Tom Clancy's EndWar

Unlockable Battalions
     Go to the Community & Extras screen on the Main Menu, 
highlight the VIP option and press the Triangle button 
to input the Special codes.

EUCA20: European Enforcer Corps

SPZA39: Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigade

JSFA35: U.S. Joint Strike Force

SPZT17: Unlocks the special Spetsnaz Battalion

     Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Adrenaline (20):              Retake a Critical Uplink within the 3-minute 
                              timer in a Siege match.

Air Defense (30):             Intercept 5 incoming Air Strikes 
                              with Electronic Warfare.

Always Attack (15):           Win 3 missions in a row in Theater of War.

Angel of Death (20):          Kill 10 enemy Evacuation Helicopters.

Army of One (20):             Win 20 1 vs. 1 matches in Theater of War.

Assassin (20):                Kill 15 enemy Command Vehicles.

Blitz (20):                   Capture an enemy Capital in only 3 turns 
                              in "World War III".

BOOM (20):                    Deploy 20 minefields which successfully 
                              damage enemies in Theater of War.

Breach and Clear (15):        Disarm 10 minefields in Theater of War.

Call of Booty (20):           Win a mission by deploying infantry units 

Cleaner (10):                 Kill 30 enemy regular units.

Combat Chain Master (15):     Defeat Tanks with Gunships, Gunships 
                              with Transports and Transports with Tanks.

Command & Control (30):       No Uplinks recaptured by hostiles 
                              for 10 consecutive Conquest victories.

Command from the Front (20):  Kill 10 units 
                              with the Command Vehicle's sentry units.

Communication Officer (5):    Complete the Voice Command Trainer.

Destroyer (20):               Destroy 100 Critical Buildings 
                              in Theater of War.

Do or Die (30):               Win a Conquest mission by Annihilation after 
                              the DEFEAT counter was under 30 seconds.

Dog of War (30):              Win a Theater of War Phase as each Faction; 
                              you must have played as that Faction 
                              in 10 missions.

Fast and Furious (15):        Win a mission within 5 minutes 
                              in Theater of War.

Field Intelligence (20):      Upgrade 100 Uplinks in any game mode 
                              and any Mission Type.

First Command (10):           Win the Warning Signs mission.

Hardened by War (20):         Win 15 missions in the Solo Campaign.

Impregnable (30):             Won Finishing Move 
                              without any units being defeated.

Lightning War (20):           Finish "World War III" in less than 15 turns.

Mass Murderer (5):            Kill 500 units in Theater of War.

Napoleon (20):                Achieve a 100% Command Rating in one mission 
                              in Theater of War.

No Stone Unturned (25):       Win 5 missions without using Mission Support 
                              in "World War III".

OpFor (40):                   Finish "World War III" with all 3 Factions  
                              on Hardcore.

Point of Attack (20):         Win 40 missions as Attacker 
                              in Theater of War.

Predator (25):                Defeat 6 hostile units with a single unit.

Ready for Theater of 
War (30):                     Finish "World War III" on Hardcore.

Road to War (15):             Complete "Prelude to War" on any difficulty.

Role of Honor (20):           Win 30 missions without killing a unit 
                              in Theater of War.

Sharpshooter (20):            Kill an enemy troop without being spotted.

Spearhead (20):               Win 5 missions in a row 
                              on the same territory in Theater of War.

Strategist (20):              Win a Conquest by securing all Uplinks 
                              on a map in Theater of War.

Survivor (20):                Have one unit fight and survive 
                              for 10 missions in Theater of War.

Together We Stand (20):       Win 10 2 vs. 2 multiplayer Skirmish matches.

Total War (20):               Play 100 2 vs. 2 Theater of War missions.

Total Warrior (20):           Win 30 missions in any game mode.

Tour of Duty (10):            Finish "World War III" on Normal.

Training Simulator (10):      Play 20 Single Player Skirmish matches.

True Patriot (20):            Finish "World War III" on Expert.

Turning Point (20):           Win a match after the enemy has triggered 
                              DEFCON in Conquest.

Untouchable (30):             Win a Skirmish mission and lose no health.

Urban Operations (20):        Play 30 missions in Theater of War city maps.

Veteran (15):                 Win one match in each mode 
                              (Conquest, Assault, Siege, Raid).

War is Heck (30):             Win 5 missions in a row 
                              without losing health in Theater of War.

Weapon Master (10):           Use Secondary Attack for the first time.

World in Flames (20):         Complete "Prelude to War" on Hardcore.

Escalation Expansion Pack DLC Achievements
     Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Casualties of War (20):       Kill 200 units in multiplayer matches.

Down to Size (20):            Purchase 60 unit upgrades in Theater of War.

Gates of Fire (20):           Defended Capital in Siege 20 times 
                              in Theater of War.

Lonely at the Top (30):       Win 100 missions in Theater of War.

Oppenheimer (20):             Defeat 6 Hostiles with one WMD.

Rorke's Drift (30):           Win 20 missions without calling 
                              reinforcements in any game mode.

Stormbringer (15):            Storm 10 enemy buildings.

Super Soldiers (20):          Have 12 units in your Battalion promoted 
                              to Legendary Rank in Theater of War.

Under Cover (30):             Defeat 50 enemy units with infantry in cover.

Unit of Action (15):          Play 30 2 vs. 2 matches in any game mode.

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