in there.

Author: green_panda9
When shaking trees, you might encounter bees! That's what I always say. When a honey comb nest falls from a tree, a swarm of bees will appear. Quick! Run! No, they'll catch you anyways. Now you have a swollen eye. Ew. If you don't have insurance, or enough money, you can't buy medicine to fix your eye. When you talk to people, they want to get away from you. So to save money, and friends, quickly save the game. Play the game again and your eye is back to normal!

Author: Erin
When shooting balloons out of the sky, occasionally spaceships will appear, shoot this down and talk to the disgruntled spacemen. They will complain about their broken ship, so you have to search your town finding 5 various cogs / parts before they depart - but not without a parting gift! It will be a common item, however they will claim that it is rare and valuable also, after you have shot down 16 items flying above your town, a balloon will come by holding a golden tool box, DON'T MISS IT! This is the legendary 'golden slingshot', and if you use this, three pebbles will be shot at 3 different angles, making your K.O rate increase!

Author: Erin
When you're out shaking trees for items, beware the swarm of bees! Or better yet, quickly go onto your menu and grab your bug-catching net! Then quickly swing towards the angry bees and... presto! A bee! And no stingy face either. This doesn't always work though, but you can either donate the bee to the museum or sell it for roughly 2,500 bells! That's compensation enough!

Author: Shiny
Golden Items:
Golden Fishing Rod: Catch all fish.
Golden Net: Catch all bugs.
Golden Watering Can: Keep the environment PERFECT for 16 days.
Golden Slingshot: Hit 15 items from the sky.
Golden Shovel: Buy 2 shovels bury one wait 24 hours dig up shovel.
Golden Timer: Have all golden items.

Author: krista
Grab your towns native fruit and get the same amount of neighbors you have. Send a letter to each of your neighbors and attach the fruit to each letter. A couple days later check your mail. There should be a letter from all or most of your neighbors containing a fruit from a different town or a clothing or furniture in it. It helps if you say something like, "You are nice!!" or, "I love you".

Author: kitty kat
On the 1st of January every year your mother gives you 10,000 bells. So keep changing the year and you will get 10,000 bells every year. WARNING! You will have a lot of weeds in your town.

Author: Mel
If you see a UFO in the sky shoot it down with your slingshot and find where the UFO has landed. Then talk to Gulliver, he will give you a task to do, complete it for him and you will get an AMAZING rare item!

Author: Mozzy
Tired of having a silent house? Well, I have got the answer! First time skip to any Saturday 8:00pm, (to time skip; save your Animal Crossing, turn your DS back on, but go onto the little square at the bottom of the screen. Go into the calendar and change the date a couple of days forward and the time, if you go forward more than a month then your town will become overrun with weeds). Now go into the cafe in the bottom of the museum and you will see a dog called K.K. slider. Talk to him and ask for a surprise. He will sing a song and you will get that song in your pocket as a musical note. Go back to your house and put the song into your radio. TA-DA! YOUR HOUSE WILL BE FILLED WITH MUSIC!!!

Author: Snoop dogg
To get a golden axe at Animal Crossings you need to: 1. Get red turnip from Joan. 2. Give the turnip to Wendell. 3. Give what Wendell gave you to Sahara. 4. Give what you got from Sahara to Tirtimer, he will give you a scallop. 5. Give the scallop to Pascal.

Author: Abbiieeeeeeeeeeeee
If you want to change your entry background get a pattern or a piece of clothing and drag it to the far left hand corner of your DS screen and (hey, presto!) your background will be changed AND you can change it how many times you like, how awesome is that!

Author: Kitty Kat
To get rid of any characters you don't like you have to be mean to them. Plant pitfall seeds around their houses and push them into them. Smack them over the head with your net or don't speak to them.

Author: Tweety
How to get a picture of K.K Slider: First give Wendell some red turnips, he will then give you a guitar. Once you have received the guitar on Saturday night at the cafe of the museum, give the guitar to K.K and he'll give you a picture of himself!!!

Author: Lollie
Don't skip forward to 2099 to get bells because your catalogue won't work afterwards. Nook will say that the catalogue is booked up at the moment. A way to make your catalogue work is to buy three packs of paper, write letters to anyone you want on all the pieces of paper and the next day your catalogue will work!!!

Author: darzzzz
If you get stung by a bee it will go down if you save your game and turn it off. Then turn it back on 5-10 mins later and your face will be good again!

Author: K8
Have you heard of the cheat where on Animal Crossing: Wild World you set the date to 2000, save the game, set the date to 2099 and in your mailbox there's 99,000? Well... DON'T DO IT! Why you ask? Well, A. It doesn't work. B. Your town gets full of weeds. C. Most of your residents will have moved away. So, don't bother! I hope this advice is helpful to you.

Author: coco
If you have a coconut don't bother wasting it by planting it next to your house to be cool. They need water so I recommend planting it right next to a beach but not next to a wall or another tree. Believe me I have made over 1 million bells by just selling coconuts!

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