Virtua Tennis 2009

     Complete the following achievement to get allotted gamerscore.

...One Giant Leap! (15):      Win your first tournament in the World Tour

Access all Areas (25):        Purchase every Court Pass in World Tour

Aces High (15):               Score 100 Aces

Arrrrrrh! (20):               Sink 3 galleons 
                              in a single game of Pirate Wars

Astro Carpet King (20):       Play 100 matches on an Artificial Court

Big Hitter (15):              Achieve 250 MAX Serves

Block and Roll (20):          Clear a 15 block combo in Block Buster

Breaking the Speed 
Limit (15):                   Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28miles

Cherry Picker (20):           Collect 10 cherries 
                              in a single game of Avalanche

Competitive Streak (20):      Complete 10 ranked matches in world tour

Coronation (30):              Win King of Players tournament in World Tour

Different Strokes (15):       Win 400 stroke points

Dr. Doolittle (20):           Feed all types of animals in Zoo Feeder

Drop and give me 50! (15):    Win 50 drop shot points

First Amongst Equals (40):    Rank #1 in the world in World Tour

Fore! (10):                   Hit a line judge

Go Pro! (30):                 Turn professional in World Tour

Gold Medallist (25):          Unlock every gold medal in the game.

Grass Stains (20):            Play 100 matches on a Grass Court

Ham and Eggs (20):            Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin Crusher

King for a Day (25):          Unlock the secret player King

Last Man Standing (20):       Beat all default Male Pro Players

Last Woman Standing (20):     Beat all Female Pro Players

Leader of the Pack (30):      Number 1 Amateur in the world

Loving It (15):               Achieve 25 Love Games

Make Friends & Influence 
People (15):                  Make friends with 8 characters in World Tour

Marathon Man (20):            Run a total of 10km

National Treasure (30):       Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour

One Small Step... (10):       Win your first match in the World Tour

Over the Top (15):            Win 50 lob shot points

Perfect Frame (20):           Clear the table of balls in order 
                              without missing in Pot Shot

Play with Clay (20):          Play 100 matches on a Clay Court

Practice Makes Perfect (15):  Win 10 Practice Matches in World Tour

Pushing it to the MAX! (15):  Achieve 3 Consecutive MAX Serves in a match

Quick and Easy (15):          Play and complete 25 events in Play mode

Schools Out (20):             Clear each academy mission in the World Tour

Shopaholic (20):              Purchase 100 different items 
                              from the shop in World Tour

Social Animal (20):           Complete 10 player matches

Style Guru (25):              Unlock every basic play style in World Tour

Super, Smashing, Great! (15): Win 200 smash points

That Dukes a hazard! (25):    Unlock secret player Duke

Them Bones (20):              Play the Meat Defender training game 
                              wearing the full Skeleton clothing set

To be this good takes 
AGES (10):                    Score an Ace with an Underhand Serve

Training to win (20):         Clear a level 8 training game 
                              in the World Tour

Versatile Female (20):        Win a match with all Female Pro Players 
                              on default settings

Versatile Male (20):          Win a match with all Male Pro Players 
                              on default settings

Volleyball (15):              Win 300 volley points

You are Gold! (30):           Complete every academy mission 
                              with a gold medal in World Tour

Your Country Needs You! (15): Be selected for the Davis Cup team 
                              or Fed cup in World Tour

Unlockable Characters
     You  can  unlock  the following characters by playing Arcade Mode 
(on Easy or Hard).

Boris Becker:       Beat Arcade Mode with any character 
                    with no points lost. 
                    Defeat Becker in the Secret Tournament.

Tim Henman:         Beat Arcade Mode with no points lost. 
                    Defeat Henman in the Secret Tournament.

Duke:               Win the King of Players tournament and defeat Duke.

King:               Win the King of Players tournament twice 
                    and defeat King.

Stefan Edberg:      Complete Arcade Mode in Doubles.

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