Winter Stars

Accident-free (20)
Win a bobsled race without collisions.
Adrenaline rush (20)
Use adrenaline for 4 consecutive seconds in a downhill skiing race.
Air ace (10)
Paraskiing: accumulate an airtime of 90 seconds total within one race.
All the way to the top (20)
Win 3 Cups in the second chapter of the career.
Amateur challenger (20)
Complete 10 challenges.
Beat yourself (10)
Beat a ghost you have recorded in time trial.
Botanophile (10)
Paraskiing: finish a race without touching any bushes or trees.
Catch up (20)
Win a short track race without being in the lead in any but the last lap.
Challenge champion (100)
Complete all challenges.
Clean sweep (10)
Curling: deliver a stone with low power and place it on the button by sweeping.
Come around (20)
Curling: curl a shot directly behind another stone in the house.
Competent challenger (30)
Complete 20 challenges.
Crash-landing (10)
Ski Flying: jump a distance of 220 m and crash.
Defending the crown (30)
Win 3 Cups in the third chapter of the career.
Double takeout (20)
Curling: takeout 2 of the opponent's stones with one shot.
Every trick in the book (20)
Successfully perform each possible trick in the game.
Experienced (20)
Accumulate 25 experience points within one event.
Finished symphony (20)
Figure skating: sustain all notes within one event with perfect or super rating.
Focused (20)
Perfectly stay on the racing line in 4 bends in a bobsled race.
Gateway (20)
Cut 5 gates in a row in a downhill skiing race.
Gone with the wind (20)
Paraskiing: fly through 6 gusts of wind in a row.
Grabbing hands (10)
Perform 3 grabs while sliding on a rail.
Immaculate inruns (20)
Ski Flying: don't touch the sides of the track during the inrun on both attempts.
Lady Crystal Cup (20)
Win the Lady Crystal Cup.
Last man standing (10)
Curling: win an end without any of the opponent's stones in the house.
Level 10 (20)
Reach level 10 in the career.
Level 15 (30)
Reach level 15 in the career.
Level 5 (10)
Reach level 5 in the career.
Long distance flight (20)
Paraskiing: cover a distance of 500 consecutive meters while airborne.
Magnetic rails (10)
Slide on 4 rails within one race.
No time to rest (10)
After a crash, get back on track in less than 2 seconds.
No trouble without double (10)
Figure skating: win an event without activating double mode.
Picky (20)
Biathlon: hit only targets 1, 3 and 5 in lap 1, only targets 2 and 4 in lap 2 and win the race.
Prime discipline (30)
Max out your talent and buy all upgrades for any discipline.
Professional challenger (50)
Complete 30 challenges.
Rivalry (20)
Tackle your rival 5 times within one race.
Shadow (20)
Completely fill the slipstream bar 4 times within one short track race.
Shooting star (20)
Biathlon: enter the shooting range in 4th place, hit all targets, leave the shooting range as 1st.
Show-off (20)
Snowmobile: win a race crossing the finish line in reverse.
Skillers United Championship (30)
Win the Skillers United Championship.
Snowflake Cup (10)
Place among the top 3 in the Snowflake Cup.
Teambuilding (10)
Win 3 Cups in the first chapter of the career.
Traction control deactivated (20)
Snowmobile: accumulate a drifting time of 10 seconds within one race.
Trick in (10)
Perform and land a trick before sliding on a rail.
Versatile victory (20)
Land each possible trick within one race and win.
Warm up (10)
Complete 5 challenges.
Winter Stars World Tour Finals (50)
Win the Winter Stars World Tour Finals.
Yang (10)
Earn three black fairplay stripes.
Yin (10)
Earn three golden fairplay stripes.

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