Stoked: Big Air Edition

Protege (5)
Complete Wolle's 5 Tutorial Challenges on Almirante Nieto
In the Wild (5)
Successfully complete a Challenge of any type
Breakthrough (10)
Catch the Media's Eye by completing challenges and building up 10 Influence)
Documentarian (5)
Unlock the camera
Endless Benefits (30)
Complete a set of Sponsor Challenges and accept their sponsorship when offered
Later, Amateurs! (10)
Rack up 64 Influence) and become a Professional Rider
Almirante Event Winner (10)
Win the Wangle Tangle event on Almirante Nieto
Diablerets Event Winner (10)
Win the Elements of Style event on Diablerets
K2 Event Winner (10)
Win the Death Zone Madness event on K2
Laax Event Winner (10)
Win the Burton Open event on Laax
Alaska Event Winner (10)
Win the Highway to Hell event in Alaska
Fuji Event Winner (10)
Win the Air Party event on Mt. Fuji
Shuksan Event Winner (10)
Win the Shred Fest event on Mt. Shuksan
Lasting Influence (30)
Become a Snowboarding Legend by beating all 7 Events and amassing 1300 IP
Household Name (50)
Become a Snowboarding Phenomenon by beating all the Events and Pro Riders, and racking up 1500 IP
Almirante Complete (20)
Complete every challenge of every type on Almirante Nieto
Fuji Complete (20)
Complete every challenge of every type on Mt. Fuji
Diablerets Complete (20)
Complete every challenge of every type on Diablerets
Shuksan Complete (20)
Complete every challenge of every type on Mt. Shuksan
Alaska Complete (20)
Complete every challenge of every type in Alaska
K2 Complete (20)
Complete every challenge of every type on K2
Laax Complete (20)
Complete every challenge of every type on Laax
That's It and That's All (100)
Complete every challenge of every type on every mountain in the game
Yes, It IS a Race! (15)
Beat the Pro Rider in at least one race on every mountain
Rider of the Year (30)
Become the Rider of the Year by beating the Pro Challenges on every mountain
Propwash in the Morning (5)
Unlock a Helicopter by beating every Session Challenge on a mountain
Maybe Next Time (5)
Stay loyal to your current sponsor at least once after being given another offer
Wild Child (30)
Become a max Hucker. Huck tricks by pre-winding spins and doing at least two grabs before you land.
Strict Disciplinarian (30)
Become a max Styler. Do stylish tricks by moving LS half way and holding one grab before you land.
Frost Nipped (30)
Rack up 480 minutes of playtime
Endurance Rider (25)
Ride a total of 1,000,000 feet throughout the game
Newton's Bane (25)
Defy gravity for 900 seconds
Serious Accumulation (50)
Accumulate 2,000,000 Session) throughout the game
Carve It Up! (15)
Complete 100 Carve Turns
The Uberhucker (25)
Huckers: Pull off and land an Uberflip or Uberspin
Raison d'О©╫tre (25)
Style Riders: Successfully pull off every unlockable style grab
Lover of the Front Cover (30)
Have your photo grace the cover of a magazine by completing 20 Single Frame Media Challenges
Marketing Maven (30)
Star in a magazine advertising campaign by completing 16 All-In-One Media Challenges
Digital Darling (45)
Be the star of your own Video Game by completing 20 Demo Reel and 20 Single Frame Media Challenges
Smiling (Between Breaths) (15)
Complete a Media Challenge of any type on every mountain in the game
Autophotography (10)
Get some air and take a photo of yourself using the camera
Posse Tabula (5)
Join a multiplayer session on Xbox LIVE
Beginner's Luck? (5)
Take part in and win a multiplayer challenge of any type on Xbox LIVE
Multiplayer Challenge Champ (15)
Win 10 multiplayer challenges of any type on Xbox LIVE
Mise-In-SО©╫ne (10)
Take a photograph of another rider on any mountain on Xbox LIVE
Satisfied Customer (30)
Steal ownership of a Brand Battleground challenge from another rider on Xbox LIVE
Wanderer (10)
Find a Hidden Object and put your name on it (there's one Hidden Object on each mountain)
Mountaineer (30)
Find the Hidden Object on each of the seven mountains and put your name on them

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