Top Gun: Hard Lock

Ace Of Aces (15)
Destroy 25 aircraft
Ace Pilot (15)
Destroy 5 aircraft
Air Supremacy (15)
Destroy 100 aircraft
Always The Bridesmaid (15)
Score 10 "Assist" bonuses for damaging an aircraft that an ally destroys
Bunker Buster (15)
Destroy 10 bunkers
Commendation (25)
Get silver or gold stars on 10 campaign missions
Danger Close (15)
Complete a Danger Close objective without damaging any allies
Dissimilar Air Combat Training (25)
Destroy a super-manoeuverable aircraft while flying an attack aircraft
Does The Rolling Help? (15)
Perform 100 barrel rolls
Five Stars (75)
Reach Fleet Admiral rank
Fleet Defender (15)
Complete mission 04 - Alert Five
Freakin' Legend (15)
Complete mission 14 - The Big One
Ghostrider (25)
Complete all stealth sections in the game without being detected
Give 'em Hell (50)
Fire every weapon in the game at least once
Going Evasive (15)
Successfully evade a missile
Good Tone (15)
Destroy 25 aircraft using missiles
Got Your Frag (15)
Score 10 "Got Your Frag" bonuses for destroying a target an ally has engaged
Got Your Six (15)
Score 10 "Got Your Six" bonuses for destroying a target on your ally's tail
Hard Locked (15)
Destroy 25 aircraft in Hard Lock mode
I Feel The Need (15)
Buzz the tower in any mission
In The Weeds (15)
Spend more than 5 minutes flying within 200m of the ground
In The Zone (25)
Win 10 hard lock manoeuvres in a row
In Your Face (15)
Score 10 "Close Quarters" bonuses for destroying aircraft within 1000m
Instant Ace (25)
Get a Kill Streak of 5 in a Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch game
Last Man Standing (15)
Complete any Danger Zone mission
Last Of The Gunfighters (15)
Destroy 25 aircraft using only guns
Light The Fires (15)
Spend more than 5 minutes flying with afterburner activated
Maverick's Dead (15)
Defeat Maverick in mission 02 - Best Of The Best
Near Death Experience (15)
Complete any campaign mission without dying, after being below 25% health
OK-3 Landing (15)
Make a successful landing on your first attempt in any mission
Old School (15)
Destroy 5 bombers by destroying their engines with guns
Payback Time (15)
Score 10 "Payback" bonuses for destroying the last player who killed you
Perfect Record (80)
Get gold stars on all 15 campaign missions
Racking Up The Air Miles (15)
Fly a total of 20,000km
Shake Down (15)
Complete mission 01 - Welcome To The Gulf
Slippery Customer (25)
Successfully evade 10 missiles in a row
Splash Damage (15)
Destroy 5 enemies with a single shot
Splash One (15)
Get your first air-to-air combat kill
Spreading Democracy (15)
Complete mission 06 - High Value Targets
Tank Buster (15)
Destroy 25 armoured vehicles
Team Work (15)
Win a co-op mission with at least one other player
TestPilot (50)
Fly every aircraft in the game at least once
The Need For Speed (25)
Buzz the tower in five different missions
TopGun (15)
Win the trophy in mission 12 - TOPGUN
Try, Try And Try Again (15)
Replay any campaign mission and improve your score
Victory Roll (15)
Destroy an enemy aircraft with guns while barrel rolling
You .. Are Still Dangerous (15)
Complete bonus mission - You Can Be Mine
You Can Be My Wingman (15)
Complete mission 11 - Off Mission
Your Tax Dollars In Action (15)
Destroy 5 target drones

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