Trials Evolution

Beyond the Wall of Pain (10)
Smash your bike and break every bone in one spectacular crash.
Burnt to a Crisp (20)
Pass 'Lab Rat' without faulting while constantly on fire.
Check Out My Ride (10)
Join a public multiplayer match using at least five custom bike and rider parts.
Community Spirit (20)
Post a time on another player's custom created track.
Custom Finish (20)
Host and finish a Private or Local Multiplayer match on a User-created Track with at least 2 players
Demon on Wheels II (30)
Pass every track in the Flatliner Event.
Extreme Prejudice (20)
Complete any Extreme track.
Fast Five (20)
Win five matches in public multiplayer.
Flawless Victory (20)
Finish the 'Scenic Route' Tournament without any faults
From the Ashes (20)
Finish all tracks in the Walk in The Park Event using the Phoenix 250cc bike.
Full Throttle II (20)
Finish 'Archipelago' without faulting or ever releasing the throttle
Hard the Hard Way (20)
Finish 'The Ascent' without faulting on the Rattler 125cc bike.
Loonie Lander (20)
The hawk has landed. Time to show the flag! (The small one.)
Nervous Twitch (20)
Doh! You had a near-perfect run on a Hard or Extreme track, but blew it after the last checkpoint.
No Problemo (10)
Pass the D License Test and get your first bike.
School's Out (20)
Pass the A License Test and get the Phoenix.
The Editor's Apprentice (20)
Create a track of your own that has at least three path points, then test drive it.
The Professional (30)
Successfully complete the single player career.
The Squirrels Have Eyes... (30)
Find every squirrel location hidden away in the secret corners of the world.
Unyielding II (20)
Finish 'Rock Steady' without faulting or changing your rider's posture.
Origin of Pain Achievements
A Winner is You! (10)
Get a platinum medal on a Paine Island track. Just one. Come on, you can do it!
Advanced Degree (10)
Pass the Adrenaline Degree Tournament with flying colors
All Is Gold (20)
Receive gold medals in all the Paine Island tracks and skill games.
Epic Slam Dunk (10)
Do the most epic slam dunk ever.
Extreme Pedaling (10)
Complete track "Back to the Attic" with the Gecko 520.
Hey Mom, Look At Me! (10)
Wheelie through the Nuthouse in track "Carnival of Rust"
The Squirrels Have Rabies (20)
Those sneaky squirrels are squeaking again. Can you find all the new squirrels on Paine Island?
The Riders of Doom Achievements
Advanced Degree (10)
Pass the Adrenaline Degree Tournament with flying colors
Atomic Number 78 (10)
It's elemental: Get all Platinums in Big Sands (except Extremes) to qualify.
Cult of the Golden Wheel (20)
Find the legendary Golden Wheel of Sir Daniel of Stockport.
Etremophile (10)
All you have to do is pass one Extreme in Big Sands. Just one. You can do it!
Never Say Stop (10)
Zero fault Pump It Up without hitting the brakes.
The Dystopian (20)
Finish Dystopia without faulting and turn all five traffic lights green.
The Squirrels Have Nuts (10)
You don't have to be crazy to find every squirrel in Big Sands, but it helps!
The Squirrels Have Rabies (20)
Those sneaky squirrels are squeaking again. Can you find all the new squirrels on Paine Island?
Ultimate Endurance II (10)
Pass Level 15 in Neverending Trials.
Wail of the Banshee (10)
Zero fault the Hard as Nails tournament using the Banshee.

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