Thor: God of Thunder

Barge Hauler (10)
Complete River Barge area with Mire Giant at 40% Health or better.
Cold Warrior (50)
Complete all Feats in Niflheim.
Crash Landing (10)
Crash the Core Drill within 4 minutes of landing on it.
Ejected (5)
Rip the Jo"tun warrior out of the Frost Goliath's chest.
Electric (25)
Unlock all Lightning Colors.
Favored Prince (50)
Complete all Feats in Asgard.
Feat Fetish (100)
Complete all Feats in the game.
Fire Fighter (50)
Complete all Feats in Muspelheim.
Flawless Defense (25)
Complete the defense of Asgard with 75% Morale.
Gentle Giant (10)
Spare a Mire Giant.
Golden Apples! (25)
Maximize Thor's Health.
Homecoming King (25)
Defeat Mangog.
If He Be Worthy (25)
Defeat a giant enemy without taking any damage.
Into the Void! (10)
Knock 30 enemies into abysses on Muspelheim.
Jungle Runner (50)
Complete all Feats in Vanaheim.
Legend of Valhalla (100)
Complete the game on Valhallan Difficulty (hardest).
Like Father, Like Son (25)
Maximize Thor's Odinforce.
Marvelous (25)
Unlock all costumes.
Prodigal Son (50)
Complete all Feats in Asgard Besieged.
Rage of Battle (10)
Kill 10 Jo"tun Invaders within 30 seconds.
Reap What You Sow (25)
Complete Niflheim.
Resonator (5)
Stop the Resonator Beams in the Smelting Room without getting hit by them.
Savior of Asgard (100)
Complete the game.
Set in Motion (25)
Complete Asgard.
Sharpshooter (5)
Destroy the Jo"tun Ice Bridge.
Sins of the Father (25)
Complete Vanaheim.
Slayer (10)
Quickly obliterate 30 Frost Giants during the first battle on Niflheim.
Snuff Job (10)
Extinguish 10 Warlord flames with Wind Powers.
Spelunker (10)
Open the Cave of Ages within 4 minutes.
The Bomb (5)
Prevent the Scabrite Bomb from detonating without using any tap or charged Elemental Powers.
The Mighty Thor (50)
Acquire all Valor Upgrades.
Through the Fire (25)
Complete Muspelheim.
Valorous (5)
Acquired an upgrade.
Volley (5)
Reflect 3 of the War Beast projectiles.
Warrior's Madness (15)
Kill 4 or more enemies with a single melee attack.
Alternate costumes for Thor
The following alternate costumes for Thor are unlocked either by locating a costume icon in-game or by beating a mode. Once unlocked, you can select a costume from the profile screen.
Coipel Thor (costume designed by Oliver Coipel)
Vanaheim (The Arrival); after charging the first door and going through it stay on the overhang and walk behind the tower with the door
Destroyer Thor (Destroyer wearing Thor's cape and holding Mjolnir)
Beat the game at any difficulty (tested on normal)
Kirby Thor (costume designed by Jack Kirby)
Niflheim (The Approach); after throwing the statue head, it's to the right of one of the giant stairs
Ultimate Thor (Ultimate Avengers costume)
Midgard (Burning Town); in the same area where you saved the trapped civilians from fire outside the police station

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