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Two Worlds cheats, tips and tricks

Author: wang dang willy
If you are wondering were you can find the stones for the relic go into the Town of Wind. Break and kill the mayor to get the key to the Kings tomb. Go to the tomb by the dark tower called Storm Claw Tower to get the earth element.
To get the water element you must go to Ashos and get the key to go into Yotolans temple. Inside the temple there is the water element.
To get the fire element you must go to GorGammar. Walk around the town till you find a cave. Go inside the cave and go through the exit. Once inside GorGammar look around and go inside a temple like place guarded by orcs. Inside there is the fire element.
To get the air element you must go to DraKar desert, there will be a small town infested with varns. Close to the bottom of the desert if you look on your map you will notice there is a passage through the mountains. Go through the mountains infested with stone golems and go all the ways till you come upon white dragons nest. Go to the nest and you will find the air element. Hopefully this has benefited you in some way.

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