Wipeout 3

28 everyday men and women (50)
Unlocked all contestants.
All the rings in the world (80)
Collected all the rings in all episodes. No rings can escape you!
Big spender (30)
Spent 500,000 worth of Ballsy Bucks in the shop. That's a lot of Ballsy bucks!
Black and blue worthy (80)
Reached level MAX and became as skilled as the Black and Blue crew.
Classic! (15)
Finished the "Classic Wipeout" episode. Enjoy the wonderful memories!
Covered in gold (100)
Got all Golden Ballsy trophies. You can't get more golden than this!
Dynamic trio (30)
Unlocked all hosts. The dynamic trio is on the loose!
Expert (50)
Reached level 15. You're unstoppable!
Getting started (10)
Finished your first episode. It was fun, wasn't it?
Golden Ballsy (20)
Got 1 Golden Ballsy trophy. Magnificent!
Greasy wipeouts (15)
Finished the "Fast Food Fury" episode. Please cover your mouth if you burp.
Halfway golden (50)
Got 6 Golden Ballsy trophies. They look great over your fireplace!
Level up! (10)
Reached level 2. A small step for you but a grand day for Wipeout!
Mega spender (40)
Spent 2,000,000 worth of Ballsy Bucks in the shop. That's a lot of Ballsy Bucks!
Novice (15)
Reached level 5. Way to go, big ball aficionado!
Oh yeah! (50)
Touched Smallsy 12 times. Best friends forever!
On the 1st day (10)
Got your daily reward once. Free stuff is always good stuff.
Pocket money (15)
Spent 100,000 worth of Ballsy Bucks in the shop. Shopping spree!
Pro (35)
Reached level 10. You're a real Wipeout pro!
Ring grabber (10)
Collected all the rings of one round.
Ring master (30)
Collected at least 200 rings. They're so nice and shiny!
Seasoned (40)
Finished all episodes. You are a true big ball prodigy!
Snappy dresser (50)
Bought everything in the shop. You now have the snappiest wardrobe in town!
Something to prove (30)
Finished one episode in "Black and Blue" mode.
Sweet wipeouts (15)
Finished the "Disenchanted Forest" episode. And we told you not to lick the sweepers.
That was easy (40)
Finished all episodes in "Black and Blue" mode. That was easy!
The Smallsy connection (35)
Touched Smallsy 3 times. The relationship is blooming!
Touching Smallsy (15)
Touched Smallsy once. We can tell you two are going to be friends.
Volcanic wipeout! (15)
Finished the "Terrible Tiki Trouble" episode. Give me a hula yeah!
Wipeout 101 (15)
Finished the "Getting Schooled" episode and graduated from Wipeout 101.

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