WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008

Unlock HBK and HHH DX Attire 
Go to the Cheat Menu found under Options 

Password:           Effect:
DXCostume69K2       Unlocks HBK and HHHs DX Attire

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. 

Unlockable:                        How to Unlock:

I'd like to thank the academy (20) Defeat a Powerhouse Superstar with 
                                   the Possum Pin in any match type. 

If it bleeds... (20)               Bloody every ECW Superstar 
                                   on the roster. 

King of the mountain (20)          Place first in every type of 
                                   tournament in Tournament mode. 

Now that's hardcore (20)           Bloody and defeat a Hardcore 
                                   Superstar on legend difficulty 
                                   in an ECW Extreme Rules match 
                                   and win. 

Possession is 9/10 of the law (20) Steal your opponent's taunt 3 times 
                                   in any One on One match. 

Put'em in a body bag (20)          Turn your opponent's entire limb 
                                   damage meter red in any match type. 

Stop yapping and fight (20)        Argue with the referee 4 times 
                                   in a match and win. 

That's gonna leave a mark (20)     Powerbomb an opponent on top of 
                                   a steel step in any match type. 

That's one for the record books (20)  Eliminate 20 opponents 
                                   in a 30-Man Royal Rumble. 

The best there was... (20)         Win a 20-minute Ironman match on 
                                   legend difficulty without 
                                   surrendering a point 
                                   to your opponent. 

Who says originality is dead (20)  Create an original CAS, ring entrance 
                                   and created Championship. 

You've got a bit of red on you (20)  Get busted open by your opponent 
                                   on legend difficulty in any match 
                                   type and win. 

Submission-sensei (50)             Win a Normal Submission match without 
                                   having your Struggle Submission hold 
                                   broken once. 

Gold digger (70)                   Win a Created Championship 10 times 
                                   in ranked online matches. 

A fighting champion (75)           In ranked online matches, defend 
                                   a CAC title 5 times against 
                                   5 different players within 24 hours. 

On fire (75)                       Win 30 consecutive ranked online 

Now offering non-stop flights (20) Stand on a ladder and suplex your 
                                   opponent out of the ring in a ladder 

What The... (10)                   In create-a-moveset go to the corner 
                                   grapples and view the move Mexican 

On the job (10)                    Lose 5 consecutive ranked online 

Better luck next year (10)         Be the first Superstar eliminated 
                                   in a 30-Man Royal Rumble 

Send'em back to Louisville (10)    Send'em back to Louisville - Lose to 
                                   an opponent who has more limb damage 
                                   than you 

You've got guts (20)               Complete a ranked online title match 

Rope a dope (20)                   Perform a succesful springboard 
                                   attack off each side of the ropes. 

This years inductee (350)          Win GM of the year award 

Unlockabes in WWE Shop 
Gain money in 24/7 mode and Buy in WWE Shop 

Unlockable:                        How to Unlock:
JBL                                Purchase for $110,000 
Million Dollar Champioship         Purchase for $20,000 in WWE Shop 
Shane McMahon                      Purchase for $60,000 in WWE Shop 
HBK D-X Attire                     Purchase for $60,000 in WWE Shop 
HHH D-X Attire                     Purchase for $60,000 in WWE Shop 
Vince McMahon                      Purchase for $110,000 in WWE Shop 
Vince McMahon Bald Attire          Purchase for $60,000 in WWE Shop 
WWF Attitude Era Championship      Purchase for $20,000 in WWE Shop 
Hardcore Championship              Purchase for $20,000 in WWE Shop 
WCW Classic Champioship            Purchase for $20,000 in WWE Shop

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