Yoostar on MTV

5 By 5 (20)
Perform 5 Playlists, each containing 5 scenes.
Awards Ceremony (20)
Give an award to a performance in the Social Lounge.
BFF (20)
Play a two-player scene with a friend.
Boom! (30)
Create a Playlist of 2 different scenes that contain an appearance of a boom mic.
Check out the Lounge (20)
Watch what other people are up to in the Social Lounge.
Confessional (10)
Perform a scene in which you're talking to camera.
Dedication (10)
Complete 10 performances.
Encore (30)
Perform 3 Playlists containing music videos.
Female Role Model (50)
Perform every female role on the disc.
Going Public (20)
Upload a performance to the community.
Hang Your Hat (20)
Perform a Playlist of 5 different scenes that each contain someone wearing something on their head.
High Quality (20)
Get 5 Stars for 10 performances.
High Scorer (20)
Earn 50,000 points in a single performance.
Hogging the Limelight (25)
Upload 10 performances to the community.
Host The Awards (20)
Give out 50 awards to performances in the Social Lounge.
How Does It Stack Up? (25)
Rate a performance in the Social Lounge.
HUH!!! (20)
Get 5 Stars for your war dance.
Logo Hunter (50)
Perform every scene on the disc that contains the show's logo.
Lounge Lizard (40)
Watch 25 performances in the Social Lounge.
Make a Lot of Noise! (15)
Obtain a Noisy or Soundtrack Swamped medal during a performance.
Making It Up (10)
Complete 15 Freeplay performances.
Male Role Model (50)
Perform every male role on the disc.
MTV Addict (20)
Complete 20 performances.
Music Television (20)
Complete 5 music video performances!
Outpouring Emotions (10)
Perform a role on the disc that involves crying.
Paralyzed With Fear (20)
Earn a "Stagefright" result for a performance.
Perfect Performance (20)
Earn 200,000 points in a single performance.
Perfectly In Sync (20)
Get 5 Stars for a lip dub peformance.
Planes, Boats and Automobiles (20)
Take a ride in a plane, a boat and a car in one 3-scene Playlist.
Playlist Performer (10)
Perform a Playlist.
Practice Makes Perfect (10)
Complete any single scene 5 times.
Quite The Spectacle (20)
Perform a Playlist of 5 different scenes that each contain someone wearing glasses or sunglasses.
Score Builder (50)
Accumulate 5,000,000 points in total from multiple performances.
Seeking Perfection (20)
Obtain 5 Perfect Line medals in a single scene.
Seen It All (50)
Perform every scene on the disc.
Silence is Golden (15)
Don't say a word and obtain a "Speak Up!" or "Who Hit The Mute Button?" result.
The Spice of Life (25)
Complete 10 unique scenes. Repeats of scenes don't count!
The Way It Was (10)
Complete 15 Scored performances.
Top Marks (10)
Get 5 Stars for a single performance.
Track a Tiara (15)
Perform every role on the disc that's wearing a tiara!
True Fan (20)
Complete 30 performances.
Veteran Reviewer (20)
Rate 15 performances in the Social Lounge.
VJ or not VJ (15)
Create your own scene on an MTV background.
Welcome to Real Life (10)
Perform 25 scenes from reality shows.
What Am I Watching? (25)
Perform 3 scenes on the disc that contain the show's logo.

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