Tropico 3

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
El Prez 101 (5)
Learn how to run a Banana Republic
Presidente for life (50)
Prove your governing skills on 15 different islands in Campaign mode
Frequent Flier (10)
Build an Airport
Call me Tropifeller (5)
Build a Skyscraper Hotel
License to Kill (5)
Issue 5 kill orders in one game
Generous Leader (10)
Bribe 10 citizens in one game
You Saw Nothing (15)
Arrange 15 "Accidents" in one game
A little something (10)
Have over $20 000 in your Swiss Bank account
Pension Fund (20)
Have over $50 000 in your Swiss Bank account
Filthy Rich (30)
Have over $100 000 in your swiss Bank account
Tropican Fiesta (40)
Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%
Viva la Revolucion! (10)
Finish a "Rebel Yell" Sandbox game.
Tropico Tycoon (20)
Construct 3 different industry buildings in one game
Bureaucrat (30)
Issue 200 edicts
My People Love Me (20)
Win 80% of the votes in Elections
Nephew Sam (10)
Make an alliance with the US
Comrade Presidente (10)
Make an alliance with the USSR
Curse of the Llama (40)
Survive 10 Hurricanes and Earthquakes
Coup de Grace (20)
Suppress a Military Coup
Red Wire, Green Wire (20)
Deal with a bomb threat
The Negotiator (10)
Resolve a hostage situation
Agent 00 (10)
Establish Secret Police
It's Just a Flesh Wound (20)
Survive an assassination attempt
In the Ivory Tower (10)
Address the people from the balcony of your Palace
Honest Politician (20)
Fulfill an Election Promise
Black Gold (35)
Earn $100 000 from Oil export
Fruitas LTD CEO (10)
Become a leading exporter of tropical fruits
El Commandante (30)
Finish your mandate on 5 different islands in Campaign mode
Let There Be Light (10)
Build a Power Plant
Homes for Everyone (30)
Have population of over 250 and no Shacks
Maximum Security (20)
Arrest 20 citizens in one game
Man of the People (40)
Finish a game with respect of all factions above 70
Accomplished Dictator (40)
Lead 10 different islands to prosperity in Campaign mode
Tropican Utopia (5)
Finish a Sandbox game in God mode
Tropico and Beyond (20)
Finish an online Challenge
Free Elections (10)
Finish a "Free Elections" Sandbox game
Elitist (50)
Construct 1337 buildings
Top Exporter (30)
Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game
Viva El Presidente! (20)
Win a battle against the Rebels
Iron Fist (30)
Suppress an uprising
Architect (10)
Rush the construction of 5 buildings
Guest of Honor (15)
Make 10 official visits to buildings
High Praise (10)
Praise yourself in an Election Speech
Heavy Traffic (30)
Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages
Distinguished Service (10)
Decorate a soldier with a medal
Metropolis (25)
Construct 200 buildings on one island
Militarist (20)
Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game
Paradise Island (40)
Earn $1 000 000 from tourism profits in a single game
Tourist Resort (10)
Build all Tourist Attractions on one island

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