Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
Explorer (15)
Discover an optional battle map.
Revelations (15)
Finish Act I.
Royal Defender (15)
Finish Act III.
Sandworm Slayer (15)
Finish Act II.
Tag Team (10)
Execute a Team Attack.
Treasure Hunter (10)
Find a hidden item on any battlefield.
Wanderlust (25)
Discover every battle map.
Weapon Mastery (25)
Raise a weapon skill to rank 25.
Zero Casualties (15)
Win a battle with 6 surviving party members.
Optional Battle Maps
Below is a list of all 8 of the optional battle maps as well as how to unlock each, all stages can be returned to once you reach act 4 in case you miss any. You can go back to get any of the optional maps up until you board the ship to the research facility.
Avery Fields
Unlocked by examining the well at the top of the Church of Restoration on your second visit
Foreign Quarter
Unlocked by examining the barrel at the beginning of the Biruni University stage to your left
Four Swordsman Spring
Unlocked by checking the hollowed out tree at the dry riverbed
Gillbaris Gardens
Unlocked by examining the skeleton on the opposite side of the central tree from the chest in Timion Vale
Halls of Atonement
Unlocked by examining the kings throne in the Royal Courtyard
Keliask's Tomb
Unlocked by examining the glimmering tablet on the ground in the ancient ruins
Ragnars Gorge
Unlocked by checking one of the crates during the mission in tolby
Trivishims Corridor
Unlocked by using the second mine cart in dread to open up a cave entrance

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