Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Avatar Awards
Flight Jacket
Complete the first section of Basic Training.
Survive until Wave 9 in Basic Training.
Play a survival match to Round 5.
Gamer Picture
Commando Gamer Picture
Buy the full game
Russian Commando Gamer Picture
Buy the game
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
A Few Loose Screws (15)
Bring the Cold War to an end in Capitol Crisis.
A Job Well Done (5)
Earn a Platinum medal.
Aggressive Investment Strategy (10)
Launch 4 Offensive Waves in any Versus game.
Brute Force (10)
Destroy a turret with a Heavy Tank.
Clutch Repairs (10)
Earn 5 Rescued! bonuses over any number of games.
Concentrated Fire (15)
Destroy an IFV before it unloads any units.
Demolition Man (5)
Call in Commando.
Effective Tactician (10)
Earn a Platinum medal while playing on General.
Highly Decorated (20)
Earn 22 Decorations.
I Can't Get A Tone! (10)
Use a Fighter's machine guns to destroy a Soviet Fighter.
In Sync (10)
Earn 10 Assists in any Co-op game.
King of the Hill (15)
Hold the contested build site at the end of a Versus game.
Like It Never Happened (5)
Use Wavelist Rewind.
Perseverance (15)
Complete Challenge Level 2 in every Minigame.
Persistence (5)
Play any Minigame 3 times consecutively.
Resolute (15)
Survive more than 9 rounds in any Survival game.
Shocking Results (5)
Stop the hometown invasion in Basic Training.
Sunk! (5)
Protect the fleet in Trouble at the Canal.
Synergy (5)
Play any Survival game in Co-op mode.
With Distinction (10)
Earn 11 Decorations.

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